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  • Throttled(Men of Inked #3)(17) by Chelle Bliss
  • Her arms were crossed and her head cocked as she glared at me. “You’re such a caveman. Does everything require violence?” She snarled.

    I’d never seen Suzy so pissed off. She had no f**king right to be pissed. I was defending her honor, my soon-to-be-bride. “You’re pissed at me?” I asked with a confused look. “Why the f**k are you pissed off at me? You’re the one letting him manhandle you.”

    Her glare turned ice cold as she walked toward me. Her hands dropped to her side as she stopped in front of me. “You knock a guy on his ass and you want to know why I’m pissed off?” She poked me in the chest, her nail digging into my skin. “It’s my bachelorette party and I was having some harmless fun. What the f**k is wrong with you?” She smacked me in the chest, trying to push me backward.

    I grabbed her wrist, pulling her closer. “Some asswad has his hands on my woman and I’m just supposed to what? Tap him on the f**king shoulder and say may I cut in? No, I’m going to confront that shithead and do what I have to do. I’m the one that’s pissed and rightfully so. You let him touch you. What the f**k happened to faithfulness?” I released her arm as her eyes flickered to the ground.

    Her eyes returned to mine filled with anger and hurt. “I was being faithful, you big dumb oaf. It’s a bachelorette party and I’m here with your sister. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. You’re just being your difficult, overprotective self.” She shook her head. “You always want to solve things with your fists. We’re not twelve anymore, City.”

    “Sugar, I’ll protect you until my last breath. I don’t share, not now and not ever. You’re mine and only mine. No one is allowed to put their hands on you, no matter the situation.” I grabbed her by the waist, drawing her to my body. “Maybe I’m being harsh, but the thought of someone else touching you just pisses me off. I tried to control myself, but the prick had to keep running his mouth.” I touched her cheek, holding her face in my hand.

    Her face softened as she leaned into my touch. “He did. I’m sorry. I’m drunk and we’re just having some harmless fun.”

    I leaned in, hovering just above her lips. Her eyes fluttered closed as I inhaled in the smell of Suzy. The scent wasn’t right. “What the f**k?” I sniffed her cheek and neck. She had a sweaty musky scent on her skin. “Why do you smell like a man?”

    Her eyes flew open and grew wide. “What are you talking about?” she whispered.

    “You smell like another man’s been pawing you. That jagoff didn’t touch your face. Why the hell does your face and neck smell like someone else?” My heart started to pound sporadically, my chest felt hollow except for the flutter of my heart.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t touched anyone.” She grabbed my shirt, holding me to her.

    “Like f**k you haven’t. I can smell him.” Nausea overcame me as the realization that Suzy had been that close to another man. Maybe she wasn’t the woman I always thought she was.

    “City, I haven’t touched anyone. You’re making shit up.”

    I backed away, dropping my hand from her cheek. “I find you with some guy with his hands all over you and now I can smell someone all over your skin. Don’t you have anything to say for yourself or are you just going to deny it?”

    She looked to the sky and back to me, her eyes glistening in the light. “I didn’t do anything wrong,” she yelled, her hands fisted at her side.

    I shook my head, feeling my heart shattering into a million tiny pieces. The thought of her cheating on me made me feel like death would be preferable. I didn’t want to look at her anymore. I couldn’t take the lies or the dull ache in my chest. “I don’t believe you,” I whispered, looking over her. I couldn’t stomach looking in her eyes anymore.

    “City,” she pleaded, reaching for my arm.

    I recoiled, moving my body out of reach. “No, not this time, sugar. I need some time to myself,” I said as I turned my back to her.

    I didn’t want to see the hurt on her face. I didn’t have to look at her to know it was there, but I was too pissed off to stick around and talk about it. I needed to get away and cool off.

    “Bro, where ya going?” Michael said, stepping in front of me.

    “I need to be alone, brother. I’m taking a cab home,” I said, trying to control my breathing. I closed my eyes and breathed out through my mouth before looking him in the eyes.

    “Come on. We have the party bus. We can go somewhere else.” Michael gave me a fake smile.

    “Fuck that. I’m going home. Take the party bus and enjoy the night. Tell Suzy to stay here with the girls. I need to be alone tonight.”

    I walked around him, leaving them behind. I found a cab and headed home. I tried to process how the night went so terribly wrong. Did I overreact? Probably. Did someone touch my fiancée? Most definitely. Could we be fixed? Only time would tell.

    I closed my eyes; the blur of palm trees made my head hurt more than it already did. I thought about everything we’d been through in the last year. Suzy lost her good girl image and stole my heart. I wrecked on my bike and almost died. The woman nursed me back to health and waited on me hand and foot.

    It may have been a bachelorette party, but the shit still stung. My over active imagination and the words the cocksucker spoke was like a punch to the gut. I knew my Suzy. She wouldn’t cheat, but the thought of someone else touching her made my stomach hurt and my heart ache. I literally pushed Suzy away and turned my back on her. I let my anger rule instead of using my head. I reacted without thinking and would have to deal with it tomorrow.

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