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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(28) by Chelle Bliss
  • “You need to listen to me and understand everything I’m saying. Can you do that?” His voice was strong and stern. There was no smile playing on his lips and no smug smirk—only a serious look, his lips set in a thin line.

    “I’m listening.” I reached up, stroking his cheek and still not believing that he was really here, that I was sitting in his lap.

    “Do you love me enough to leave this life?” he asked, motioning around my apartment with his hand. “To leave all this behind?”

    I started to giggle. He had to be joking. I didn’t live in a palace with servants. I was a stripper, living in an apartment with mediocre furniture at best. I didn’t have a family to worry about. No parents to keep me here. Blue was my constant, and he had grown into my beacon of happiness over the last couple of months.

    “I’m serious, Roxanne.”

    “Ooh, you’re breaking out my proper name. You must be serious.” I tried to stifle my laughter, but it was hopeless.

    “Rox,” he barked, shaking me slightly in his grip. “I mean it. Can you walk away from this town and your life and never look back? There’s no turning back once you walk out that door.” His eyes darted around my face as he stared at me.

    “Are you in witness protection or something?” I blurted out as soon as the thought popped in my mind.

    “No, angel. I’m not in witness protection.”

    “Then why can’t I come back?”

    “It’s too dangerous. Too risky for me, and it will be for you too if you come with me.”

    My mouth hung open again. Had I heard him right? I shook my head, trying to rid myself of my mental fog.

    “You want me to come with you?”

    “Roxanne. I love you. I’ve loved you for a long time. There’s no one but you in my heart. I couldn’t move on without you.” He nestled his face against my neck, inhaling my perfume. Moaning lightly, licking my flesh. “I wanted to run away with you for a long time, but I couldn’t. My duty held me back. It stopped me from making you mine. I knew I couldn’t have you. I had to wait to claim you for myself.”

    Reaching up, I grabbed his hair, fisting it between my fingers. “Blue, it’s always been you.”

    “I tried to walk away. I spent days trying to tell myself to leave you alone, but I couldn’t. You’re it for me, Roxy. Please say you’ll come with me and never look back.”

    My heart sped up, hammering in my chest as his words sank in. “You want me to be your old lady?” I asked as my chest nudged his with each rapid breath.

    Moving his face from my neck, he grabbed my face and brought my eyes to his, capturing my full attention. “I’m not a biker. I just want you to be mine and only mine.”

    My heart felt like it would burst. My nose tingled as tears filled my eyes, blurring my vision.

    “Do you mean that?”

    “Roxy, I mean it. I was nothing before you came into my life. You kept me sane during the most trying time in my life. I wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for your love.”

    I silently took in everything he’d just professed. It was everything I’d wanted to hear, yet it scared me to death. He was talking some heavy shit, and I tried to process it all. Maybe he’d skipped bail and he wanted to leave the country before his court date.

    “Are we moving to a new country?”

    “No.” He shook his head, the corner of his mouth twitching as he fought a smile.

    “Then how? I just don’t understand how you’re here and want me to leave with you. Will we have to be on the run our entire life?” I paused and placed my hand over his mouth. “Even if you say we have to move for the rest of our lives, I’ll follow you. I told you that I loved you, and I don’t love easily, Blue.”

    A giant smile spread across his face, so massive that it almost kissed his eyes. “Roxy, we won’t have to be on the run. It’s not like that.”

    “Um, okay. I need a minute, baby.” I covered my eyes, slowly rubbing them and trying to wrap my head around his words. I was more confused than ever. Then something he’d said in the beginning came crashing into my thoughts.

    “Wait. You said you’re not a biker?”

    He shook his head as his eyes briefly looked away before returning to mine. “No. I never have been.”

    My eyebrows drew together again as I crinkled my nose. “But—”

    “I can’t tell you everything. You’ll need to trust me. Do you trust and love me enough to come with me blindly? I promise to tell you the whole story.”

    “That’s some scary shit, baby.”

    With that, his entire body shook as he burst into laughter.

    “Rox, you loved me when you thought I was a biker. They’re bad news. Criminals, drug dealers, and murderers. But you still loved me. What could be worse?”

    “Hmm,” I muttered, pursing my lips as if in deep thought. “You have a point there.” I joined in his laughter before quickly sobering. “I’ll come with you. I told you I’d follow you anywhere. Life has been torture here without you. Work is slow and I’m sick of taking my clothes off for strangers. I’m getting too old for this shit anyway. I want to start over and become something else—someone else.”

    He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me tight against his chest. “I promise to spend every day of my life making you happy, Roxy. You won’t regret it. I promise you that.”

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