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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(2) by Chelle Bliss
  • I stood there for a minute, taking in the scene. Club whores were everywhere. On their knees, sitting in laps, and serving drinks. Men with various patches were scattered around the clubhouse, drinking and talking. Drugs, booze, and women were the norm.

    I was over it.

    The life was wearing on me. I’d had enough, but this wasn’t something I could just walk away from without a thought. I had put years into taking the Sun Devils down. I had to find a way to stick it out just a bit longer.

    Failure was not an option.

    “Hey,” a voice called from across the room. The man was waving his hands, motioning for us to approach.

    “Who the fuck is that?” I asked Rebel, keeping my eyes trained on the stranger.

    “Vipers VP, Greaser. He’s a total asshole. Don’t trust a fucking thing he says,” Rebel muttered quietly behind me as we walked toward Greaser.

    That shit was the pot calling the kettle black. I had witnessed Rebel backstabbing more people than I could count. He was a double-talker who could look you dead in the eye, swear on the life of his kids, and break his word without giving it another thought.

    Where I came from, your word meant everything. A man was only as good as it, but in this world, it didn’t mean a goddamn thing.

    “Hey, man,” Greaser drawled as we approached. “Good to see your ugly mug again.” He held out his hand, waiting for Rebel to shake it. Then Greaser turned to me, eyeing me with suspicion as he shook Rebel’s hand. “Who’s this?” he asked as he ended the handshake.

    “This is Blue, my sergeant-at-arms.”

    I didn’t speak as I waited for Greaser to look me up and down and form a judgment. Not being an in-your-face type of guy, I let him have his fill. I didn’t give a fuck if people liked me or not. I wasn’t here to make friends.

    “What happened to Rabbit?” Greaser asked as he leaned back in his chair, keeping his eyes glued to me.

    I didn’t back down from his stare. He didn’t scare me. The corner of my lip ticked, though. The look he was giving me had started to piss me off. I could only assume he’d received his nickname from his hairstyle. His hair was slicked back like a classic fifties greaser from the movies. He had become lost in the time of James Dean. In his day, he probably was handsome, but the road, as it often did, had worn on him and aged him substantially.

    “Fucker got popped a while back.”

    “Too bad. I liked him,” Greaser replied.

    Rebel slapped me on the back, jarring me. “Blue here has been a major asset to the club. I trust no one more than him.”

    Greaser’s glare didn’t disappear as a small smile crept across his lips. “If Rebel vouches for you, then I know you’re trustworthy.”

    “If you base your judgment on anything that comes out of Rebel’s mouth, then clearly, your thinking isn’t fucking right,” I said as I slipped my hand into his and squeezed.

    His body began to quake, a laugh bubbling out of him as my words sank in. “Ha!” he yelled, roughly squeezing my hand. “That shit is the truth. Rebel wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on his dick.” His face softened as he laughed. “Take a seat, gentlemen,” Greaser said as his grip eased.

    “Is it safe to talk here?” Rebel asked as he looked around the room. “Or should we go somewhere more private?”

    Greaser waved his hand around before picking up his beer. “We’re safe here. If someone is listening, it’ll be hard for them to hear with all the noise.”

    “Gotcha. I need a fuckin’ beer after this night.”

    “What happened?” Greaser asked, bringing the beer to his lips.

    “Fuckin’ fine piece of ass was right in front of me and I gave it to Blue.”

    Greaser shook his head. “Never give away pussy.”

    “She was a druggie and was arrested on the way here.”

    “Fuck,” Greaser muttered. “No pussy is worth bringing the eyes of the law down upon the club.”

    “Blue was with her. They let him go, but they got her.”

    “What’s her name?” Greaser asked.

    The last thing I wanted was Greaser or anyone else looking into Izzy. My insides were twisting at the thought of them finding her.

    “The pig said she had a rap sheet a mile long. She’s just a junky and nothing more.”

    “What?” Rebel asked, staring at me.

    “She’s inconsequential, man. She was a lousy fuck and not worth another thought.”

    I'd put a bullet in anyone who could harm my sister. Maintaining my cover wasn’t as important as my family.

    “As long as you think there’ll be no blowback.”

    “Fucker, the only thing she knows is the size of my dick,” I replied, looking around the room. “Anyone serving drinks in this shithole?”

    “Bunny!” Greaser yelled across the room as a small female jumped and turned before heading right toward us. Her tiny feet moved quickly, her long legs almost shaking at the knees as she came to a stop in front of us, standing next to Rebel.

    “Y-y-yesss,” she stammered with her eyes wide and glued to Greaser.

    “Beer?” he asked.

    “Tequila and a beer please,” I said, smiling at Bunny.

    “Beer and a kiss, darlin’,” Rebel teased. Then he puckered his lips as he slid his arm behind her legs.

    She tried to plaster a smile on her face as she leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the lips. Before she could back away, he grabbed her face and forced his tongue in her mouth. I turned to Greaser, who was watching in amusement, laughing and slapping the table.

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