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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(17) by Chelle Bliss
  • His eyes flashed before he released my hand and slapped me back. Shock filled me; my breath was lost, and a slice of pain radiated through my cheek.

    Fuck, the man knew how to press my buttons.

    I liked it rough.

    I’d never shied away from it. Blue never hit me hard enough to cause damage, but he did set my body on fire.

    Before I could react, his hold on my pussy grew rougher and he crashed his lips to mine, sucking out what air was left inside, leaving me breathless.

    Clawing at his shoulder, I wrapped my legs around him, rubbing my core against his rock-hard dick. Gripping my hair, he pulled on it, causing a burn against my scalp. Then he cupped my ass as he pushed me against the wall, leaving no space between us. When our lips locked, we used each other for air and fed off each other as I scratched his skin through his shirt. I wanted to dig my nails into his flesh, leave my mark, and let every whore out there know where I’d been.

    Reaching between us, my body on fire and my need growing greater by the moment, I pulled at his shirt, having to feel his skin. Breaking our kiss for a moment, I yanked it above his head and dropped it to the floor.

    Wasting no time, I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, using my feet to free his ass and cock from the coarse material. As I locked lips with him again, without waiting, he thrust inside me, slamming my back into the wall.

    Unsheathed, his rigid cock filled me. Calling out, “Blue!” I ripped at his back with my nails, tearing the skin as I scratched.

    He hissed against my lips, a sound of pleasure and warning. I knew he was as turned on as I was. Pushing back, fucking him as hard as he was fucking me, I bounced on his dick, letting my tits jiggle against his muscular chest.

    Holding my hips, he used his hands to slam me down on his hard length, causing me to moan louder than I had before. He fucked me with so much ferocity that I thought I’d pass out. I didn’t, thank fucking God. I relished it, soaked in the feeling of him inside me, ramming his body against me. His grip on my hips was so hard that I knew I’d have bruises there tomorrow—ones I’d cherish until they faded and disappeared.

    “Touch yourself,” he growled, causing me to open my eyes and look into his stare. “Pinch your nipples.”

    I wouldn’t argue with that. Reaching up, I tweaked my nipples with my fingertips, turning them slightly in my grasp.

    “Harder,” he commanded, as he watched my fingers toy with my stiff peaks.

    I pinched them harder; it radiated down my abdomen and shot straight to my clit. Crying out, my body so close to the edge, I threw my head back and smacked it against the wall.

    His lips found my pulse as his teeth dug into my flesh, sending another dose of pain-slash-pleasure through my system. Everything in my body was on fire. My body became so tight. The orgasm that felt miles away was ready to break free, but I needed something. I was chasing it, bucking against his body, pinching my nipples—and nothing.

    Staring at me, he could see my frustration mounting. Blue always knew. He had this sixth sense when it came to fucking. He was like the Amazing Kreskin of orgasms.

    Without asking, he wrapped one hand around my neck, putting pressure on my veins but not cutting off my breathing. My face began to feel tingly as the blood flow was cut off. When he pinched harder, I felt lightheaded and sucked in air, barely able to squeak out a sound. His grip became tighter, the pressure intensified, and my body snapped, releasing the pent-up energy that had collected all evening.

    As I bucked wildly, my vision blurred, my eyes rolled back in my head, and I gasped for air. As he thrust into me, his speed increased and he held me in place. And when the colors exploded behind my eyelids, I felt faint. Edging closer to passing out, I reached up, placing my hand against his. His grip on my throat was a little too much, so I tapped his fingers for a reprieve.

    Releasing my neck, he grunted, pumping into me before crushing my body against the wall. When he wailed through his release, his body shaking, I watched in wonder as he felt the same ecstasy I had only moments before. His lips parted and he made a few swipes of his tongue across his lip as his eyes were squeezed shut and he rode the crest of the orgasm that gripped his body.

    Watching a man come, especially Blue, was one of the most beautiful sights I’d ever experienced in my life. Knowing I’d done that to him, gave him a reprieve from his life and brought him total pleasure, made me happy. I knew how silly it sounded, but in all honesty, it was being connected and feeling needed that brought me the most happiness.

    And Blue made me feel that way. He brought me more joy than anyone else ever had in my life. Human connection on an emotional level was something I’d lacked in my life, but with him, I had it in spades. Even if I wasn’t his, I felt it.

    “Fuck,” he mumbled, resting his forehead against mine and breathing raggedly.

    “What’s wrong, baby?” I whispered, touching his face and cradling his cheeks in my hands.

    “Just not how I wanted tonight to go. I didn’t think I’d take you in the hallway.”

    “Blue,” I responded, lifting his face to look into my eyes. “It was perfect. I like when you’re not soft with me.”

    “I know.”

    “Sometimes, I need the intensity to remind me I’m alive. Reminds me that it isn’t a dream. I love your soft side too. Tonight was perfect. I’m just happy you came.”

    As soon as the words left my mouth, he burst into laughter, shaking my body, which was still in his grip. “I’m happy I came too,” he echoed, laughing between words.

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