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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(5) by Chelle Bliss
  • I could feel my blood begin to pump faster before my heart followed suit. Through gritted teeth, I asked, “What. Did. He. Do?” I punctuated each word, trying to keep my voice low.

    “He’s always in here when I work. I don’t know, Blue. I keep thinking I see him other places. I swear I saw him outside my apartment the other day.” She slowly brought her eyes to mine.

    “What else?” So help me God, I wanted to kill the motherfucker.

    Roxy might take her clothes off, but she wasn’t a bad girl. She was the sweetest person I knew.

    “He’s sent me flowers. They were unsigned, but I knew it was him. When I see him, I get the fucking willies.” She gripped my shoulder, squeezing it tightly in her hands. “He scares me,” she confessed, blowing out a quick breath.

    “Do you have his name?” My breathing was harsh, as I was ready to lose my shit.

    I shouldn’t have been bothered with shit that happened at the club, especially to a woman associated with the MC. This wasn’t my real life. It was a façade and would soon be in the past, but I couldn’t be a complete prick. I liked Roxy too much to not protect her.

    “What are you going to do, Blue?” Her grasp tightened on my shoulder as her eyes stared behind me.

    “Is he here?” I asked, pushing her away before I climbed to my feet and looked down at her.

    She nodded, her frown growing severe as she fidgeted with her fingers. “Just make him leave me alone. Don’t hurt him, though.”

    Most women—and I use that term loosely—who worked here would want me to get rid of him, but not Roxy. I don’t mean she was a pushover or a weak woman—not by any means. She was tough as nails and could handle her own in most cases. Working in a sleazy strip club made that a necessity. If you were shy or weak, it could be spotted a mile away, and everything with a dick would exploit it to their advantage.

    “Roxy,” I growled, peering into her eyes. “I’ll do whatever I need to if it keeps you safe.” Then I placed a light kiss on her forehead, letting the small strands of red hair tickle my nose. She didn’t speak as she leaned into my kiss. “Just point him out and I’ll take care of him.”

    She pulled back, looking around me toward the bar. “He’s sitting over there, staring at us. He’s wearing the baseball hat.”

    He didn’t take his eyes off us. Prick had balls, I’d give him that much.

    “Go finish getting ready to leave while I talk with him.” I winked at her. “Go.” I turned her around, smacked her ass, and then watched her walk away.

    After she disappeared behind the curtain, I stalked toward him.

    “Listen, motherfucker,” I snarled as I approached.

    A small smile crept across his face as he folded his arms in front of his chest. “I’d watch how you speak to me,” he warned, showing no fear.

    “I don’t give a rat’s ass how I speak to you. You need to leave Roxy the fuck alone.” I puffed out my chest, feeling territorial.

    “Or what?” he asked, tilting his head.

    “I’ll fuckin’ bury you.”

    “Who the fuck do you think you are?” he asked as he rose from the barstool, standing toe to toe with me.

    “She’s mine. You keep your eyes off her. You stay the fuck away from her. You don’t look at her or breathe the same air as her. Am I fucking clear?” My arm felt like a windup toy. Some invisible force was holding it back, but if the right button were pressed, it would propel forward, breaking the cocksucker’s jaw.

    “I don’t see your name on her.” His smile turned into a cocky-ass grin, and he appeared ready to go to battle.

    “Clearly you aren’t from these parts and don’t understand how shit works. Let me help you out,” I said in a calm, even tone before my clenched fist hurled forward, slamming into his face. My knuckles stung as the sound of crunching bone filled the room. Even as the song “Crazy Bitch” by Buckcherry blared throughout the strip club, I could hear my hand connect with his jaw.

    His head snapped to the side as he stumbled, but he stayed on his feet. Then he righted himself, rubbing his jaw with his fingers. “Not bad for an old bastard,” he stated, spitting blood near my boots.

    My fist flew through the air and collided with the other side of his face. As soon as his body jerked to the right, I smashed him with my right fist, stunning him.

    As I laid into him, hurling punches one after another, landing each blow with a little more force, he laughed. What type of crazy ass laughs as he’s getting his ass kicked?

    As his body wobbled, swaying as he tried to find his footing, I yelled, “Stay the fuck away from her, or the next time, you’ll be taken out in a body bag!” Crouching down, I hit him with an uppercut, watching his head snap back before his body crumpled to the floor.

    He didn’t move.

    His laughter had disappeared, and his eyes were closed.

    I’d knocked his ass out.

    “Need me to take the trash out?” John, the bouncer, asked over my shoulder.

    “John,” I said as I faced him, trying to stop myself from flipping the fuck out on him. I needed someone to keep an eye on Roxy from here on out when I wasn’t around, and I thought I could count on him. “Do not let him back in here. Ever. Got me?”

    “Yeah, man. Sorry. I didn’t know he was a problem.”

    I could see remorse in his eyes. John wasn’t a good person, but he never wanted to disappoint a member of the MC, especially me.

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