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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(50) by Chelle Bliss
  • Feeling a need to be alone and wallow in my self-pity, I placed my napkin on the table and pushed my chair back. “Where’s the bathroom?” I whispered in Thomas’s ear.

    He stopped moving, his fork touching his lips. “Are you okay?” he asked, turning toward me and looking me straight in the eyes.

    “Yeah,” I replied, nodding and praying that he believed my lie. “Just need to go to the bathroom, baby.” I plastered a fake smile on my face, attempting to make my story more believable.

    “I’ll show you,” he responded, setting his fork on his plate. “We’ll be right back everyone,” he announced, standing and tossing his napkin on the chair.

    “I can go myself.” I didn’t want to pull him away from his family. I needed a moment to collect my thoughts.

    “No, I’ll take you.” He smiled, brushing his fingers against my cheek.

    “Don’t be too long. Don’t go pulling a Mike and Mia,” Izzy told us before we walked out into the foyer.

    “What’s she talking about?”

    “Long story. Don’t worry about it.” He stopped walking and turned to face me. “Are you really okay?” His eyes searched mine—looking for what, I didn’t exactly know.

    “I am,” I lied again, not wanting to bring down the happy party at the dinner table. The last thing I wanted to do was ruin any moment he had with his family.

    “It’s a lot to take in. Remember, I know your mother really well.”

    “Please say you didn’t—” I started before he put his index finger against my lips.

    “No!” he growled, shaking his head. “I know what a shitty person she is. I wouldn’t let that woman near my dick even if it would have been the only way to bring down the MC.”

    “Thank God.” I dragged my hands down my face, trying to wash that image out of my mind. “I just needed a minute. I love your family. They’re amazing. I feel like it’s a crazy sitcom on television. You’re one of the luckiest people I know.”

    “Hey,” he said, lifting my chin with his fingers and forcing my eyes to meet his. “You may have gone without it for the first part of your life, but if you stay with me, they’ll become your family.”

    Could I stay and feel like part of this family? I knew I wanted that. I wanted to be a Gallo. I wanted someone to call Mom and Dad, and a place where I felt I belonged.

    “I know.” I waved my hand at him, feeling my eyes fill with tears. “I need to stop focusing on what I missed and realize what can be mine.”

    “I’m yours,” he whispered, catching a tear as it trickled down my cheek. “As long as you’ll have me, I’ll be yours.”

    His words gave me that mushy feeling as butterflies filled my stomach. I’d waited forever for those words, and the more he said it lately, the more I truly believed them.

    “I’m being a stupid girl,” I whined, sniffling and wiping my nose with the back of my hand in the most unladylike fashion.

    “Come here, Angel.” He held out his hand, waiting for me to curl into his body like I often did.

    I felt at home and completely at peace in his arms. So I rested my head on his shoulder and cried softly as he rubbed my back and whispered words of reassurance in my ear.

    I pulled away, leaving his shirt damp, and sniffled. After wiping my face, I was ready to face the family again, but I was sure I looked like a hot mess.

    “Give me five minutes to get myself together and I’ll come back in. Go eat, baby.”

    He grabbed my face and swiped my remaining tears away with his thumbs. “Don’t take too long or I’m sending Izzy to find you.” Then he smiled, pulled my face to his, and kissed me.

    Wrapping my arms around him, I returned his kiss, letting my tongue wander inside his mouth for a taste.

    “Sorry,” I murmured against his lips as I sniffled. It hadn’t been the sexiest kiss I had ever given him.

    “You can make up for it when we get home,” he said, a small grin playing on his lips.

    “Should we go now?” I offered, rubbing my hand against his chest.

    “No. You’ll have to wait. Anticipation makes it better,” he whispered, causing my insides to twitch.

    This morning I’d prayed for death. But now I wanted him inside me. On top of me and all over my body.

    “I’ll let you know if it does.” I winked at him before pushing away and climbing the steps.

    Looking behind me, I saw him laughing and watching me sway my hips as I walked. The man was devastatingly handsome. I was the luckiest bitch alive to have him in my life. For once, the gods had picked me to hit the jackpot. Lord knows they owed me one for having given me an asshole mother.

    Chapter 17

    Watching Angel through the sliding glass door as I sat on the couch, I knew the internal struggle she felt. Although this was my family, I didn’t feel like a true member. Being away had altered things, and I was still trying to find my place amongst the others. I couldn’t imagine her feelings about being an outsider and walking into this insanity.

    She threw her head back, grabbing her stomach as she laughed. Izzy, Mia, Suzy, and Ma were sitting outside, talking out of our earshot. It was great to watch them interact from afar and study Angel’s body language. She seemed at ease and more comfortable with the girls than she had when she’d walked in the door. She fit in nicely with the women my brothers had brought into their lives.

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