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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(7) by Chelle Bliss
  • “You’re tough, Rox. You don’t need me or any man to live.” I pulled her tighter against me, resting my cheek on the top of her head.

    Closing my eyes, I tried to picture my life without ever seeing Roxy again. Pain bloomed across my chest, the dull ache more than I’d thought I’d ever feel for another person outside my family.

    “I’m not. I like to pretend I’m one tough bitch, Blue. It’s all lies. I’m a survivor, nothing more. There’s a different type of living. Before you got here, I was wandering through each day like a zombie. Going through the motions to survive. Eat, work, and sleep. But when you first touched me…I felt alive for the first time in my life.” She snuggled her face into my neck, caressing my skin with her lips.

    I could feel my pulse beat against her lips, keeping my voice soft as I said, “You do the same for me. You’re the only good in my life.” Sadness flooded me at the thought of walking away.

    “I love you, Blue,” she whispered so quietly that I barely heard her.

    I felt dirty. Everything is so fucked up. How did I let it get this far?

    “Rox, you know I love you too, baby. I just can’t.” I wanted to punch something. Curse the universe for the cruelty of the situation.

    “I know,” she said, her voice a little stronger as she sat up and faced me. Then she leaned her forehead against mine. “I live in the now, and right now, I’m yours and you’re mine.”

    “I am.” Fucking shit. I was, and I couldn’t deny it.

    The sadness became overwhelming. Wanting to drown in her, get lost in the feel of her body, I crushed my lips against hers.

    Our quick breaths mingled as our mouths fused. Searching for comfort, we kissed with such fervor that my lips ached. I lifted her off my lap and carried her into the house with her legs wrapped around my waist.

    The warmth of her pussy through my jeans made my already rock-hard dick throb to be inside her. Tonight, I’d take it slow. Shutting out the real world, I would let myself drown in the feel of her.

    I’d allow myself to dream. Feeding myself the lie that we were back in my home, my real home, with her beneath me in my bed.

    She wasn’t a stripper and I wasn’t a liar.

    We were a couple making love, cherishing each other. The fairytale wasn’t in the cards for either of us, but for right then, I’d live in the delusion I’d painted in my mind.

    Chapter 3

    Even as he undressed me, I could see that something inside him had shifted. Blue was always intense. Closed off like a vault, hiding his true feelings away.

    He’d changed since he’d come back from Daytona. He didn’t have to tell me—I could read his emotions as easy as I could read my own.

    Tonight felt different. I felt his love pouring out through his kiss. I sensed him losing himself in me…in this moment and us. Rarely did I see sadness in his eyes, but tonight, it was etched across his face.

    Is he in danger?

    The thought of losing him, having him ripped from my life, had me in a panic.

    What if he vanishes?

    No one had shown me love until Blue had entered my world. I had been drawn to him; unable to stop the silent pull he had over me. I’d given in and opened my heart to him.

    Tears began to sting my eyes as he removed my clothing. I blinked a couple of times, pushing my sadness away.

    This isn’t the end, is it?

    Blue wouldn’t just abandon me. He wasn’t that type of guy.

    Who the fuck was I kidding? I’d spent my life inside the MC. I wasn’t a club whore or old lady, but I had been brought into the fold at an early age. I knew how women were treated, their value minimal at best. Blue seemed different, though, and that was the reason I had given him my body—and, ultimately, my heart.

    Standing before him naked, I removed his clothing bit by bit and savored the feel of his skin, taking mental pictures of his body and locked the memories away. Even if it were the last night I’d spend with him, I’d look back on our time together with nothing but happiness.

    He’d shown me that love was possible—and that I was worthy of it. I wasn’t a piece of trash to be ogled by anything with a prick.

    It’s easy to forget your value when you’re paid to take your clothes off. I’d become an object to men, and I’d started to believe it.

    That was until he’d made me feel more.

    I deserved a happily-ever-after. I wanted the fairytale I’d been sold as a child.

    Blue carried me to the bed, gently laying me down against the mattress. Sliding his hands down my skin, he nestled between my legs, staring down at me as if soaking in the memory just as much as I was.

    Crouching over me, he rubbed the tip of his cock against my wetness, sliding in easily. Air escaped me as he seated himself inside me, filling me with a delicious stretch only he could deliver. Without thinking, I wrapped my legs around his torso, drawing him deeper inside. Burrowing my face into his neck, I held tightly to him, holding my body against his.

    His hands drifted down my back, leaving a trail of heat as he slipped them under my ass. Cupping my cheeks, he shifted my bottom, giving him better access. I moaned, digging my face deeper into his neck, feeling my body shake in his arms.

    “Blue,” I whispered against his neck, feeling his pulse beat rapidly beneath my lips.

    “Roxy,” he moaned, thrusting into me in a slow rhythm, stroking my depths.

    I wanted to profess my love, beg him to be mine, and ask for him to never leave me, but I didn’t. If he didn’t say the words back, I’d be crushed.

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