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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(8) by Chelle Bliss
  • Cradling his face in my hands, I watched him come undone. As his weight collapsed on top of me, I snaked my arms around him, feeling the heaviness against me.

    He’d forever changed me. There was no looking back. Even if he walked out of my life right then, I’d have to figure out how to dust myself off and move forward without him.

    It was easier said than done. I knew it even as I thought it.

    We usually laughed, teased, and the conversation was easy. Tonight, however, there was a silence that was more deafening than I could bear.

    Rolling onto his back, he slid his arm underneath me and pulled me to his side. I propped myself up on my elbow, resting my head in my hand, and stared down at him.

    “Sleep, baby,” I whispered, tickling his chest with my nails as I traced the contours of his pecs.

    The sheet was draped around his waist, small peeks of hair sticking out above the white cotton. He closed his eyes, but I didn’t dare. I didn’t want to waste a moment of tonight sleeping. I ran my fingers over every inch of his body, memorizing every line and ridge of his torso as his breathing grew heavy and he slipped into a deep slumber.

    My eyes began to burn as they filled with tears. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was about to happen.

    Moonlight drifted through the window of my tiny bedroom, illuminating his body. His chest rose and fell with each breath, whispers escaping his lips as the minutes passed.

    Planting soft kisses against his velvety skin, I let the tears fall.

    I’m not this weak girl. Fucking shit.

    I never let myself dream of a forever. I had known that this wasn’t that when it had begun, but over time, it had grown into more than I’d ever dreamed.

    He was my rock. The one person I could count on. My everything.

    Laying my cheek against his chest, I listened to his heart beat in a steady rhythm. There was a comfort in the sound, listening to him breathe and knowing he was there. Closing my eyes, I allowed myself to dream of our future—a house full of blue-eyed children with their father’s rugged looks and my red hair.

    I wanted a family. Something I’d never had growing up. My mother had been absent most of my life. Being an only child, I knew I wanted a large family. I wouldn’t do that to my children. It was either none or a house full. No in-between and no singles. I wanted bulk.

    I could see it—his face lighting up as he laid eyes on our first baby, kissing my head and thanking me for bringing his son into the world. The idea was sweet, and thus…just a dream. Falling further into the fantasy, I let myself get lost in his warmth, enveloped by the only man to have ever stolen my heart.

    The bed shifted, waking me. Throughout the night, I’d woken and checked that he was still by my side before drifting off again.

    After slowly opening my eyes, I found Blue sitting on the edge of the bed, half dressed and staring at me.

    “Hey, baby.” I stretched, rolling to my side to face him.

    “Morning, angel.” Reaching out, he ran the backs of his knuckles down my arm before settling his hand against mine. “Thanks for last night.”

    Is he really thanking me? “What’s wrong, Blue?” There was something he wasn’t telling me, and it gnawed at me like a disease.

    “Nothing for you to worry about.” He flashed me a quick smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

    “Why don’t you stay with me today?” I wasn’t ready to let him go. Squeezing his hand, I gave him a sweet, lopsided smile, patting the empty spot next to me.

    “Can’t, babe. I have shit to do, but there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.” He leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.

    “Will you come back tonight after I get off work?”

    Please say yes. Please say yes.

    “I’ll be here if I can.”

    Denied. That wasn’t the answer I had been hoping for. It wasn’t a yes or a no—it was a way to appease me, and I knew it.

    “Okay,” I said as I sat up and pressed my front to his back, relishing the feel of his skin.

    He gripped my hands as I squeezed him. Turning to me, he said, “Hey. Stop that.”

    My eyebrows shot up. “What?”

    “I can see your wheels turning. I’m here, babe. I’ll be back.”

    I sighed, peppering his shoulder with kisses. “Is this the end?” I asked against his flesh. “Just be honest with me.”

    He shook his head and placed a kiss on my nose. “No. I’ll be back. I’m not done with you yet.”

    Warmth bloomed inside me and happiness filled me. Maybe I’d read the signs wrong.

    “I just can’t promise tonight. Shit has been getting heavy at the club. Be patient with me, Rox.” He ran his nose against my hairline, taking in my smell.

    Tiny goose bumps dotted my flesh and the wisps of hairs on my body rose. “I’d wait a lifetime for you, Blue.” I climbed into his lap, resting my body against his.

    “I’ll text ya later. I’ll let you know either way. Okay?”

    “Yes. As long as I know you’re coming back.”

    “Angel,” he said, grabbing my chin, forcing my eyes to his. “I’ll be back. I give you my word.”

    Nodding, I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him quickly. After releasing him, I crawled to my feet and stretched. The worry I’d felt vanished.

    Looking at the clock, I noticed that we’d slept later than we normally did. “You better get your fine ass out of here before the guys wonder where you are and come looking.”

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