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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(15) by Chelle Bliss
  • After throwing the tools in the trunk, we headed back toward Izzy’s in relative silence to get my car. As we got closer, Flash finally piped up and interrupted my thoughts.

    “Now what?” he asked, fidgeting with the radio.

    “I’ll hide the car and keep it under wraps. Take my car back and leave it a block from the compound. I’ll grab it after I store Rebel’s car. See if anyone is talking about Izzy or me. I’ll head to my friend’s to spend the night. Call me if you hear anything.”

    “Okay,” he said, his voice still shaky and unsure.

    “It’ll be okay, Flash.”

    “What if they know about you, Thomas?”

    “You let me handle it if they do. I can bring an end to the club tonight if needed. I want to try to get them on record for a few more things before I end the operation, but it can end at any time. I have enough to put most of them away for their natural lives.” Coming to a stop in front of Izzy’s house, I felt like I could breathe, seeing James’s car in the driveway and knowing Izzy was home safely.

    “I’ll call if I hear anything,” Flash said as he opened the door. Stopping before he climbed out, he turned to me. “I’m sorry, Thomas.”

    “For what?” I asked, caught off guard by his statement.

    He didn’t look me in the eye when he said, “For involving Izzy and putting your entire family at risk.”

    “Flash,” I said as I jumped out of the car. “What’s done is done. It’s in the past. The only thing to focus on now is keeping them all safe from this point forward.”

    Staring at me with soft eyes, a small smile on his face, he replied, “There’s nothing more important. I have your back, brother.”

    “Then no apology necessary. Let’s get changed and get the fuck out of here before someone sees us. I have extra clothes and some shit to wash up with in the trunk of my car.”

    “Always prepared, aren’t you?” He followed me to the trunk.

    “I’ve learned to be.” I nodded, popping the trunk and rifling through the contents.

    After grabbing two fresh T-shirts, I tossed one to him and set mine down. Once I’d removed the one I was wearing, which was covered in blood and dirt, I reached for a rag and a jug of water. I wet the rag, wiping away the traces of Rebel left on my flesh before slipping on the new shirt. Then I repeated the process with my pants before I washed my face and hands.

    I tossed the water and a new rag to Flash, waiting for him to get cleaned up. After gathering our clothes, I put them in the trunk, covering them with the other contents inside. I didn’t want blood-soaked clothes to be visible. Then Flash caught the keys I threw at him and still looked unsure about the entire situation.

    “You got this. Just go back and rest. I’ll call you tomorrow. Remember, leave the car a couple of blocks away and I’ll find it.”

    “Okay, man. Follow me back toward the compound, though?” he asked, twirling the keys in his hand.

    “Fine. Let’s go.” I motioned for him to get in as I slammed the trunk and headed toward Rebel’s car.

    I’d hide the car in the storage unit I’d rented months ago just in case I needed to hide out or hide something in a pinch. Never in my life had I thought I’d have to hide evidence of a murder.

    I wasn’t worried about the cops finding his car, but I was concerned that the club would start searching for Rebel. And I needed time.

    I followed Flash back toward the clubhouse, breaking off once he parked my car and handed over the keys. After hiding the car, I knew exactly where I needed to spend the night. There was only one person I trusted. I’d head to Roxy, get cleaned up, spend the night, and have her as an alibi. I wouldn’t ask her to lie for me outright, but she’d say anything to save my life, and I knew it.

    I had a lot of thinking to do on the mile-long walk to Roxy’s. Hiding my face, keeping my head down, I walked with quick steps, the future on my mind. There were so many variables, so much unknown, that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it all—Roxy, the club, my family. Where did I fit in anymore?

    I wasn’t the same man I’d been when I joined the DEA. If you had asked me then if I’d kill a man and hide his body, I would’ve looked at you like you had three heads. But I had done it. That was the new Thomas Gallo. I was just as guilty as every club member, but my motives were different. They cared about money and hate. I only wanted to keep my family safe—and Roxy too. My sole purpose was bringing down the MC and getting the fuck out and back to where I belonged.

    Where did Roxy fit in? What would I do about her? She and I had met a couple of months after I’d been patched. We weren’t a couple and I sure as hell wasn’t exclusive. I couldn’t be. Fuck the shit about leaving someday. It was more about keeping up appearances. All the guys in the club fucked around if they had an old lady or not. The bonus to it was the ladies liked to talk. The girls in the club knew some deep, dark secrets. Stupid fuckers would get shitfaced and spill their secrets when their cocks were buried deep in pussy and they were out of their fucking minds.

    I’d spend my time with them, getting them hammered, having some fun, and pulling information from them. I hadn’t been careless in how I’d gleaned the details, but I’d made them feel comfortable enough to tell me. I knew more shit about every bastard inside the MC.

    Could I leave this town and Roxy behind? The thought of it made my stomach constrict. She was too good to be thrown out like a piece of trash. When she found out the truth about me, would she be willing to forgive me? I had to think about that too. There were more than just my thoughts to take into consideration. Maybe she wouldn’t want me. I wasn’t a total cocksucker. The thought had crossed my mind a time or two.

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