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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(24) by Chelle Bliss
  • “We’ll be out in no time,” I lied, and I didn’t feel an ounce of guilt.

    “We fuckin’ better. Cowboy better have some shit lined up.”

    “I’m sure he does.” I smiled, knowing that the fucker hadn’t even thought about something as big as this.

    With the issues with Rebel’s disappearance and getting the club in order, it hadn’t even entered his mind.

    The guys joked on the way to our final destination without a care in the world. It was a pervasive issue in the MC—smugness. They thought they were invincible, that everyone could be bought. On the local level, I would have to agree, but on the federal level it wasn’t that simple. They’d find that out soon enough.

    Once unloaded, we were each booked and placed in separate parts of the jail. No more than two club members were allowed in the same area. Splitting us up was smart, especially to keep my cover.

    Staring at the ceiling as I waited, I listened to the prospect complain about being in jail. At my breaking point, I yelled, “Dude, shut the fuck up already!”

    His face drained of all blood. “I’m sorry,” he said as he sat on the edge of his cot and stared at me. “I’ve never been in jail.”

    “Get used to it. It’s part of this life. If you can’t handle the shit, you better get the fuck out now.”

    “Yeah.” He adjusted himself, lying back and remaining silent.

    As I drifted to sleep, I thought of Roxy, allowing myself to linger on the memory of her touch and smell while I waited for my freedom.

    “Lansing,” a deep voice called out, interrupting my sweet dreams.

    Why couldn’t they just shut the fuck up and let a man get an ounce of sleep?

    “Lansing!” the voiced yelled again, fully breaking me away from the happy place I’d allowed myself to go.

    “What?” I said, not bothering to open my eyes.

    “Get up. Let’s go.”

    I looked over at the kid in the next bunk and sighed. “Good luck, kid.” Then I cracked my neck, stretching the soreness from my muscles. Turning, I saw that James was the one waiting for me. “Can I piss first?”

    “No. Stop stalling and get your ass moving.”

    “Motherfucker,” I muttered, adjusting my morning wood and fighting the urge to cold-cock him when the barrier between us was removed.

    “Put your hands through the bars.” He dangled the handcuffs in his hands, shaking them for effect.

    Grumbling, I did as I’d been told and then glared at him as he snapped them shut. Pulling them back through the bars, I waited for him to unlock the door without breaking eye contact.

    We didn’t speak as he walked behind me. Through the windows I could see the other club members encased in their cells—exactly where they deserved to be. A few others were being handcuffed and would probably take the same walk, but with a very different outcome.

    “Last room on the left.”

    Settling into the chair, I placed my cuffed hands on the table and waited for him to close the door. As soon as I heard the click, I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

    “It took you fucking long enough.” I shook my hands, bringing his attention to them.

    “You’re such a sissy.” He laughed, grabbing the key from his pocket as he approached the table.

    “Want to switch places and see who can last longer without complaining?”

    “Shut up,” he teased, unlocking the cuffs before taking a seat across from me.

    “What’s the plan?” I scratched my longer-than-normal facial hair that had grown overnight. I wanted a shower more than anything. I barely felt human. The stench of old liquor and jail clung to me.

    “They’re all being sent to different federal holding facilities to await their hearings and eventual trials. Keeping track of each other will be almost impossible. You’re going to have to go to headquarters and be debriefed for a couple of weeks to be safe. After that, you should be able to go home.”

    I blinked, staring at him and processing the words. Home. Would it still feel that way to me after being absent for so long? I had never been away this long. Even after training and returning home for a visit, I had felt like I hadn’t quite belonged anymore. After a week, I’d fallen into the smooth, easy routine and felt like a Gallo again. Could I do that now?

    “When do I get to leave?” I leaned back in my chair, crossing my legs at my ankles, and stretched.

    “Bobby is on his way to get you, and you’ll be on a flight to D.C. tomorrow.”

    “Good. I can’t go back to that cell. Sorry again you got pulled away from the family.”

    “To get you out of this bullshit life it was worth it.” He smiled, running his fingers through his hair.

    “I just want it all to be over.” I tried to smile, but nothing came.

    His own faded as he scrubbed his hands over his face. “What’s wrong?”

    “Where do you want me to begin?” I laughed without cracking a grin and shook my head. I could sit here all day and bitch about shit, but then I’d be playing into the “pansy” crack he’d made earlier.

    “You were in too long. They should’ve never let the case drag on the way it did. It was meant to be short term, but you got in too deep for them to end it. They saw the big fish dangling before them and didn’t care how it would affect you.”

    “I can deal with the shit. I can shake the life I’m leaving behind. There are a few casualties that I hadn’t put much thought into until now.”

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