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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(18) by Chelle Bliss
  • I couldn’t help it. With the seriousness between us broken, I started to laugh uncontrollably. Blue had that ability—no one else. He could go from dead serious to playful in a heartbeat. It kept me on my toes, always wondering what he’d say or do next. Behind it all, I knew there was love and understanding. Moods didn’t bother me. Shit, I had a million of them, and he always took them in stride.

    “Let’s get you back in bed, angel,” he whispered against my lips, his hot breath skidding across my face.

    Smiling, I nodded and hooked my feet against his ass.

    Shuffling his feet because his pants were still halfway down his legs, he carried me to the bedroom and then placed me on the bed. Without saying a word, he kissed my forehead before slowly backing away.

    Enthralled, I stared at him as he began to strip off his jeans. The bedroom was dark, just the moonlight streaming through the room, illumining his body and showing his ridges with even greater distinction. With his chest bare, I could see every ripple in his stomach moving together as they constricted. The dragon on his ribs danced as he shifted, bending to remove his pants. Leaning back, I drank him in and enjoyed the view.

    “Keep looking at me like that and we’ll never get to sleep.” He laughed, folding his jeans and tossing them on the chair in the corner. “First, I need a shower.” He sniffed his skin, wrinkling his nose as his scent registered.

    I never cared how he smelled. He was the only man whose sweat was a turn-on.

    “Go ahead. I’ll be waiting. Don’t be too long, Blue.” I scooted up the bed, shooing him with my hands.

    His lips split into a smile as he nodded, turning his back to me before he disappeared into the bathroom.

    Because he left the door cracked, the sound of the water splattering against the tile filled the room as I lay there waiting for him. The pitter-patter changed as the water splashed from his body, hitting the wall in different spots.

    Grabbing my phone, I climbed from the bed, tiptoeing toward the door to catch a glimpse. His back was to me as water cascaded down his flesh. Water droplets collected and fell from the glass shower enclosure as he washed his hair. I snapped a photo with my phone and smiled to myself—the image would be forever mine.

    God, his ass was amazing. Tight, high, and round, with a small smattering of hair, more like peach fuzz, hanging above and fizzling out as it crawled down his cheeks. As he began to turn, I rushed away, leaving him to finish showering.

    After crawling back in bed, I turned off my phone, wanting to shut the world out for tonight. Nothing else mattered besides Blue. I just wanted to be with him. I’d pretend that our life wasn’t reality for tonight. I’d face the cold, hard truth tomorrow. Why face it today when you can put it off until tomorrow? That was my motto.

    The pipes squeaked as he turned off the water, and then the room grew quiet. My heartbeat sped up as I heard the shower door open and close. Waiting wasn’t something I was particularly good at, but it was part of the package when I spent time with Blue. Waiting for him to call. Waiting for him to arrive. Waiting for him to text me. Waiting for him to ask me to be his. Everything involved waiting, and somehow, over time, I’d made peace with it.

    Turning my body to face the bathroom, I waited for him. As I tucked my hand under my face, his body filled the doorway, backlit by the light. Resting against the frame, he crossed his arms. I couldn’t see his eyes, but I assumed he was looking at me. Watching me.

    “Rox, I have to ask you a favor.” He pushed himself from the door with his shoulder before moving toward the bed.

    “Anything you need, Blue. Anything.” There wasn’t anything in the world I wouldn’t do for him. I wasn’t a fool; I knew he’d do the same for me.

    Sitting down on the edge of the bed, he ran his fingertips across my cheekbone. From the contact, tiny sparks of electricity danced across my skin, which was still tender from where he’d struck me.

    “I need you to vouch for me if anyone asks any questions.”

    Biting my lip, I looked at him and blinked a couple of times. He’d never asked me to cover for him. I could see something lurking in his eyes—a seriousness I hadn’t seen before.

    Without putting much thought into it, I replied, “I will.”

    “All you need to say is that I was with you tonight. You can do that for me?” He stroked my face.

    Moving my cheek against his touch, I smiled. “Always.”

    His hand left my face as he pulled back the sheet, giving my hip a quick slap. “Glad we have that settled. Move over, babe.”

    Doing as I’d been told, I shimmied across the cotton sheets, making a spot for him on the bed. He climbed in, held his arm up for me to nestle against his side, and rested his other hand across his chest. Then he sighed deeply, letting out a breath before pulling me against him.

    Making small circles across his skin, I watched my fingers as they moved. Within minutes, his breathing deepened and his body filled with tiny twitches. As I began to drift off, my body felt light and my mind began to clear.

    But just as I felt the blackness taking me, I heard him whisper, “Izzy.”

    I sucked in a breath, feeling like someone had punched me in the gut. I was lying in his arms, I’d just had sex with him, and I’d vowed to be his alibi, but he’d just said the name of another woman.

    It wasn’t my place to ask questions, but that shit hurt. My nose tingled as water began to fill my eyes. Unable to see clearly, I blinked, letting the tears stream down my cheek and fall onto his chest.

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