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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(26) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Absolutely not.” He didn’t move or blink as he uttered the words from behind his fingers.

    “Sir,” I started, not willing to just accept that and walk out. I’d fight for her. “I respectfully ask you to please consider me in this equation. I’ve already suffered and sacrificed enough for this job.”

    “I’m respectfully declining your request, Agent Gallo. It’s too risky. As a member of the DEA, you are not to have contact with any person who was part of your undercover work.” He looked at me with his lips set in a firm line. “No. I’m sorry and I wish I could help you in some way.” Unfuckingbelievable. Just a flat-out denial of my request without even putting thought into it.

    “I’ll have my resignation on your desk before I leave today,” I replied without thinking. “I’ve given enough, most likely too much, to this agency. I’m no longer willing to put my life or those I hold dearest in jeopardy. I only have one life to live and I’ve sacrificed enough.” I stood, glaring at him. “I respectfully quit, sir.”

    He shot out of his seat, rounding the desk to stand toe to toe with me. “That’s unacceptable, Agent Gallo.”

    “Sir, I’m done. The months I spent undercover kicked my ass. I can’t do it anymore. I’ll be here to help with the investigation when called upon, but I no longer wish to be a DEA agent. It’s time I reconnect with my family and find another path in life. A course where I don’t have to give up so much of myself to do good in this world.”

    His face came closer to mine. I almost wanted to laugh. Did he think he scared me? Honestly, I could puff out some air and the man would fall over. He wouldn’t know how to handle my fist connecting with his face.

    “If you obstruct this investigation in any way, Agent Gallo, you’ll be arrested for conspiracy. Watch your step very carefully from here on out.”

    “Yes, sir. I didn’t give up these months just to watch it all get washed down the drain. I’ll be at your service when needed, but I have more important shit to do than stand here and talk to you.” Without shaking his hand or saying goodbye, I turned on my heel and marched out of his office.

    Stopping at his receptionist’s desk, I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, scribbled a letter declaring my resignation, effective immediately, and signed my name. Then I left it on her desk and asked her to deliver it to the Deputy Administrator immediately before I made my way to the elevators.

    Freedom is a funny feeling. I’d thought I’d spend my life serving the people of this great country as part of the DEA, but after one undercover stint that had lasted longer than expected, I was done. No longer the man I was before, I wanted to find myself again, decide who the real Thomas Gallo was, and find a way to put all the bad shit I’d done behind me. Whatever the fuck that was at this point—I had no fucking clue.

    When the elevator doors opened, James was standing inside, smiling. “How’d it go?” he asked as I joined him.

    “I quit.” I didn’t dare look him in the eyes. He’d be pissed that I’d thrown in the towel over some pussy.

    “So did I,” he stated calmly.

    My head jerked to the side. “What?”

    “I quit too. Fuck them.”

    “I can’t believe you did that.”

    “Thomas, did you ever think you’d quit?” he asked, tilting his head as he stared at me.

    “No, but I’m stunned you’d throw it all away.” I leaned against the wall, glancing at the display to see how many floors we had left. Twelve.

    “I didn’t throw shit away. I’m done with all the bullshit. I want to spend time with your sister.”

    Another victim. I prayed Izzy felt the same about him, or else he’d just made the biggest mistake of his life.

    “I wish you well with that, James.” I tried to hide my smile, but I knew the man was batshit crazy about my crazy sister.

    “We quit for the same reason. Sometimes, the heart takes control and we can’t deny what we want most.”

    “When did we become such goddamn pussies?” I laughed, hitting my head against the wall.

    “I don’t think we are. We’ve just evolved.”

    “Yeah, we’ll go with that. I need your help, James.” I looked up at the ceiling. “Cover for me a few days with the family while I go see Roxy.” I closed my eyes, waiting to be yelled at for my carelessness.

    “Be careful, man. It’s dangerous for you to go back there. Why don’t you let me go get her and bring her to you?”

    I shook my head, clenching my teeth. “No. I have to be the one to do it. She needs to understand how I feel and why I did what I did. She needs to feel me and remember the love we have. I can’t send anyone in my place. Only I can convince her to leave and trust me.”

    “You’re taking a huge risk. Let me come with you at least.”

    Just then, the elevator dinged and the doors opened. After walking out, I stopped and waited for him to turn to me. “I have to go alone. I know she’ll listen. I pray that she loves me enough to understand all the lies.”

    “Call me, Thomas. Keep in contact and tell me what’s happening.”

    “I will. Let’s go get our shit and get the fuck out of D.C.,” I said, pulling him into my arms for a bro hug.

    Slapping me on the back, he said, “I never thought I’d hear those words.”

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