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  • Throttled(Men of Inked #3)(29) by Chelle Bliss
  • “A card from Thomas.”

    I could feel his chest tighten before he tore the envelope open. His eyes scanned the card, his eyebrows drawing together as he read the message from Thomas.

    “What does it say?” I asked, dying to know what Thomas wrote.

    City sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose before handing the card to me. “Read it for yourself, sugar.”

    “Are you sure?” I asked as I opened the card. He nodded and closed his eyes. Inside was a brief message from Thomas.


    Sorry I couldn’t be there for your wedding. I’m in deep… too deep to get away, even for your wedding.

    I’m safe, my cover still intact. Shit’s worse than we thought and I’m trying to bring them down as soon as possible. I couldn’t take the chance of blowing my cover and risking the lives of our family. This is the path I’ve chosen and I refuse to risk anyone’s life but my own.

    Please know I love you and can’t wait to meet Suzy. Give my love to everyone.

    Love Always,


    I closed the card and handed it back to City.

    He shoved it in the inside pocket of his suit. “Who gave it to you?”

    “The man over there,” I pointed down the bar were James and Izzy stood with a shot in their hands. “The one with your sister.”

    “Who is he and why is he having a drink my sister?”

    “He’s Thomas’ friend and I invited him to stay and enjoy himself. Izzy will take care of him.”

    He rubbed his face. “That’s what I’m afraid of,” he said, his chest expanding before he exhaled.

    “Don’t worry, City. They’re like oil and water.” I lied to him. “You don’t have to worry about him. He knows all about your sister from Thomas.”

    “That may not be a good thing either. I’m going to go introduce myself,” he said, trying to break free of my grip.

    “Oh no you don’t. Give them some time to talk.”

    “I want to talk to him about Thomas,” he said, turning to face me with no smile on his face.

    “Come on kids,” Mrs. Gallo interrupted. “It’s time to be seated for dinner.”

    I smiled at him; happy that he couldn’t barge into the conversation his sister was having with James. It looked heated and made me giddy inside.

    “I would say you’re both in cahoots if I didn’t know any better,” he said before kissing my lips.

    “You’re going to need some fuel for our wedding night.” I laughed, burying my face in his chest.

    “Sugar, I could live off you alone.”

    “Pfft,” I said, pulling him toward the table at the front of the dance floor. “I wasn’t born yesterday, City. You do need to eat.”

    He leaned down, his hot breathe against my ear. “The only thing I need to eat is your pu**y.”

    My core convulsed, the sated feeling I felt before evaporated and was replaced with lust and an ache between my legs. “Don’t you start,” I said as I took my seat.

    “I’ve only just begun,” he whispered in my ear as he pushed in my chair.

    I smiled, looking at the crowd, wishing I could run out of here and back to the suite with him. It would be hours before we could escape this place. I figured I’d use the time to torture him as much as he tortured me.

    Our guests started clinking their glasses as the rest of the wedding party was seated. I leaned over, placing my lips on his and inhaling the scent that was distinctly him–musky and male and pure sex. I ran my hand up his leg, resting it against his c**k and squeezing. His body twitched as he sucked in a breath. He broke the kiss, looking at me with a mischievous grin.

    “Do it again and I’ll take you in the bathroom and f**k you. I don’t care who’s in there.”

    I bit my lip, trying to hide my laughter. He wouldn’t dare. I loved this man, caveman and all.

    I played nicely as we tried to eat our food, constantly interrupted by the clinking of the wine glasses. It was cute at first, but then it just became annoying. I was starving and eating had become impossible. After ten minutes of trying to choke down the steak, we both gave up and headed into the crowd to greet our guests we missed earlier.

    The rest of the evening was fantastic. It was amazing being surrounded by so much love. Everyone I cared for was there. Sophia and Kayden minus the little bundle of boy. My friends from work, the boys from the Neon Cowboy, and everyone else that played a role in our life. My parents and sister were there too, but they mainly stayed with my side of the family and stuck to themselves. Pity, really. The two sides would probably never mingle, but then again, I could choose whom I spent my time with.

    The most memorable part of the evening was our first dance as husband and wife. We picked ‘All of Me’ by John Legend as our song. It was City’s choice; I loved it and couldn’t deny him his request. It was perfect. It was our story tied up in one song. It was written for us, or at least it felt like it had been.

    City sang it in my ear as he held me against his body and we danced. Tears formed in my eyes. The man could be romantic and I believed every word of the song. Hearing his deep voice in my ear professing his love through lyrics made me melt. I buried my face in his chest, wiping my tears against his jacket as the song came to a close.

    He grabbed my face, looking into my eyes before he kissed me. The love I felt in this moment was almost overwhelming. Sometimes his touch made me feel weak in the knees like a teenage girl that was lovesick.

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