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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(14) by Chelle Bliss
  • What type of requirements did they have to get into the FBI? Either his IQ was off the charts but he was lacking in common sense or something wasn’t right. I’d like to believe he was a clueless genius. What a goddamn oxymoron.

    We didn’t speak as I cut the bloodied carpet then rolled Rebel’s body inside to carry it out. It basically screamed, We’re hiding a body! But at this point, I didn’t give a fuck. The motel was deserted and I just wanted to get the fuck out of there.

    After cleaning the room, we carried out the evidence and wiped it down, ridding it of prints. Luckily, I found Rebel’s keys on the table near the door, since we were now carless. I hadn’t thought the entire plan through. We were winging it. Clueless geniuses weren’t cut out for winging shit, but I, on the other hand, had grown used to it.

    After tossing his body in the trunk, I headed to the reception desk to handle the front desk girl. With a smile and a couple hundred dollars, I explained how the woman inside the room had turned into a tiger in the sack, trashing the room. Sliding the bills across the desk, I asked for her discretion, and she reassured me that privacy was of great importance to her.

    “In the passenger’s seat. I’m driving, Flash,” I said, reaching for the driver’s-side door handle.

    He nodded, not putting up a fight as I climbed in and turned on the engine. After he sat down, closing the door behind him, I took off, not wasting another moment.

    “Where are we going?” he asked, buckling his seatbelt and taking a deep breath.

    “To a place they’ll never find him.” I had the perfect spot picked out. There was a forest nearby, and I knew there was plenty of wildlife there that would take care of his body. I had left out the part of how exactly we were going to place his body.

    We couldn’t leave him whole. He needed to be broken down into smaller bits and scattered throughout the forest. It was a necessary evil, and one I didn’t want to think about, but fuck it. Sometimes, shit needed to get done.

    In all my life, I’d never thought I’d be a part of covering up a murder, but it had been self-defense. If one of us hadn’t killed Rebel, he’d have come after us or at least gotten his hands on Izzy again. That wasn’t something I could have let happen. He’d needed to be taken out, and James had done it before I’d been able to pull the trigger.

    Twenty minutes south of the motel was the Withlacoochee National Forest. Covering miles upon miles, it was desolate and expansive. Parts of him would be placed by the lake and in the dense underbrush, waiting for scavengers such as vultures to eat the remains and dispose of the evidence. At least enough of it that it wouldn’t lead the authorities straight back to us.

    Bikers turned up dead all the time. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Hopefully, it would be chalked up to gang violence and quickly forgotten, thrown on the bottom of countless unsolved cases sitting on a desk.

    “Are we dumping him in a lake?” Flash asked as we turned down a dark road.

    “Part of him,” I replied, glancing at him before returning my eyes to the road.

    “What the fuck do you mean, part of him?” His voice cracked on the last three words.

    I laughed, shaking my head. “We can’t leave him in one piece. We’re going to scatter him around.”

    “How the fuck are we going to do that?”

    “Easy. A few simple cuts and it’s done.” I knew it was a crock of shit. There was nothing easy about cutting up a body. I’d seen it done during my time with the Sun Devils.

    “What are we going to do it with—your pocket knife? This should be fun to watch.”

    I shook my head again, laughter bursting out of me. There really wasn’t much funny about the situation, but his stupidity was priceless.

    “Rebel has a bunch of shit in the trunk that we can use. I said we. You’re taking part in this shit too. You’re going to be just as culpable as I am if you decide to open your fat mouth someday.” Finding the spot that offered some cover, I pulled into the brush and turned off the car, including the lights.

    “You’re a fucker, Thomas.”

    “I’ve always been one. I’ll do anything to protect my family, Flash. Anything. Don’t ever forget it. Now, get your ass out of the car and help me finish this.”

    “Fucking bastard,” he mumbled as he climbed out, slamming the door behind him.

    I smiled, happy that he realized I’d easily kill him to protect my sister. Flash didn’t want to tangle with me. I’d end him in a hot fuckin’ second. At this point I was pretty sure James would gladly take up the task for me.

    Rebel’s head clunked against the trunk as we pulled his body out and let it fall to the ground. Using my phone for light, we searched the trunk to find the tools needed for the job. Inside, he had a hacksaw, a hammer, an axe, and a couple of other small hand tools that would make the job easier.

    It took us thirty minutes of sawing, hacking, and chopping until I was satisfied with the size of the pieces. The entire time, I wanted to vomit, but I kept telling myself that there was no other way.

    We took a couple of handfuls each trip, wandering apart and throwing pieces of Rebel in the forest. I instructed Flash to place brush and debris on top. The animals would easily find them from the smell.

    We met back at the car when the deed was done. The laws we’d broken tonight were very clear, but sometimes the law was meant to be broken. No one could say that they’d never do it, especially when it came to protecting family.

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