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  • Throttled(Men of Inked #3)(27) by Chelle Bliss
  • When we backed away from each other, we both had watery eyes. As we turned toward the people, now on their feet, I grabbed her around the waist and held her to my side. Our friends and family clapped and cheered as we made our way down the aisle and out of the church doors to the small bridal suite.

    As soon as I closed the door, I pulled her into a kiss. Not the small kiss I gave her in front of the family, but one that left us both breathless and needing more.

    “We did it, sugar. You’re mine forever,” I said, as I swiped my fingers against her cheek.

    “No, baby, you’re mine.” She smirked, a devilish expression on her face as she leaned in and captured my lips.

    Chapter 11 ~ The Reception

    After we greeted the guests at the door, my feet were on fire. The shoes I picked were beautiful and made me feel almost the same height as City, but the damn things were like torture devices. I loved how the satin ribbon of the high heels intertwined and laced up my feet, stopping around my ankle with a bow. It was too bad the dress was so long that no one could see them. I grabbed City’s arm, leaning over to rub my ankles.

    “You want to go change your shoes?” City asked, watching me with a concerned look.

    “You think we can sneak away for a minute upstairs? I’ll never be able to dance in these.”

    “It’s our wedding, sugar. We can do anything we want.” He smiled and winked at me. He turned toward his mother and said, “Hey, Ma, we’re going to run upstairs and get different shoes for Suzy.”

    She smirked, not believing the reason for our hasty exit. “Sure, just don’t be too long, son. We have a wedding to celebrate.”

    City nodded, holding my hand and pulling me from the line. As we walked out into the hotel hallway, he grabbed me by the waist and scooped me up into his muscular arms. I squealed from the sudden movement and sighed as I rested my head on his chest. The intense pain in my feet turned into a dull throb as he carried me to the elevator.

    “It’s great that we had the reception in a hotel. Makes life so much easier,” he said, the low timbre of his voice echoing in his chest.

    Reaching up, I touched his cheek; still not believing we were married. “We really did it, huh?” I asked.

    “We did, sugar. Now comes the fun part,” he said as the doors to the elevator opened.


    “Fucking my wife,” he said, a deep growl low in his chest.

    He quickly adjusted me as the doors to the elevator closed. Pushing my back against the wall, he pressed the STOP button on the elevator as soon as it moved. Holding me against the wall with one arm supporting my weight he quickly undid his zipper and reached under my dress.

    His eyes twinkled as a naughty grin decorated his face. “No panties again. It must be my lucky day.”

    “I wanted to give you a surprise when you put your head under my gown for the garter.”

    “Don’t give a shit about that right now. I want to f**k my wife, right here, right now.”

    I didn’t speak, just threw my head back as he thrust inside of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, holding him to me as he moved. He nibbled on my neck and kissed my lips as he pulled out and slammed back into me. The building tension from the day quickly drove me to the edge as his body slammed into my clit.

    I panted, so close to the edge as he rocked his c**k into my core. Within minutes, our bodies shook and we both came on baited breath. Our bodies were dotted with perspiration, and our breathing was ragged as he rested his forehead against mine. He must have pressed the STOP button off because the elevator began to move again as he pulled out and zipped back up.

    As he cradled me in his arms, I felt utterly loved, completely content, and totally sated. He carried me to our suite, placing me on the couch as we entered. He knelt down and undid the cloth straps on my heels. Grasping my feet in his large hands, he massaged the ache out of them.

    I moaned, throwing my head back against the couch cushions. “That feels so gooood.”

    “I should feel insulted that you’re moaning more now than when you were in the elevator.” He laughed, pushing harder on the tender flesh.

    I giggled, kicking my feet out of his hands. “I’m okay now. Let me grab my shoes before they send out the search party.” He backed away; grabbing my hand and helping me stand. “Fuck,” I said as his come dripped down my leg.


    “I feel like I just peed myself, damn it.” I sighed. “I can’t go down there like this.” I lifted up my dress, touching the wetness with my fingers.

    “You grab your shoes,” he said as he stood, “and I’ll grab a washcloth.”

    “Okay, but you get to do the honors,” I said as I walked to the bedroom with my legs as bowed out as possible. I didn’t want it to get on my dress any more than it already had.

    City entered the bedroom behind me, disappearing into the bathroom for a moment. I grabbed my pair of white tennis shoes I had brought just in case I needed some relief and waited for him.

    “Just stand there and let me do it all, sugar,” he said as he knelt down and disappeared under my dress. He wiped my legs gently before taking great care and probably joy in wiping his come from between my legs.

    “Don’t get any ideas,” I said, feeling a tingling from the warm washcloth.

    “I can control myself only for so long.” He laughed as his head popped out from under the layers of lace. “Give me your shoes.”

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