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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(51) by Chelle Bliss
  • Izzy was the ringleader, which wasn’t surprising, but it could be a complete disaster. She didn’t put much thought into shit before she acted, which was the one thing that had scared me about her as she’d been growing up. Teenagers were already spontaneous and typically didn’t think about the consequences, but Izzy had given sanity a run for its money. I’d thought she’d calm down as an adult and give the family some peace, but I had been wrong. She was the free spirit, living life by the seat of her pants.

    “Nice sight, isn’t it?” James asked from next to me on the couch, looking out the window with me.

    “Yeah,” I replied, staring at Angel and smiling. “Best fucking sight there is.”

    “She seems to fit in well, Thomas. You were right about her.”

    I glanced at him and squinted. “Did you doubt my judgment?”

    “Nah, but it was some risky shit.”

    “I wouldn’t have fallen in love with her if she weren’t an amazing woman.”

    “Hey,” Mike interrupted as he rolled over on the floor to face James and me.

    “What?” I asked, happy to change the subject.

    “Let’s do a poker night when the girls go out. I could use a night out too.”

    “In the mood to lose all your money?” Joe asked Mike.

    “I’m going to kick your ass, Joey,” Mike responded.

    “Not happening.”

    Mike laughed, slapping the floor. “Dude, you haven’t beaten me at cards in five years.”

    “It’s because your ass cheats,” I replied, speaking up for Joe.

    “Pussies,” Mike muttered, sitting up and looking over at Anthony. “You in?”

    Anthony glanced up from his phone, his eyebrows knitted together as he stared at Mike. “What?”

    “Dipshit, pay attention. Poker this week. Are you in?”

    “Maybe,” he answered then diverted his attention back to his phone.

    Mike shrugged and rolled his eyes. “He’ll be there. What the fuck else does he have to do?”

    “Don’t you guys have a shop to run? How the fuck are you going to play poker?” I asked Mike.

    “Wednesday, we don’t have any appointments after six so far. We’ll just close the shop early due to a family event.”

    “Doesn’t really qualify as an event,” James said to Mike.

    “Like fuck it doesn’t. A boys’ night out of poker with my brothers sounds like a family event to me. It’s settled. Wednesday it is. You bitches be there so I can take your money. Pop,” he said, turning to face my dad, “you want to join us?”

    Pop shook his head, laughing. “Son, it wouldn’t be fair of me to play. I could never take my kids’ money.”

    “That’s a lot of shit-talkin’, old man—” Mike replied with a giant smile on his face.

    Pop held his hand up. “I may be old, but I can still kick your ass, son.”

    “Someone’s feeling frisky.” Joe laughed, standing from the couch and heading for the patio. “We gotta jet.”

    “Big date?” I asked, quirking an eyebrow at him.

    “Yeah. With my bed and my wife.”

    “Dude, you still hit that when she’s that big?” Anthony asked, placing his phone in his lap.

    “Sexiest thing in the world is knowing a part of me is growing inside her,” Joe responded, reaching for the door handle.

    “My sexiest part grows inside someone too, but I sure as hell am not talking about a child.”

    “You’re a sick fuck.” Joe shook his head, walking outside and closing the door behind him. Then he crouched down next to Suzy, her eyes lighting up and a smile on her face as they spoke. When he helped her from her seat, he placed his hand over her belly and spoke to the rest of the table. Waving goodbye, he held her protectively against his side and led her through the sliding glass doors and into the living room.

    “Bye, everyone,” Suzy squeaked as she glanced around the room. “Don’t get up. I’ll see you next weekend.”

    I rose and walked up to her. “It was good to see you again, babe. You ever need anything, call me.” I knew my brother was busy with the shop and couldn’t always be there for her. I seemed like the obvious choice for right now. I’d do anything for Joe and, in turn, Suzy too.

    “What about a Big Mac in the middle of the night?” She laughed, resting her hand on top of her stomach.

    I shook my head. “That shit Joe will have to get.”

    “Thought so. He gets all grumpy when I get a wicked craving in the middle of the night.”

    “Who wants to go to McDonald’s at three a.m. for a Big Mac? The smell alone turns my stomach.”

    “It hits the spot.”

    “Tonight, you can have lasagna, not a Big Mac,” Joe said, looking down at her with a smile.

    “You know how to talk dirty to me, baby,” she snorted, placing her hand on her stomach. “I’m hungry now.”

    “You’re always hungry,” Anthony interjected without glancing up from his phone.

    He’d had his face buried in that fucking thing all night. What the fuck was so important that he couldn’t put it down to spend time with the family? It was unlike him to act this way. Something was up, and he was being tight-lipped about it.

    Propping her hand on her hip, Suzy glared at Anthony. “I don’t know what crawled up your ass and died, Anthony, but you better get it removed…and quick.”

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