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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(34) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Hey, Pop,” I whispered, holding on to him just as tightly.

    The man had been my hero when I was growing up. He was larger than life and could make most men in the neighborhood quake. I’d wanted to be worthy of being his son when I grew up. I thought I’d accomplished that goal in his eyes, but inside, I knew the truth. I’d muddied the waters between good and evil.

    Over his shoulder while still wrapped in his arms, I saw the entire Gallo crew as they filed into the foyer. Izzy popped out first, a giant smile forming on her face before James came up behind her and placed his arms around her waist. I guessed they were still going strong. Joey pushed James aside, knocking him and Izzy over a bit, and came straight for me. My brother didn’t often show emotion, but I could the happiness on his face.

    “So fucking good to see you, brother,” he said, tapping my pop on the shoulder. “Mind sharing?”

    “Your mother often says I’m greedy,” Pop said, laughing before releasing his grip on me.

    Izzy gagged. “For shit’s sake. You two give way too much information.”

    They laughed as my pop put his arm around her shoulder, and Joey held out his hand and smiled. When I placed my palm in his, he pulled me into a giant bear hug. Joey and I were most alike. We were so close in age that I swear my mother must have wasted no time in getting knocked up again.

    “Joe, it’s so fucking great to see you, man,” I said, slapping him on the back.

    Then a blonde walked into the foyer and leaned against the wall. A giant smile was plastered on her face as she stared at Joey and me. She was wearing a cute, flowery sundress that didn’t do anything to hide her belly. She was definitely pregnant, and had to be Suzy, Joe’s wife. He grabbed my arm, backing away, and turned to the blonde.

    “Sugar, come here.” He motioned to her to stand at his side, and she followed his command without protest. “This is Tommy.”

    She looked up at me, her large blue eyes twinkling. “Tommy,” she repeated. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

    “Don’t believe a word of the bullshit he fed you about me.” I laughed, winking at her.

    She blushed as her smile widened, and she winked back. “You’re prettier than I thought you’d be.”

    Looking at my brother, I saw his stare go to Suzy and his hawk eyes bore into her, but she didn’t care. “You’re prettier than I thought you’d be too. Who knew Joe could get such a killer babe?”

    She chuckled, bringing her hand up to cover her mouth.

    “You two done?” Joe barked, and glanced between us.

    “Just fuckin’ with ya, man.”**%

    She turned to him, stood on her tiptoes, and kissed him. “Oh, Joey, you know you’re the most beautiful man in the world. He’s your brother, and Gallos don’t do ugly. I’m yours and yours alone. I have a mini-you growing inside my belly. Duh.”

    His face instantly softened and his body visibly relaxed. This girl was good. She knew exactly how to handle my brother. I didn’t think I’d see the day when he would become pussy-whipped, but there she was in flowers, blond hair, and blue eyes. She was the boss, just like my mother.

    “Fucker, get your ass over here and kiss me!” Mike yelled out, pushing Suzy and Joey aside. He puckered his lips and held out his arms, and I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Motherfucker was still a goofball.

    “Only if you give me tongue,” I teased, sticking out my tongue and wiggling it.

    He gagged, holding up his hands and waving them. “I’m tapping out.”

    “Come here, ya big pansy ass. I’ve missed you,” I said, moving closer to him and wrapping my arms around him.

    This was more man love than I had experienced in a long time. This was my family—all gushy and overemotional—and I’d missed every moment of it while I’d been away.

    Mike hadn’t changed much, except that he looked happier and more relaxed. Maybe he wasn’t spending his life in a gym, taking out his aggression and bullshit on a punching bag or Rob.

    “It’s good to see you, Tommy,” he said, holding my neck in one hand and slapping me on the back with the other.

    “You too, Mikey. You too. Where’s the little lady?” I asked, looking around the room as Mike let go of me.

    “Mia!” Mike yelled, and glanced around the room. “She picked the worst time to use the restroom. I swear women are—”

    “Women are what?” she hissed as she walked into the foyer.

    She was stunning. Her long brown waves trickled down her shoulder and framed her breasts. She was tall and voluptuous, and I was impressed with my brother’s catch. Who knew a beefhead could bag a doctor who looked like her?

    “Mia,” I said, holding out my hand to her.

    “Damn,” she said, placing her hand in mine. “Another sexy Gallo man.” She laughed, tossing her head back as her hair followed suit.

    “What?” I asked, crinkling my eye and shaking my head.

    “Devilishly good looks. Are you as cocky as the others?” she asked, smirking.

    “Nah. They’re the pricks. I’m a complete gentleman,” I said as I brought her hand to my mouth, kissing her soft skin.

    “Mia, don’t listen to that bullshit. He’s as bad as the rest. Gimme a kiss, brother.” Izzy moved Mia away from me and wrapped her arms around my body. She was tiny, so her head didn’t reach my shoulders. Resting her head in my chest, she squeezed me tightly and rocked back and forth. “I’m so happy you’re home.”

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