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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(27) by Chelle Bliss
  • We were on a flight by nightfall, landing in Florida before heading our separate ways. After we wished each other luck and made plans to meet up, I headed toward Roxy.

    Chapter 10

    It had been weeks since Blue and the rest of the club disappeared in federal custody. Wild rumors had started shortly after their arrest. There were murmurs that Rebel had been placed in witness protection and was feeding information to the Feds about the club. The timing made sense, so many of the old ladies and the left-behind prospect believed that shit as gospel.

    I was exhausted, barely able to stay awake as I drove home from my shift. Business at the club had plummeted after the arrests. Either the clientele was behind bars or people were too scared to come around, thinking they were being watched or that the club was bugged. It didn’t seem worth showing up for fifty dollars in tips after dancing my ass off and letting men paw me like I was a sex toy. I was sick of it, ready to leave the life behind, but that would require relocating. What if Blue came looking for me, though, and I wasn’t here? I couldn’t leave until I knew where he was or how to contact him.

    Walking into my kitchen, I tossed my purse on the table, not bothering to look at my phone. What was the point? My phone had been silent since he’d vanished. It didn’t stop me from keeping it within hearing distance. I’d hurl myself off a bridge if I missed his call.

    As I sauntered through the living room, a hand suddenly grabbed my wrist. I screamed bloody murder, flailing my hands as I tried to hit whoever was holding me in their grip. My heart was pounding so quickly that I thought it would explode. The blood coursed through my body, causing my temples to throb and my body to shake.

    “Stop!” he snapped, grabbing my other wrist and holding me captive.

    I couldn’t see his face as I shrieked, hoping someone would hear me. Then my instincts kicked in and I fell to the floor, deciding I wouldn’t make it easy. I’d use any means necessary to survive and not be raped by the slimeball.

    “Fuck you!” I yelled, now using my feet as weapons.

    “Stop,” he said again, trying to capture my legs with no success.

    I kept kicking, pushing myself backward and toward the coffee table in the living room, as I searched for something to strike the intruder with.

    “Roxy, stop fighting me!” the man hollered as he captured my ankle.

    Instantly, I froze. I knew that voice. Maybe my brain was processing it wrong, the blood flowing through my ears helping mask the voice and making my fantasy come to life. I was likely hearing shit.

    “Get off me, fucker!” I screamed, kicking him in the balls.

    As he bent over, cupping himself, I took the opportunity to reach back and open the drawer. As my fingers felt the cold steel of my gun, he pulled my feet, yanking me away.

    “No!” I cried out, tears flooding my eyes.

    “Roxy, it’s me, Blue,” he said, his voice strangled from pain. His hand released my leg before the light in the living room switched on, illuminating his face and giving me a view of my Blue.

    I covered my mouth, shocked and a little horrified that I could have killed him. “How?” I mumbled from behind my fingers. My eyes were wide, slowly filling with tears as I drank him in.

    “Rox,” he whispered, kneeling down on the floor and wrapping me in his arms.

    “How?” I asked again, unable to form any other words. I could barely process that he was inside my house after not having heard from him in two weeks.

    “I had to come for you.” He cradled my cheeks in his hands, placing kisses across my forehead before capturing my mouth.

    “How?” I repeated in a garbled voice, his lips impairing my ability to speak.

    He drifted backward and stared at me. “It’s a long story, baby. I had to see you.”

    Before I could respond, he kissed me again, pulling me into his arms. At this point, I didn’t give a fuck how he was here. All that mattered was that he was here in front of me and I was in his arms. His words, I had to come for you, echoed in my head as our tongues danced together, the longing we both felt clearly conveyed without words.

    Had he escaped from jail? My heart was still pounding roughly in my chest, but now I felt paranoid as I thought about the cops busting through the door. Fuck. I couldn’t have him ripped from my life again.

    Breaking the kiss, he sat down on the floor and hauled me into his lap. “We have to talk, angel.”

    “Talk. You have my full attention after once again making me think someone was here to murder me.” I laughed, rubbing my nose against his. “Wait,” I said, backing up enough to see his entire face. “Did you break out of jail? Are they looking for you, Blue?”

    He laughed, shaking his head. “No one is looking for me.”

    “But how?” I asked, my jaw dropping in shock.

    Touching my chin, he pushed my jaw closed, kissing my lips as he gripped my ass.

    “Rox, do you love me?” he asked, staring at me.

    “You’re kind of scaring me, Blue.” I chewed my bottom lip, my eyebrows turning downward as I tried to figure out what the hell was going on.

    “Don’t be scared. It’s simple. Do. You. Love. Me?” His ice-blue eyes cut me deeply. I could see behind them the same war I had seen in him the last time we were together.

    My voice was shaky as I spoke. “Yes.”

    My stomach started to hurt, the adrenaline from being scared to death wearing off. Blue looked so damn serious that I knew something heavy was about to happen.

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