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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(58) by Chelle Bliss
  • “He said give him twenty.” He collapsed in a chair, stretching out his legs and rolling his neck.

    Not only was he tied to Flash because of Izzy, but Rebel’s death was something the three of us had dealt with together. We were all culpable and guilty of that crime. I wasn’t sorry that he’d died, but seeing Flash and having the three of us together would bring up old wounds of the night we’d killed a man in cold blood.

    Shaking off my thoughts, I looked at James, waiting for him to return my stare. “Good. He’ll come through for us.”

    James nodded, crossing his arms over his chest and taking a deep breath.

    “James, what about calling Bobby?”

    “What about him?” he asked, looking down at his arms. His lips were almost in a frown, as if he were pouting about Flash. Maybe it was the remorse he felt about Rebel.

    Even when you knew it’d been the only option you’d had, knowing that you’d killed another human being left a feeling of guilt. Rebel had been a complete piece of shit, but as a DEA agent, you vow to serve and protect. If we hadn’t finished him, he would’ve come after Izzy and James, and I would have also been in his crosshairs. It was the only way it could have ended.

    “We need him to do some digging. I need to know everything there is to know about Angel. All of her connections. And I want information on her crack-whore mother.”

    “Think she’s involved?” James asked, bringing his eyes back to mine, a look of disbelief written on his face.

    “She’s a bitch who would do anything for money. She may not be responsible for her abduction, but she played a role. I’d bet my life on it.”

    Anger began to boil inside me. I had known she was a cunt when I’d met her. The way she’d tried to attach herself to any member with a dick who wasn’t taken by an old lady… She didn’t want to be a club whore. She wanted her place in the MC, but no one took her up on the chance. Roxy and I developing a relationship had to have pissed her off after she’d remained a sidepiece for years.

    “Who wants coffee?” Pop asked, breaking the tension in the room.

    We were on edge—James and I more than the others. But it was clear that testosterone and pissed-off male were floating in the air.

    “I got it, Pop,” Joe said. “Sit and relax with the guys. We know you can’t make coffee worth shit anyway.”

    “Some things are best left to your ma.” He laughed as he sat, throwing his hands in the air as an apology of sorts.

    James’s phone began to play “I Fucking Hate You” by Godsmack as it danced across the table. After quickly grabbing it to stop the words from continuing, he snapped, “You better have some fuckin’ news.”

    He glared at me while he listened to Flash, tapping his fingers on the table. He needed to get over his bullshit with him. I didn’t care if he’d slept with my sister or not, and neither should he. James had won; Izzy was his and his alone. Flash could never say the same.

    “Got it,” James said as the table quietly waited to hear the news. “What else?” He rolled his eyes, slamming his fist on the table. “Goddamn fuckin’ social media. Stay by your phone, and I’ll call you back if we need more.”

    “What did he say?” I asked before he could end the call.

    Setting his phone down, he sighed. “Flash did some digging. First off, he found that she’d used her Facebook app on her phone. He found her page and she wrote a status update a couple of days ago. Thomas, her location was turned on. It has to be how they found her.”

    “God damn it,” I said, raking my fingers through my hair and pulling at the roots. I hadn’t even thought about her phone being tracked. Why had I been so fucking stupid? I should’ve checked her phone. “What else?” I asked, angrier with myself than with anyone else, especially Angel.

    “The location was down the road from here. She must have been in the car when she updated her status. It didn’t show the exact location of your house, but it was in the general vicinity. Anyway, he was able to trace her phone to a tower near Orlando. He’s working on getting a more exact location, but it’s going to take time.”

    “Just get it done. We have nothing without a location. I’d rather catch them by surprise than have to show up at a drop-off location on their terms.”

    “I’ll call him and make sure he pushes the shit through as quickly as possible.” James called Flash back. “Thomas said to get on their backs about the location. Do whatever you have to in order to get the information ASAP.”

    Then he stood, walked to the sink, and stared out the window. “We don’t give a fuck about that. Make it happen any way you can,” he barked before hanging up the phone and turning around to rest his ass against the counter. “It’s done. We’ll know something in the next twenty-four hours.”

    “Good. James and I need to call Bobby, our old boss at the DEA, and get more information.” I looked around the table, taking in the angry expressions of my family. “I want each of you to think long and hard before you decide to go with us to rescue her. It’s dangerous and risky. The ladies won’t be happy about it. Even though I have bulletproof vests, any of us could die.”

    “I’m in, brother,” Mike responded quickly, nodding his head as he stroked his chin.

    “Me too,” Anthony chimed in, sitting back in his chair, calm and relaxed.

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