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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(11) by Chelle Bliss
  • “I wasn’t thinking.” He looked down, fidgeting with his hands as I laid into him.

    “Dumb fucking shit. I can’t believe you’d do that shit.”

    “Listen, that shit’s in the past. We need to find Izzy.” He stared straight ahead, pulling his phone from his pocket.

    “I could call James. Maybe he can track her.” I took my phone out my jeans.

    “He would know where she was.” His tone was clipped and shitty.

    I glared at him. “What the fuck does that mean?”

    “Just call him. Or you want me to?” Flash didn’t meet my gaze.

    As I dialed James’s number and waited for him to answer, I felt like the veins in my head were about to burst.

    “What the fuck?” he hissed as the call connected.

    “Where the fuck is Izzy?” I asked, breathing heavily, both pissed off and worried.

    “I’m on my way to see her now. What the hell is going on, Thomas?”

    “Flash just called me. He said Izzy was in danger. Somehow, Rebel found out who she was. He knows who I am too. Find her, James, and do it now!” I roared, slamming my fist against the steering wheel as I held the wheel and phone in my other hand.

    “I’m pulling on her street now,” he growled, the sound of his tires screeching very audible.

    “I don’t know who knows what at this point, brother. Find my goddamn sister.”

    “On it,” he replied, his voice unsteady and panicked.

    “Call me back. I’m headed that way with Flash in tow.”

    “Give me five,” he responded before the call went dead.

    Wait a motherfucking minute. Did he say he was on her street?

    Clearly, there was something everyone had failed to mention to me. James didn’t know about her disappearance, and he wasn’t near the MC compound, where I’d assumed he was tonight. He had already been on his way to see my sister.

    James was going to see my sister.

    I’d kill Rebel and then I’d have to end James’s life for having even thought about Izzy.

    All hell was breaking loose. Roxy messaged me as I hung up with James, but too much shit was happening to respond. She’d have to wait. My sister was my highest priority.

    The streets were barren as I drove as fast as humanly possible toward Izzy. Flash made calls, trying to find out who knew what. The information was sparse and Rebel too tight-lipped.

    As I debated about whom I wanted to kill first, James or Rebel, my phone rang. When I tapped the speaker button, he spoke before I could say hello.

    “She’s gone,” he bit out, sounding slightly winded as I heard his car start in the background.

    “Gone or missing?” I asked, anger oozing from my voice.

    “One shoe on the floor and her phone on the coffee table. She’s missing.”

    “Fucking Rebel,” I muttered. “Flash and I are an hour out. We need to figure this shit out and what our next move should be.”

    “Fuck,” he hissed, the roar of his engine drowning out his voice.

    “Stay the fuck there and make calls. Do not leave in case she shows up. We’ll be there in sixty.”

    “Hurry the fuck up!” he yelled before disconnecting the call.

    “Tell me everything you know, Flash, and do it now.”

    “I’m FBI, Thomas. I know you are undercover, and so am I. I was sent in as backup and an extra set of eyes.”

    “That’s bullshit. The FBI doesn’t feel that the DEA can do it alone. I had this shit handled. It’s your fault this is all going down.”

    “My fault?” He slammed his fist against the dashboard.

    “If you hadn’t brought her to Daytona, Rebel would never have known about her and started sniffing around. It’s your damn fault. If he kills my sister…I. Will. End. You.”

    My left leg shook as I kept my eyes focused on the road. I couldn’t stand to even look at him. He was a traitor in my eyes—a disgrace to the badge.

    Flash spilled his guts for the rest of the trip in between making phone calls and trying to get a beat on Rebel and Izzy. My heart never stopped pounding, picking up pace as we pulled on Izzy’s street. We wasted little time at Izzy’s, jumping in James’s car and heading out to find her. As we barreled down the highway, James received a call with details and a location where my sister was being held.

    Silence descended in the car as we drove toward the motel. Honestly, the lack of talking was out of fear. There were three men in this car that loved Izzy. We were all scared of what we’d find when we burst through the motel door.

    As we pulled off the highway, I said, “This is how this shit is going to happen. I’ll get the information from the desk clerk while you and Flash make sure no one leaves.”

    “Okay,” Flash said, pulling himself forward.

    “Then, when I get the room number, you’ll wait outside”—I turned to face Flash—“and James and I will go inside and deal with whatever clusterfuck we find.”

    “But I want to go inside, too,” Flash whined.

    “Man the fuck up. We need someone to keep an eye out in case others show up.”

    “Fine,” he snapped, slapping the front seat before he slumped back.

    “Fucking pussy,” James mumbled, glaring at him in the rearview mirror. “Who’s getting Rebel?”

    “Let me deal with Rebel. You get Izzy out of there,” I said, turning to look out the window.

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