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  • Throttled(Men of Inked #3)(14) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

    “You have that need for control like Mike. It’ll go off without a hitch, Suzy. Every Gallo will make sure it does. I’ll help too. I’ll do anything you need that day.”

    “Thanks so much, Mia. I just want it to be perfect.”

    “Perfection is overrated,” she said, smiling at me.

    “On my wedding day, I don’t think it is,” I said, my stomach turning at the thought of anything going wrong.

    “Suzy, it’s life’s imperfections that stand out and make memories. They’re what great stories are made of and we’ll tell them over and over again. Imperfections make the world more interesting. Think of about your relationship with City, how you began. Was it perfect?”

    I shook my head, the power of her words calming my rumbling stomach. “Hardly. We hit some bumps along the road.”

    “Does it make your love story less worthy or the journey less sweet?” Mia asked.

    “No, it makes me hold on tighter thinking of what I could’ve lost.”

    “Perfection isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Just enjoy the day. All that matters is that you’re husband and wife at the end of it all. Not if the cake was perfect or if the seating chart was right. Just Joe and you becoming one.”

    I leaned forward, wrapping my arms around her. “You’re right, Mia. Everything else is trivial. Thank you for your kind words. I couldn’t have picked a more perfect person for Mike.”

    “There’s that perfect word again. I’m far from it, but we’re a good fit,” she said, hugging me back. “Now, I’m ready to party my ass off with the girls and worry about the men and wedding later. You in?” she asked, releasing me.

    “All in. Let’s do it,” I said, standing to find Izzy and Sophia. I was ready to dance. Clearly, I had too much to drink.

    Chapter 6 ~ Making My Mark

    “I can’t believe that shit can even be done,” Anthony said, holding his stomach as he laughed.

    “She has mad skills,” Mike shook his head, all of us still stunned.

    “When she shot that thing out of her pu**y, I almost shit a brick.” Anthony scrubbed his hand across his face, shaking his head.

    “A ping pong ball. Jesus Christ, I’ll never be able to see anyone play that f**king game again.” Mike grabbed the beer from the cup holder and downed it.

    We were safely on the limo bus after a rather interesting trip to some shit ass dive strip club in Tampa. It wasn’t my idea of a good time, but since Mike and Anthony planned the entire night, I sat back and tried to enjoy the ride. I felt guilty watching strippers knowing that Suzy was off enjoying a peaceful night with the girls. Izzy promised me that they were just going for drinks and maybe dancing and that they’d be staying in a hotel room so they wouldn’t drink and drive.

    “Why the f**k aren’t you talking?” Bear said as he nudged Tank.

    I shook my head, laughing at the mix of guys on this bus. For some unknown reason, Mike and Anthony decided to invite Bear, Tank, and a few other guys from the Neon Cowboy. They knew each other from Inked since they were not only friends but also clients.

    “I’m talking. Just listening about the pu**y show.” I glared at Bear and then looked at Tank, tilting my head while I studied his face. “What the f**k is that smirk for?”

    “You’re so pu**y whipped.” Tank tipped his glass, his smirk turning into a smile. The corner of his eyes wrinkled as he chuckled and took a swig of beer.

    “Fuck off,” I growled. “I’m not pu**y whipped. Why look at ground meat when I have grade A platinum pu**y at home? I know you boys don’t know the difference.” I smirked, looking to Mike. “Not you brother, you get the good shit too. You know what I mean.”

    He smiled, nodding. “I do, but I am still in disbelief. Mia better never shoot anything out of that pu**y. Shit’s too good to ruin with a ping pong ball or anything other than my dick, fingers, and tongue,” Michael said, making a V with his fingers and tonguing the void.

    “Clearly you’ve had too much to drink,” I said, looking at him, unable to contain my laughter.

    “Two f**kin’ pussy whipped bastards. You sure you two still have your balls attached?” Bear slapped his knee.

    “Why don’t you suck my dick and find out, motherfucker?” I smirked as Bear stilled and gagged. “You’re just jealous, plain and simple.”

    He mumbled, bringing the bottle to his lips. “You know I’ve always been fond of Sunshine. Couldn’t be pu**y whipped over a better girl.”

    “We’re here,” the driver called out as the limo-bus stopped in front of a beachside hotel.

    “What the f**k are we doing here?” I looked out the tinted windows confused by the destination. I didn’t think we’d end the evening at a hotel. We’d already seen the strippers, so I didn’t think that awaited us inside.

    “Shepard’s has the best f**kin’ nightclub in the St. Pete. Get your old grumpy ass up and let’s dance.” Anthony stood, taking the glass from my hand.

    “One, I don’t f**kin’ dance without my woman. Two, don’t ever touch my beer. Three, this wasn’t supposed to be a night for you to find a piece of ass,” I said as I climbed off the limo bus.

    “Fine, you drink and stew in your moodiness while the rest of us enjoy the ladies, right men?” Anthony pumped his fist, his body shaking with excitement. “Right?”

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