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  • Throttled(Men of Inked #3)(23) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Me either, but it’s only for one night. We can’t break tradition.”

    “Make it good then, handsome. Make me still feel you when I walk down the aisle tomorrow.” I always felt him for hours afterward. The days when he was insatiable, I could feel him for days, often sore the next time he wanted to fool around. Knowing that this was the last time before we were married warmed me and turned me into a puddle of goo.

    Growling, he brought his mouth down on mine. I moaned, the regret about brushing my teeth growing. His tongue darted out, sliding across my lips before traveling down my jaw to the sweet spot on my neck. Goose bumps and shivers racked my body as the warmth of his mouth and coolness from his breath as it skidded across my skin.

    When he captured my nipple in his mouth, nibbling on it with his teeth, my entire body convulsed. The rough stubble of his face, the sharp pinch from his hold, and the silky smoothness of his tongue flicking the hardened tip had me seeing stars and moaning his name. I held him to me, fingers wound in his hair as he suck and flicked until I begged.

    “Please, City. I want to feel you,” I pleaded.

    Grunting as he held my nipple between his lips, he lifted his hips and fisted his cock. The cool metal rubbing against my clit made me twitch before he rubbed the tip through my wetness. Thrusting my hips forward, trying to force him to put his dick inside me, I could feel the deep low laugh in his chest.

    “So ready, sugar. You’re always ready for my cock,” he whispered against my breast.

    “Yes! Yes,” I chanted, growing impatient with his lack of thrust.

    Swiping it through my wetness again, he placed the piercing against my clit and made tiny circles, capturing my clit with the motion. The combination of the hard metal and smooth tip drove me closer to the edge, but I didn’t want to come like this. I closed my eyes, sealing them tightly, trying to stave off the orgasm that was about to rip through me.

    “No,” I whispered, “not like this.”

    “You want to come on my cock? You want to feel me thrusting in and out of you as your pu**y squeezes me like a vice?” he asked, his voice low and husky.

    “Don’t make me beg,” I said, keeping my eyes closed, moving my hips, trying to escape his c**k circling my clit.

    Without warning, he rammed his c**k inside me in one quick thrust. My eyes sprang open, feeling completely filled, a tiny spark of pain shot throughout my body. He pulled out slightly and stilled, staring down at me with a cocky grin on his face.

    “Is that how you want it, sugar?”

    “Don’t stop. I’m so close.” I pulled back and pushed myself forward, f**king him. I couldn’t take the lack of motion.

    Slipping his arms under my back, he held my shoulders, as he began to rock into me. Each lash of his c**k against my G-spot sent tiny shock waves through my system, making my toes curl. I grabbed his hips, relishing the feel of his muscles constricting as he moved inside of me. Our bodies worked in unison, driving me towards an orgasm I knew would leave me breathless and with blurred vision.

    His hips started to rotate as he pulled out and rammed back into me straight. The movement intensified the pressure building inside of me. His breathing became ragged as he maintained the momentum, driving into me without mercy.

    Colors dotted my vision, the light almost blinding, as everything in my body coiled and released at once. I felt like a sling shot pulled to the max and then let go, flying forward with no escape or ability to control the outcome.

    I screamed, “City,” as my body became rigid and my breathing halted. My head flew off the pillow, my body grounded by his hold on my shoulders as my curled toes started to cramp.

    My core convulsed around him, the hardness of his c**k giving nothing as he continued in the pursuit of his orgasm. His moans turned to growls as he stiffened above me, emptying himself inside me. Gulping for air, he collapsed on top of me, his body twitching with aftershocks.

    I closed my eyes, listening to our mingled breaths as I enjoyed the afterglow. The feel of his weight crushing me made me encapsulated, as my body grew limp underneath him.

    His breathing slowed as his breath skidded across my ear; the low growls of pleasure bring a smile to my face. As he pulled out, everything he just worked to achieve slid down my body forming a pool on the bed. I still hadn’t gotten used to the feel of a man coming inside of me. I felt like I wet myself and couldn’t stop it.

    “Let me grab a washcloth,” he said as he pushed off the bed.

    I grabbed his arm, stopping him. “Let me. I’m dying to brush my teeth. I want a proper kiss.” I smiled at him, trying not to run my tongue across my dirty teeth.

    He collapsed against the mattress, staring up at the ceiling as he rested his hand on his chest. “I’ll be waiting.” He grabbed my arm with his free hand, sliding his palm down my arm. “Make it quick,” he said with a crooked, happy smile.

    I groaned as my feet touched the floor. The after effects of an evening of overindulgence and wicked high heels, hit me. I swayed, grabbing the mattress to steady myself.

    “You okay, sugar?” City asked as he sat up and touched my hand.

    “Fine, baby. Just not as young as I used to be. Can’t party all night and bounce right back.”

    “I doubt you partied all night too much even in your college years.” He laughed, covered his mouth with his hand.

    “I didn’t sit in my dorm room and study all the time,” I said sarcastically. It was all bullshit. I rarely partied. The number of times I had been drunk in college I could count on one hand, but sometimes I didn’t like to be reminded of just how much of a good girl I had been.

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