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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(54) by Chelle Bliss
  • She clawed the skin on my shoulders, digging deeper with each stroke of her G-spot. “Don’t stop,” she moaned, pulling my mouth closer against hers. She pushed against my hand, driving my fingers in further, and rode my palm. Feeling her body begin to shake, I stilled my hand.

    “No,” she begged, wiggling her body underneath me. “Please,” she said against my lips, nipping at my flesh.

    “Not yet,” I growled, removing my hand from her pants.

    My dick was about ready to burst, and the feel of her slick cunt against my skin had me about to explode like a teenager.

    “Taste how sweet you are.” Setting my fingers between our lips, I used my tongue to lick at her juices.

    She stuck her tongue out, tasting herself on my fingers. My eyes started to roll back in my head. The smell and taste of her with her tongue on my flesh was almost too much for me to bear. As I dipped my fingers inside her mouth, she sucked them clean.

    Unable to contain myself any longer, I sat up and unfastened my jeans. I pulled out my cock between, not bothering to pull my pants all the way down. I just needed enough to stroke her deeply. My body shook as I palmed my dick, rubbing it up and down.

    Angel scurried, shimmying her jeans down her legs and panting as her eyes stayed glued to my throbbing dick. When she pushed her pants to her knees, I grabbed them from the bottom and yanked them off.

    “You don’t need these.” I tossed them in the back seat.

    My patience snapped as I reached down and ripped the lace panties off her body. She laughed, throwing her head back as I threw them on the dashboard. Those were staying inside the car as a souvenir.

    When I pushed inside her, she wrapped her legs around my back. Her warmth and slickness enveloped my hard shaft as my body began to convulse with pleasure. Unable to stop, I pounded into her. While I braced my arms next to her head, she grabbed my neck and curled her body into mine. The closer she drew to me, the tighter her pussy felt. It sucked the life from my dick.

    “Yes! Yes!” she wailed, fucking me back, making the impact that much greater.

    This was better than any high school fucking I had done in this field as a kid. That had been amateurish, child’s play. Angel was the real deal, the woman I loved, and the one I’d never get enough of—no matter how long we spent together.

    My balls tightened, my spine tingled, and my dick grew harder. I was ready to burst at the seams. She rode my shaft, bouncing up and down on it over and over again, as I sat up and took her with me. Using my hips, I met her thrusts, driving myself as deep as humanly possible without tearing her in two.

    “Oh, God. Almost there…” she moaned, sealing her eyes shut and tipping her head back.

    Needing her to crash over the edge, I wrapped my hands around her neck and applied pressure. Angel always got off on choking, and I knew it. I knew her body better than she did. Using her neck as leverage, I pulled her down on top of me, paying careful attention to her airway. As I watched her face turn red and her eyes roll back into her head, I could barely hear her breathing. Then she let out a strangled cry as her cunt milked my cock.

    The crushing force of her orgasm sent me into a mind-numbing and vision-blurring frenzy. I released her neck and pulled her hair, forcing her neck backwards as I sank my teeth into her flesh and emptied myself into her.

    As I moaned against her skin, my body convulsed, riding the crest as I came. Panting, I swallowed hard, resting my forehead against her. Her pussy continued to clamp down on my cock, her body shaking in tiny aftershocks. Hozier still played on repeat as we clung to each other, trying to catch our breath.

    “Fuck,” I muttered, dragging my face from her neck. As I backed away, a tiny drop of blood caught my eye. I’d ripped her skin open with my teeth as I bit her. Lost in the moment, I hadn’t been paying attention to how hard I had clamped down. “Shit, baby. I drew blood.”

    “Am I going to die?” she asked, swallowing roughly on a heavy breath.

    “No,” I replied, touching the wound.

    “That was worth a small cut, Thomas.” She sagged against me, licking the sweat off my shoulder.

    “Don’t start licking me again, Angel. I need a minute.” Moving her off my dick and out of my lap, I set her on the seat and reached in the back for her jeans. Handing them to her, I said, “You can wear these for now, but I’m not done with you yet.”

    “I’m all yours, Thomas. Only yours.”

    About fuckin’ time.

    Chapter 18

    Unable to sleep, I ventured downstairs to make myself a cup of hot tea with milk. While I was checking my phone as I waited for the water to boil, a new notification caught my eye. I had text messages from a number I didn’t recognize. When I clicked on it, I froze. There were more than one, and the further I read, the sicker I felt.

    Unknown: I know where u r, u little slut.

    Unknown: U can’t hide from me 4ever.

    Unknown: If u want that boyfriend of yours to stay alive, u better find a way to get some $$$. ASAP.

    Who the fuck has my phone number and how do they know about Tommy?

    My hands began to shake violently as I grabbed the teapot. It jiggled in my hand, water spilling from the spout as I tried to pour a cup. The metal clattered against the ceramic mug, sounding like there was an earthquake happening.

    After placing the teapot back on the stove before I hurt myself, I stared out the window. I ran down dozens of possibilities. None of them seemed right. I’d never given anyone this number. Work only had my old home phone, the only reason I’d kept a landline.

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