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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(64) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Boys,” Pop interrupted, holding his hands up to catch our attention. “Please be careful. I love you all dearly, and I want you all in one piece.”

    We nodded, silently agreeing with him.

    “That includes you too, Flash and James. Keep yourselves safe. I love you boys.”

    “Love you too, Pop. We’ll be safe,” I said, with a quick nod. “Let’s hit it.”

    We scattered, surrounding the house to take our positions. I stood by the front entrance with James. Flash was stationed at the back door with Pop, and Anthony, Mike, and Joe stood at the side of the house to make sure no one crawled out a window.

    Every one was to wait for us to enter through the front door. They were to stand down and be prepared for anyone who tried to escape. James and I would handle the situation inside, whatever that may be. If gunshots were heard, Flash was to enter the house through the back entrance and leave Pop outside to stand guard.

    James and I stood on either side of the front door and stared at each other as we listened to the people inside. To say that my heart was ready to burst with the ferocity with which it beat would be a major understatement. I’d been in situations that had been just as deadly, but when it was more than just your own life on the line, the risk and fear were heightened.

    Squeezing the handle of my gun, I could feel the moisture of my palm against the warm, slick metal. Closing my eyes, I inhaled, drawing in a long breath as I tried to steady my nerves. I counted to three, opened my eyes, looked at James, and then nodded. It was go time.

    James moved in, kicking the door in with his right foot. The wood easily gave way, the door flying open and smashing into the wall. A female screamed, which was followed by yelling.

    “Put down the gun, motherfucker,” James barked, holding his gun out in front of him, his eyes trained straight ahead.

    Moving out from his shadow, I stood at his side and trained my gun on the other man.

    “Two of us and two of you. Put down the fucking gun.” James didn’t move, keeping his arm straight in front, his aim right at the man’s head.

    “You’re outnumbered. We have the house surrounded. We can do this the easy way or the hard way!” I yelled, unable to control the anger in my voice. “Put. The. Fucking. Gun. Down.” I put slight pressure on the trigger—not enough to cause it to fire, but I was fucking ready.

    The guy to the right was the scumbag I had given a beating to in the strip club—the man who’d stalked Angel, creeped her out, and followed her around. The second guy was from a rival MC. I couldn’t place which one, but I knew we’d crossed paths before.

    The female sat there and stared at us with wide eyes. I didn’t need to be told who she was. I knew it the moment I saw her. It was Angel’s fucking cunt of a mother. She’d sold out her own daughter for money. It wasn’t surprising, but the lengths she would go to were astonishing to me. How could someone as sweet as Angel have come from such trash?

    “You have this all wrong,” Angel’s mom said as she started to stand, trying to smooth out her tattered denim miniskirt and death metal tank top. Her face was pocked, most likely caused by meth. She was a fucking mess.

    “Sit the fuck down!” I barked at her, not moving my gun from the man I had it trained on.

    Sitting slowly, she kept talking. “There’s no need for weapons, boys. It’s not what you think.”

    “Shut the fuck up,” James said. “Put down your fucking guns or you go out in a body bag.”

    “Treena,” the biker guy said, “what the fuck?” He didn’t look at her, keeping his gun and his eyes locked on me.

    “A misunderstanding, sweetheart. Don’t worry. I’ll clear it up.” She cleared her throat, leaning over to grab a cigarette off the table.

    “Stop fucking moving, bitch,” James said, ready to blow his fucking gasket. The vein in the side of his neck looked like it was about the burst. I could see the fucking thing pulsing out of the corner of my eye.

    She dropped the cigarette and looked me straight in the eye. “Roxy asked me to help her get your money, Blue. She’s in on it.” She smiled, leaning back against the couch and rubbing her legs together suggestively.

    “You’re fucking lying.” My blood pressure doubled, the sound of my blood as it coursed through my body filling my ears.

    “I’m not, handsome. She told me all about you. She’s a gold-digging whore. Like mother, like daughter.” She licked her lips, yellow showing behind her lips.

    “I don’t believe you.” I shook my head. I knew Angel, and she wasn’t her mother’s daughter. This woman might have given Angel life, but wasn’t responsible for the woman she was today.

    “Believe what you want, Blue, but you’ll learn the truth in time.”

    The sound of the back door opening caused the biker dude to turn toward the noise.

    As Flash entered the room with his gun extended and ready to fire, I saw the panic flash in the bastard’s eyes—the man who’d already felt my fury once before. Without warning, shots began to ring out.

    I emptied my gun, trying to avoid hitting Flash and whoever else had entered the house against orders. James did the same, the echo inside the house ear-shattering.

    When the gunfire ended, two men lay on the ground, bleeding. They were surrounded by blood and riddled with bullets. I didn’t have to check their pulses; they were dead as fucking dead could be.

    “Fuck!” I yelled, realizing this wasn’t going to be easy to explain.

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