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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(4) by Chelle Bliss
  • I didn’t trust any of the motherfuckers in this town. Each club was out for themselves. I didn’t give a fuck about their clubs or their wrongdoings. My main goal was bringing down the Sun Devils and, by association, the Vipers, and getting home in one piece.

    Staying alive was the name of the game.

    Chapter 2

    Months had passed since Daytona. The time was drawing near for me to leave this town and her behind. Sitting at the back of the club, I kept my eyes fixed on Roxy. She didn’t belong in a place like this. In her mid-twenties, she was stuck in a dead-end life with no escape. Her face was sad, the sparkle long evaporated from her eyes. Her long, dark auburn hair grazed her waist as she danced on stage, swaying against her skin, drawing me in, and putting me in a trance. My heart ached as I watched her.

    She was beautiful—stunning, actually—but I knew she was capable of so much more. I’d spent many nights with her. When she was wrapped in my arms, lulled into tranquility, she shared her dreams with me as her eyes filled with tears. She wanted to be mine, but I couldn’t do it. Asking her to be my old lady didn’t feel fair. I wasn’t a lifer.

    She had been born into this life and given no other option. She would be a club whore or old lady and dance at the club. College was out of the picture after finishing high school. She knew her role, and like a good girl, she lived up to their expectations.

    She was the one person I could be myself around. When we were tucked away in my room, tangled in my sheets, I could let my guard down, show my sweeter side. It was the only time in my miserable club existence where I felt whole. Roxy would wrap me in her goodness and make the day seem a little bit better.

    Sometimes, guilt would creep in when I would think about the future—hers and mine. What would happen to her after the bust? The MC would be in chaos and I would be gone. The strippers depended on the support and protection of the MC, and the business would be in disarray. She was the type of girl who would land on her feet, but where would she even begin on that journey without the club to fall back on?

    I pushed the thoughts of the future away, focusing instead on the present. Her long legs hugged the pole as “Beg for It” by Iggy Azalea blared through the sound system. I sucked on my cigarette, letting the haze of smoke cloud my view and give it a dreamlike quality.

    She was of average build, not strung out and thin like most of the cokehead whores in the club—a rare good girl trapped in a life she didn’t want. Her hips were lush, meeting the curve of her waist.

    I had to block the voices of the men who were screaming obscene words in her direction and wanting to lay their hands on what was rightfully mine. It turned my stomach, making me feel the need to rescue her from the stage and hide her away from the world—but it wasn’t my place.

    She wasn’t mine. No matter how badly I wanted her to be, I couldn’t be a prick and ruin her life with my lies.

    As her set ended, she bent down to gather the money that had been thrown on stage. Men began to whistle, hurling curse words like they were compliments as she scurried off, clutching the bills to her chest.

    She knew I was here—I’d caught her eye halfway through her routine. I knew she’d be out to find me once she had a few minutes to collect herself.

    Tonight, I needed her in my bed. The last couple of days had been shitty, so I needed to feel her to remind me why I was here. Feeling the good helped spur me forward and give me purpose when dealing with the bad.

    I turned around, not wanting to watch the next girl on stage, concentrated on my beer, and took another drag of my cigarette. Minutes later, small fingers tangled in my hair, sending shivers down my spine.

    Turning, I took in the sight of Roxy. “Hey, beautiful.” I groaned, her fingers on my skin driving me close to the edge. Once I’d stubbed out my smoke, I swiveled around on the stool.

    “Hey yourself, handsome. Nice to see you’re back in town.” She smiled, her teeth shining as the corners of her mouth almost kissed her eyes. But it quickly evaporated as she looked over my shoulder.

    “What’s wrong, Rox?” I gripped the back of her neck as I cupped her cheek.

    She grimaced, averting her eyes from whatever had made her smile disappear. “Just a bad night, but it’s better now that you’re here.” Slowly, her eyes rose, meeting mine as a small grin spread across her face. “I want to get lost in you. Please say I can be yours, even if only for a night.” Her blinking eyes dropped to my mouth.

    Digging my fingers into the nape of her neck, I brought her lips to mine. “I can make you forget.” Then I nipped at her mouth, dragging my tongue along her soft flesh.

    Tiny moans escaped her as she melted into me, standing between my legs as she wrapped her arms around my neck. “Blue,” she whispered, with pleading eyes. “I want to run away and leave this place behind.”

    Releasing her lips, I searched her face, trying to read her sincerity. “Angel, what’s got you so down today?”

    She sighed, placing her forehead against mine.

    “Tell me what happened.”

    “I don’t want you to get mad,” she whispered, closing her eyes.

    “Out with it, sweetheart,” I replied, grabbing her by the waist and easing her off me. “You know I always have your back.”

    Swallowing hard, she stared at the floor and clasped her fingers together. “Well,” she started, and shook her head. “There’s this one creep that comes in here. He’s not with the MC, but he won’t leave me alone.”

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