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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(16) by Chelle Bliss
  • The other issue was my family. The Gallos are a clan. It wasn’t hard to get membership, but would she fit in? I knew they’d welcome her with open arms. If I loved her, they’d sure as fuck love her too. The real question was if Roxy would like them. Would she feel adequate enough to be around them?

    They could be overwhelming. Smothering people with love and affection was something they had perfected over the years. Roxy was a lot like Izzy. Headstrong, a ball buster, didn’t take shit from anyone, and could bring a man, specifically me, to his knees. They’d hit it off and be nothing but fucking trouble.

    My family had always been close. We were a tight-knit group. A moment of silence was just a fairytale, as we were always up each other’s asses. “Loud,” “obnoxious,” and “rowdy” were words that could be used to describe my family. But Roxy had grown up alone, surrounded by the club, with no real parental guidance. The Gallos could be overwhelming for her.

    I didn’t know what the future held. Was she just someone I’d smile about as I looked back on my time with her? A faint memory lost in the past?

    Chapter 6

    I couldn’t sleep. Blue always returned my messages. Always. Even if it was a quick message to say, “Not tonight,” he never forgot. I didn’t like being ignored, and unlike most people in my life, Blue was always mindful and acknowledged me. I knew he usually had more important things to do, but damn it, it still hurt.

    Tossing and turning, I punched my pillow, trying to find a position comfortable enough to lull me to sleep. Staring at the ceiling, I wondered where he was. It’s dangerous for a woman in a… whatever this relationship was, to think of where the man she loved might be.

    I did love him, and for that, I could be a fool, but you can’t turn your heart off and tell it to shut the fuck up. No matter how hard I tried, it never listened.

    Every time I thought about him with someone else, my chest ached. I felt weak each time I allowed myself to think about how he wasn’t mine and never would be.

    The room was hot, and the humidity felt heavier tonight. Giving up on sleep, I climbed to my feet and headed toward the living room. I didn’t see a point in lying there, staring at the ceiling, and thinking of stuff that I couldn’t change.

    As I rounded the corner to the living room, I heard my back door open. Stopping dead in my tracks, I held my breath and listened. A scratching noise, as if the person were trying to jimmy the lock, made my heart start again, slamming into my sternum and beating in a rapid rhythm.

    Gripping the wall, I flattened my back against the cool, smooth surface and debated my next move. Should I make a run for the front door or try and hide?

    Fuck. Why didn’t I grab a robe or some shit?

    A loud creak as the door opened made me jump, and a small whimper escaped my lips. I was frozen with fear, rooted in the spot, and unable to move.

    “Roxy,” a voice called out in the darkness.

    The sound of my blood whooshing through my ears muffled the voice. Closing my eyes, I said a prayer that they weren’t here to hurt me.

    “Yes,” I replied, keeping myself glued to the wall.

    “Angel, it’s me.”

    It took me a moment to register the voice. Blue.

    Sucking in a breath, I began to shake. As my knees gave out, my body started to slide down the wall until strong hands grabbed me around my ribs and propped me up.

    “Roxy?” Blue asked, his forehead crinkling as he stared at me. “What’s wrong?”

    “What’s wrong?” I asked, my legs feeling strong with his help. “What’s wrong?” I repeated, raising my voice at the stupidity of his question.

    “Yeah.” He squeezed my ribs, keeping his eyes locked on mine.

    “You basically break in to my house and give me a goddamn heart attack and you’re asking me what’s wrong? Seriously.”

    He started to laugh. Glaring at him, I reached up and slapped his face. His laughter died immediately, his smile disappearing as his face snapped back to mine.

    “What the fuck?” he seethed, releasing my body before wiping the corner of his mouth.

    “You’re an asshole, Blue. I thought someone was here to murder me.”

    “Aww, baby. Come on. Don’t get upset with me,” he whispered, sliding his hand up my thigh.

    His snarky, carefree attitude for once had become too much. I didn’t know if it was the adrenaline still coursing through my veins, but I reached up and smacked his face again. This time, he didn’t budge.

    “You wanna play rough tonight, Rox?” The corner of his mouth turned up as his jaw ticked. “Come on, baby. Hit me harder.”

    His cockiness and smug bullshit were just the ticket. Reaching up, I moved my hand toward his face one more time, but he grabbed it, stopping it from connecting.

    “I knew you were in there, tiger. It’s been a while,” he said, grabbing my nightie.

    “Don’t fuckin’ touch me, Blue. I’m so pissed at you I can’t see straight.” My body was on high alert. My heart was still pounding from being scared, and my mind was reeling at the bad shit that could’ve really happened if it hadn’t been him breaking in.

    Sliding his hand farther up my thigh, he watched my face. Sucking in a breath, I tried to hide the small moan that wanted to slip from my lips. As he cupped my pussy, rubbing his palm against my clit, I snapped. My opposite hand, the one free from his grip, flew through the air and connected with his cheek.

    Whoops. He wasn’t expecting that one.

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