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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(53) by Chelle Bliss
  • I looked into her beautiful, dark eyes. “For coming today. I know they’re a lot to take in.”

    “I love them, Thomas. After we talked on the stairs, I let your words sink in. I needed to forget about the past and look to the future. They made me feel welcome, and that’s something I’ve never experienced. For the first time in my life, I felt like part of a family.” She smiled as pools of water collected in the corners of her eyes.

    “They loved you. I knew they would. You’re an amazing person, Angel. I knew that from the moment I met you. I knew I couldn’t let go of you when my undercover work ended. The mere thought of it haunted me. Gnawed at my soul every time you fell asleep in my arms or professed your feelings about me. Toward the end, when you said you wanted to run away, it gave me hope that maybe, just maybe, you’d come with me when I left.”

    She blinked, the tears now streaming down her face. “I meant every word of it, Thomas, but only if you were by my side. Jesus, look at me. I’m a mess,” she whispered, using the backs of her hands to wipe away her tears.

    “No, you’re not,” I replied, pushing her hands away and using my fingers to catch the tiny teardrops. “You’re beautiful and you’re mine.”

    It felt good to finally say the words I’d held inside for months. Every chance I had, I said them to her, making up for lost time. I wanted to remind her how much I loved her and what she meant to me as often as possible.

    “Take me home and make love to me, Thomas,” she whispered, drawing the pad of my thumb into her mouth as I followed the path of tears to her lips.

    I felt her tongue against my flesh. Drawing it deeper into her mouth, she sucked on it, with her mouth around it in a perfect O. My dick twitched in response, coming to life and needing relief. I couldn’t wait to get her home to finish what I’d wanted to do earlier.

    “If you don’t stop that, we won’t make it home,” I growled, sucking in a quick breath as she swirled her tongue around.

    Opening her mouth enough to speak, she said, “Anticipation.”

    “Fuck. I was never good at waiting, Angel. You should know that about me by now.” After removing my digit from her mouth, I grabbed her hand and pulled her down the walkway toward the car.

    “What’s your hurry?” she asked, trying to keep up with my quick pace.

    The feel of her lips on me had made me impatient. “You have something to take care of.” I opened her door, waiting for her to get in, but she stopped in front of me with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face.

    “I don’t remember having any plans.”

    I swept my thumb, still damp from her mouth, against her lips. “Something came up.” I looked down, motioning to her with my groin before capturing her lips with mine.

    Tiny moans escaped her lips, the vibrations ricocheting down my chest and making my cock throb. Holding her by the neck, I devoured her mouth. My tongue mingled with hers, tasting the sweetness of the chocolate cake we’d had during dessert. Groaning softly, I knew I couldn’t wait until we got home. The drive was over thirty minutes away from my parents’—way too long for my aching cock.

    “Fuck,” she murmured when I moved away, her eyes fluttering open.

    “Get your ass in the car.”

    “Bossy,” she whispered before doing as she’d been told.

    Once I’d slammed her door closed, I jogged to the driver’s side and climbed inside. Then I coasted down the street, looking for the make-out spot so many of us had used in our youth. Down the street from my parents’, there was a small trail into the woods that was used for mudding. It opened to a giant field filled with tall grasses and brush. It was the perfect spot when you needed time alone and were out of cash.

    As we drove down the dirt trail, branches lashed against the windows, making a screeching sound.

    “I’m not going anywhere, baby. I’m a sure thing. There’s no rush.”

    “My dick says otherwise.”

    She giggled, grabbing my attention and making me glance at her. She was slowly unbuttoning her top, knowing what I wanted.

    “Don’t,” I said, adjusting my rock-hard dick as she revealed her breasts.

    Her laughter grew louder as her hands fell away. Then she turned toward me, leaning over and placing her warm palm against my length. Inhaling deeply, needing more than warmth, I tried to stay calm and not just throw it into park.

    When we pulled into the field, I found a spot under the only tree, trying to block out the setting sun. At times like these, I was thankful for my muscle car. It didn’t have any separator between in the front seat. It was the old-style seat that came in one piece and made fucking like this possible.

    I put the car in park, leaving the CD player going before turning my attention to her. Lunging at her, I pushed her down onto the seat, crushing her with my weight.

    Hozier’s “To Be Alone” started to play. Reaching up, I pressed repeat, loving the words of this song, especially with Angel underneath me. Pushing my straining erection against her, I dry-humped her as I dug my teeth into her flesh. Then I ran my tongue over her jugular, feeling the beating of her heart as it picked up its pace.

    Her fingers snarled through my hair, tugging lightly as she wrapped her legs around my back. Fighting every urge in me to rip off her clothes, I traced her pulse up her neck, across her chin, and to her mouth before sucking the air from her lungs. Grinding against her and devouring her mouth, I used one hand to undo the top button of her jeans. I slid my hands inside and groaned as I felt her wetness. Her tiny moans drove me further, and I pushed my fingers inside her. The tight space caused by her jeans didn’t stop me; I needed to feel her, to taste her. As I stuck two fingers inside, my palm rested against her clit, her body twitched as I moved them in and out.

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