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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(55) by Chelle Bliss
  • Unknown: I know you read my messages. I’m giving u 24 hours to respond before I come for both of u.

    Sickness overcame me. I threw up in the sink, and tears began to sting my eyes. Struggling for breath, I felt as if my throat were closing, being paralyzed by fear.

    This can’t be fucking happening!

    For once in my life, shit was going well. Life seemed to be filled with possibilities, and now someone was after me. But more importantly, they were after Thomas. He was too good of a man, and I’d brought this to his doorstep. What if they hurt him? I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to him.

    He had an amazing family that loved him. I had no one. Whether I lived or died was inconsequential in this world, but Thomas mattered to so many.

    Feeling my legs begin to shake, I crumpled to the floor, a sob bursting from me. Tears streamed down my cheeks and I felt like I was going to be sick again.

    I had known that this shit was too good to be true. Why had I let myself dream? I wanted to run upstairs and wake Thomas to let him know about the messages. He’d take care of it—or they’d kill him and come after me. I couldn’t risk it. Couldn’t risk him. He deserved better than that.

    As I cried uncontrollably, my chest felt tight and I tried to catch my breath. Hunched over, I felt dizzy, pounding the floor with my fists. I was pissed off. How could this shit have happened? Karma sure as fuck didn’t like me. She fucked with me every chance she got, and I was always the fool thinking that maybe this time it would be different.

    Pushing myself up on shaky legs, I decided to do the only thing I could to keep him safe. I didn’t have any fucking money, and there was no way in hell I’d ask Thomas to pay blackmail. He wouldn’t do it. He’d get the cops involved, which would just make everything more dangerous. He’d gotten out alive after taking down the Sun Devils, and that shit was unheard of in my circles.

    I crawled up the steps, unsure if my legs would hold me as I tried to ascend the steep incline. After pulling myself up using the banister, I slid down the hallway using the flat surface. Once I’d pushed the door open, I rested against the frame and watched him. His chest rose and fell in a rhythmic manner while he was totally oblivious to the danger that lurked so close to home. As I opened the door farther, the hinges creaked, but he didn’t move. I’d learned in a short amount of time that he was a heavy sleeper—especially after the type of night we’d had after returning from dinner.

    Tears dripped down my face as I sniffled and tried to pull my shit together. I didn’t have any other choice. Sometimes, we have to sacrifice for the good of our partner, and I was willing to go back to my shitty existence if it meant he would be okay. He had so much to give, more than I deserved. He’d find someone in the future to make him happy and grow old with, but she wasn’t me.

    I crept into the closet and grabbed a bag, shoving everything I could inside. As I packed, it dawned on me that I didn’t have a fucking car. How in the fuck could I leave without any way to get anywhere? They had taxis in the area. They had to. I’d grab a taxi, rent a car, and find my way back to my crappy-ass apartment and my shitty job, where men groped me for their pleasure.

    “Fuck,” I whispered, slamming more clothes in the bag. I didn’t want to go back.

    Leaning forward, I caught a glimpse of him sleeping peacefully, unaware of the hell I felt inside. Frozen, I memorized the picture before me, letting the tears of self-pity fall down my cheeks. After wiping them off, I zipped up the bag and grabbed one of his T-shirts, throwing it on with a pair of jeans. His smell surrounded me as I bent over to slip my tennis shoes on. I inhaled deeply, lingering on his scent before picking up my bag and tiptoeing to the door. Allowing myself one more look, I turned and took in the sight of his hard body with the sheet draped across his abdomen. Resisting the urge to touch him, I walked out the door, leaving it open a crack.

    As I walked down the stairs, I looked around, trying to memorize his life so I could imagine him being happy when I was gone. Then, after grabbing my purse off the coat rack, I unlocked the door and headed outside.

    “Shit,” I mumbled, knowing I couldn’t just leave. I needed to leave him a note or something to help him understand why I had to go. He couldn’t wake up and find the house empty. He’d think I didn’t leave on my accord, even though he’d be partially correct.

    Upon finding a piece of paper on the counter, I scribbled a quick letter.


    I realized today that I don’t fit into your world. We’re too different to work. You have an amazing family and deserve a woman who can be everything to you. My heart isn’t in it. I’m not the right person for you. Please don’t look for me. I don’t want to be found. It’s best if we end things now before we’re both in too deep to realize what’s best. Thank you for an amazing time. I’ll look back on our time together with nothing but a smile. Your secret is safe with me. I’ll never do anything to put you in danger.

    Love always,


    I couldn’t stay here and wait. He might wake and find me. I needed to get as far away from the house as possible and wait for the taxi. There was a gas station at the end of the street on the main road. I’d make my way there and call. Might as well sit around a well-lit location that was easy to find while I waited to be picked up and taken away from the one place where I felt at home.

    So I left the note on the island for him to find and went to the front door.

    As I walked down the driveway, I kept peeking over my shoulder, silently praying that he’d catch me and force my hand. I didn’t want to go.

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