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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(6) by Chelle Bliss
  • “He’s been bothering Roxy.” I shook my hand, the pain from slamming it into the little prick’s face over and over again finally seeped into my bones. “If he tries to come in here again, you need to let me know. Do not let him through those doors. Walk Roxy to her car each night to make sure she gets out of here safely. Understand?”

    “Yeah, Blue. I got it. I’ll tell the other guys,” he huffed out as he grabbed the guy by the feet and began pulling him toward the door. As John dragged the motionless body, small trickles of blood dotted the floor.

    I was worried about her safety. I’d have one of the prospects keep tabs on her, watching for a bit to make sure he left her alone. Everyone loved Roxy. I knew I wouldn’t get any slack for looking out for her.

    Roxy’s mom was an old lady. She rode on the back of Tiger’s bike back in the day. She’d had Roxy when she was twenty-one and didn’t give a fuck about her. Tiger died before Roxy was in elementary school, when he was out on a run doing club business. The problem was that only Tiger truly cared about their daughter. I wasn’t around when it happened—it had been over twenty years—but people still talked about Tiger in the clubhouse.

    Roxy’s mom was a real piece of work. She tried hard to find a new victim to latch on to. The only thing she cared about was status. The prize she sought was becoming an old lady again, but there was a problem. Everyone knew she was a cunt. No one would claim her as his. She’d spent the last twenty years hopping from bed to bed and acting like a club whore, ignoring her daughter. She didn’t have the respect of any man who called the Sun Devils MC their brothers.

    Roxy had been doomed from the beginning; this had been her destiny before she’d been able to dream. Her mother was absent in her life, preferring to open her legs rather than care for her only child. For what she’d lived through, having been raised by babysitters and the men of the MC, Roxy had turned out relatively well.

    I’d never look down at her for taking her clothes off for a living. Everyone had to eat and survive. She hadn’t let the lifestyle become her. She owned her role, but unlike her mother, she wasn’t an easy fuck. She didn’t jump on any hard dick, looking for an angle.

    I watched the fucker’s skull hit the doorjamb as John pulled him outside, the door closing as soon as his head cleared the entrance. A small smile of satisfaction spread across my face from knowing he’d feel that shit in the morning.

    “Where’d he go?”

    I turned to see Roxy looking around the room, searching for her stalker. “He’s been taken care of.” I held my hand out to her with a lopsided grin.

    Her eyes grew wide as she reached for my hand, noticing the redness and swelling. “You didn’t.”

    “He’s still breathing, Rox. Don’t worry. You tell me if you see him again, okay?” After bringing her hand toward my mouth, I placed a light kiss on her wrist.

    She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Yes.” Her body swayed as I kissed her skin.

    “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

    She nodded, her eyes still sealed shut, keeping her hand clasped in mine.

    Usually, we went to my place, staying close enough to the club that I could be there within a few minutes, but tonight, I wanted to be alone and away from prying eyes. Being with Roxy helped me relax, and with things heating up at the club, I needed to chill the fuck out before my damn head exploded.

    “Angel, are you okay?” I asked as she settled in my lap and I wrapped an arm around her.

    While I tangled one hand in her hair, we sat on her apartment patio, listening to the sound of the bugs chirping in the distance. The peace and tranquility in the country was a juxtaposition to my daily life.

    Leaning her head against my shoulder, she pulled her legs into my lap. “I think so.” Her voice was quiet as she sagged into me.

    “He won’t bother you anymore. I’ll keep someone on you for a little while to make sure he doesn’t come back.” I gripped her hair in my hand, forcing her eyes to meet mine.

    “Thank you.” A small smile spread across her lips.

    “I’m sorry I haven’t been around much. The club has been busy with things.” It’s hard to be with someone when you are unable to share your life entirely with her.

    That was the one thing I missed the most.

    I felt like no one knew me anymore.

    “It’s been lonely, but I kept myself busy.” She stroked my chest through my shirt, sending tiny shock waves through my system.

    The warmth of her touch and the coolness of the air sent a chill through my body.

    “I’m sure you do.”

    “What would I do without you, Blue?” Her tiny fingers traced my collarbone before making a path to my jaw, catching on each coarse hair in her wake.

    Her words flooded me with guilt.

    What would she do without me?

    Roxy was my true north in this fucked-up life. She was the good in all the bad, fucked-up bullshit of MC life. I never spent much time thinking about what I was to her or how much I meant to her—not until recently, at least.

    The days were drawing shorter; my time in this life would soon be ending. And then what? What would happen to her? My stomach twisted into knots as I took a deep breath and tried to push down the feelings of regret and responsibility from having allowed myself to get close to someone.

    I’d vowed I wouldn’t let anyone into my life, but my need and craving for human companionship had overshadowed the promise I’d made to my work and myself.

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