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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(12) by Chelle Bliss
  • When the car stopped, I surveyed the parking lot, surprised when it came up clean. It was run-down, shitty-ass motel in the middle of Florida.

    After smooth-talking the registration girl, I motioned toward Flash, pointing to my eyes and then around the exterior of the building. Then I lifted my chin, standing off to the side as James reared up, using his legs to kick in the door.

    Before I could enter, James was through the door. As I walked in, I saw Izzy unconscious on the bed. As if in slow motion, James ran toward her and a bang echoed through the room. His body jerked to the side as he reached for her, but he stayed on task.

    Without thinking, I charged Rebel as he sat in a chair with a smug look on his face. Before I could reach him, he climbed to his feet and held up the gun. Acting on instinct, I slapped the gun from his hand, and it flew across the room before falling to the floor. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw James carrying Izzy outside and to safety. Rebel and I were the only ones left.

    Giving him a quick uppercut, I connected my knuckles with his jaw. The crunching of my bones against his sent pain shooting through my arm. As if on autopilot, I began to beat the living shit out of him. Rebel wiped the blood dripping down his chin, glaring at me as he knelt before me.

    “You’re a fucking rat, Blue. I would’ve never pegged you for a cop.”

    “Fuck you, Rebel. You deserve everything you’re going to get. Before your body even begins to rot, I’ll be taking the entire club down and putting an end to filth like you.”

    The blood was rushing through my body so fast that I could hear it as it pumped through my ears. I put the gun against Rebel’s forehead, watching his eyes cross as he stared at it.

    “You don’t have the balls to pull that trigger,” he seethed, returning his eyes to mine.

    “You know nothing about me, Rebel.” As I spoke, the door slammed and James walked in. “I want to know how you found out about me,” I roared, my hand almost shaking as I held the gun against his head.

    “Go fuck yourself,” Rebel sneered, spit and blood flying from his mouth.

    James stepped forward, but I put my hand up. I wanted Rebel. I wanted to be the one to put the bullet between his eyes and end any danger Izzy was in. It was the only way to ensure she’d be safe. Rebel knew information that could end her life—and mine.

    I smacked Rebel with the butt of the gun. “You want to get out of this room alive? You better start talking.”

    “You’re a traitor and a fucking rat. You might as well kill me, because I’ll put your ass in the ground otherwise. I’m dead either way,” Rebel bit out, wincing from the pain. “I brought you in and helped you move up the ranks. Fucking shoot me, you pussy.”

    “If you don’t do it, Thomas, I will,” James hissed, pulling his gun from his pants.

    “Who. The. Fuck. Knows?” I repeated, positioning myself in front of Rebel and blocking James’s view. He paced around the room, his body tense as he glared at Rebel.

    “Fucking sucks not knowing something, doesn’t it, Blue?” Rebel growled.

    James came out of nowhere, pointing the gun at Rebel’s shoulder and pulling the trigger.

    “Fuck!” I yelled, glaring at James.

    Rebel’s body swayed backward before he righted himself. “First chance I get, I’m going to taste the pussy on your beautiful sister.” He laughed.

    Swallowing hard and gripping the gun in my palm, I fought the urge to pull the trigger. I wanted information before I put an end to him. He was making it harder than I’d thought possible. My sister was off limits.

    “I bet she tastes as fucking sweet as she looks.” Rebel smiled, bringing his hand to his face and licking.

    James lunged forward, pushing me out of the way as Rebel’s eyes grew wide. Then he pulled the trigger and Rebel’s body fell back in a heap on the shaggy green carpet. Leaning over his bloodied body, James spat in his face.

    “Rot in hell, motherfucker!” he shouted, a growl coming from his mouth.

    “What the fuck?” I asked, hitting his arm.

    I was happy he was dead, but fuck. I’d wanted to be the one to kill him, and I’d wanted to know who else knew about Izzy. I had been all about torturing the bastard to get the information if need be. The DEA could go fuck itself when it came to my family. Above all else, my family sat at the top, my number-one priority, even above my own safety.

    James looked at me and shook his head. “You two would never be safe with him around. He deserved to die. He needed to die.”

    “I didn’t get the information out of him,” I groaned as I sat on the bed, relaxing and letting the gun rest against my leg.

    “No one knew. If they did, he would’ve had backup here with him. He had to know we were going to come after him.”

    I sighed, tossing the gun next to me on the bed. “You’re right. This complicates shit with the club. Damn it.”

    “Only thing it does is move you up higher in the ranks, brother,” James said, sitting next to me and staring at Rebel’s body as the blood almost reached his boots. “What do you want to do with the body?” he asked, motioning toward the corpse.

    “You take Izzy home, and Flash and I will handle it,” I replied, standing and sticking the gun in my waistband. “Is she okay, James?”

    “Yeah. She’s just passed out. Hopefully she won’t remember a damn thing.”

    “Fuck. No one can know about Rebel’s death. Got me? No one besides the few people we called. Especially not Izzy. Do not tell her.” I walked out the door, leaving James behind.

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