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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(68) by Chelle Bliss
  • Cupping my face in both of his hands, he pressed his mouth against mine. “Like this?” he whispered, hovering over my lips.

    “Yes,” I moaned, feeling the hairs on my arms standing up as he spoke.

    “And this?” He kissed down my jaw and licked my neck, biting gently near my collarbone.

    “Just like that,” I pleaded, pushing my body forward.

    I had very little on, having selected a black babydoll nighty when I’d dressed this morning. The soft silk against my skin, especially my nipples, as I walked around the house had about driven me over the edge.

    He slid his hands down my shoulders, the heat of his palms scorching my cool skin before they settled on my forearms. He backed away and looked at me. His eyes were hungry, the need and burning he felt for me evident in his stare.

    “I want you so damn badly. I could barely control myself any longer.”

    “I love when you lose control, Thomas. Show me how badly you want me.” Jutting my chest out, I offered him my body, wanting to feel him inside me for the first time in too long.

    A small growl escaped from deep in his throat as he pushed me down into the cushions, moving his body on top of mine. Capturing my mouth in a commanding kiss, he gripped my waist, digging his rock-hard cock against my aching core.

    His jeans did nothing to hide his want as I pushed against him, trying to create friction. Every time his hand moved, my body would break out into goose bumps, leaving a wake in his path. My nipples hardened, throbbing to be touched, as his hands moved farther up my sides.

    My tongue captured his, dancing together, as our hands touched each other everywhere.

    “Thomas,” I moaned.

    “Mmm.” He slid his thumb against my nipple, sending a jolt of electricity through my system.

    As he rubbed back and forth, I felt breathless and kissed him back, letting him caress my breast. His rough fingers plucked at my hardened nipple, pulling on it through the soft material. I arched my back, melting into his touch. I wanted more.

    When his lips left mine, my breathing was heavy and uneven. After kissing a path down my neck, he stopped over my pulse, running his tongue over the spot. Then he ground his dick against me while he teased my breast.

    Tipping my head back, I offered my neck and chest to him, spreading my legs farther to give him better access. As he sucked my breast into his mouth through the silk, his hand moved to my core and dampness pooled between my legs.

    He groaned as he slid his fingers across my pussy. I was soaked, the need I felt for him overwhelming after not having been touched sexually in so long. As his fingers swirled around my entrance, I closed my eyes, pushing my head into the cushion.

    One finger entered me, stroking me deeply as he rubbed my clit with his thumb, tenderly circling around it. I needed to hold something, ground myself in the moment, so I clutched the cushions in my hand.

    His hot breath mixing with the tug of his teeth sent shivers straight to my core. My pussy gripped his fingers, pulling him deeper and wanting more. When a second finger stretched me, a dull and luscious ache took over, and he pushed them deeper.

    “Oh God,” I moaned, my eyes rolling back in my head.

    “So fuckin’ good,” he growled against my breast, causing vibrations through my skin.

    “I want you, Thomas,” I said, moving my bottom to drive his fingers in deeper.

    He didn’t respond with words, instead moving his mouth to my other breast and curling his fingers inside me. Adjusting his body, he moved to the side, increasing the thrust as he kept his fingers turned up, working my insides. Feeling the pressure building, I shuddered in his arms.

    “You like this, don’t you?” he asked with my nipple between his teeth.

    “I want more,” I whined, riding his hand as his fingers hooked inside me and stilled. “Thomas,” I said, pushing against his palm.

    He chuckled, rubbing his hand against my clit as he kept his fingers buried inside. Whimpering, I tried to get him move his fingers, but his body vibrated from laughter. He bit down harder on my nipple, shocking my system as I clenched around him. His fingers moved, thrusting inside at fevered pace. Letting my leg fall off the couch, I opened to him fully, offering everything I had to give.

    Digging my toes into the carpet, I lifted my bottom, thrusting myself against his hand. As I felt him stroke my G-spot, I gulped for air. My nipple was trapped, as my body shook in his arms. The orgasm to end all orgasms was building inside me. Before I could brace myself, it broke loose, tearing through my system and stunning me.

    Frozen in place, I screamed. My body grew rigid against his. I sucked in air, trying to pull it into my lungs. Riding his hand, I bucked against his palm. His fingers slowed, stroking me deeper as I experienced the last shock waves in my system. Shivering in his arms, I saw stars as I sucked in a ragged breath.

    My eyes drifted open, taking a moment to focus before I locked eyes with Tommy. He looked proud.

    “That was so damn sexy,” he said softly, his fingers buried deep inside me.

    “Yeah,” I replied, still unable to form thoughts. My body was coming down from the unbelievable orgasm that had almost decimated me.

    “I’m not done with you yet.” He smiled, pushing his weight off me as he sat up.

    When he held his hand out, I slid my palm against his. Still struggling to catch my breath, as he helped me sit up. He pressed his mouth to mine as I breathed him in, using his air as a means of survival. He nibbled on my lips, drawing them into his mouth. I grabbed his shoulders, digging my nails into his flesh before running them down his back. Pulling me closer as I crawled into his lap, he smashed his chest against mine. Holding my ass roughly in his hands sent tingles up my spine. I loved when he possessed me, making me feel owned. He released my mouth and grabbed me by the hips, draping my body over the back of the couch.

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