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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(69) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Thomas!” I squeaked, wanting to face him when he entered me.

    “Shhh, Angel,” he whispered, putting his mouth next to my ear, his hot breath cascading across my skin.

    The couch dipped and bounced back before the sound of his zipper echoed through the living room. Looking over my shoulder, I watched as he removed his jeans and tossed them to the floor. His body was rock hard, his penis red and solid. He flexed his muscles, giving me a show. My face heated. My cheeks growing more flushed than they already were when he climbed back on the couch. Squeezing my eyes shut, I held my breath as he rubbed the head of his dick against my opening.

    “You’re so wet,” he hissed, stroking the tip through my folds as he captured my wetness.

    When he pushed down on my back with one hand, I melted into the couch, relaxing my body against the pillows. My breasts stuck out over the top, my ass was in the air. I felt exposed and ready.

    Then he pushed his cock inside, filling me to the point of pain. I let my head fall forward and took what he wanted to give. As my body fused with his, he gripped my shoulder and hip, holding me in place as he pounded into me. Crying out, the pleasure heightened from my orgasm. I bit my lip to control the scream I felt bubbling from within.

    I needed this. I wanted him. A week without him touching me as if he needed me to survive had left me feeling empty inside. With that feeling erased, I let myself get lost in the feel of him inside me. While he surrounded me with his touch, I pushed against him, tipping my head back and keeping my eyes open.

    With one hand still on my hip, he dug his fingers into my hair and fisted the strands. Pulling my head back farther, I felt captured. My ass bounced off him while he jammed his dick inside me. I didn’t get a moment’s reprieve. Held to his body by my mane, I felt the tug each time he thrust my body against him to drive himself deeper. His hand gripped my hip more roughly, and he dug his fingernails into my flesh. The slight bite of pain kept my attention. My scalp ached, my pussy throbbed, and my body responded to the battering he was giving me. This is what I had been looking forward to since my rescue. He was touching me the way he used to.

    I cried out, feeling another orgasm building inside me. Wanting to close my legs, I started to inch them together. Before I did, he stopped them. Releasing my hair, he brought his hand down hard on my ass.

    “Hold still,” he growled, running his palm against the spot he’d just smacked.

    Then his hand left my hip for a moment, pushing between my shoulder blades. Forcing my upper body farther over the couch and my ass higher in the air. His cock slipped out before the couch moved under my feet. Tapping at my heels made me inch my feet farther apart until I couldn’t open them anymore. Using my hands to keep my balance, I placed my feet flat on the floor.

    His fingers raked through my wetness before rubbing against my asshole. Sucking in a breath, I felt the rough texture of his thumb against my opening. When he slammed his rock-hard shaft into me, his thumb slipped inside, sending a shock through my system.

    “Oh!” I yelped, the quickness of his action catching me off guard.

    “Jesus, I missed being inside you,” he bit out, hooking his thumb fully inside me.

    “Fuck me, Thomas!” I cried out, the orgasm simmering under the surface.

    “You’re mine, Angel. Only mine,” he said, driving deeper inside me with increasing force, battering my pussy.

    With his thumb buried in my ass, I felt fuller than I had ever before. Maybe it was the week of his having been near but not touching me in a sexual way.

    “Only yours,” I whispered, my face tingling with the blood pooling in my head.

    While my body was tipped forward, I had the sensation of being choked without his fingers wrapped around my neck. It heightened my sensitivity as my vision began to blur.

    My body lurched forward with each pound against my ass. His body began to shake, his breath ragged against my back, as his thrusts became erratic. Calling out my name, he squeezed my hip as he gave me three last thrusts before I fell over the edge with him. My pussy milked his cock, taking everything he had to give. My arms felt weak, quivering as I tried to hold up my weight and not tumble off the back of the couch.

    As his body collapsed against mine, he wrapped his arms around my waist, stopping me from falling. Then he pressed his cheek against my spine, drawing in heavy breaths as his heartbeat reverberated through my back.

    Adjusting himself on the couch, he pulled me into his lap, resting his chin on my shoulder. My back rested against his front, our hearts beating in rhythm as if speaking to one another.

    “I love you, Angel,” he whispered, drawing in a shaky breath and splaying his hands across my stomach.

    “Love you too, Thomas.” I smiled, looking over my shoulder at him.

    “Give me a minute. I don’t think I can walk yet,” he said, his body twitching as an aftershock shot through him.

    I giggled, tipping my head back and resting it against his face. “My entire body feels like jelly. I’m perfect right where I am.” Then I snuggled against him, wiggling my ass in his lap.

    “Stop that or you’re going to make me hard again,” he said, sinking his teeth into my shoulder.

    Warm in his arms, spent from the two orgasms, I melted into him and drifted to sleep.

    Chapter 23

    Watching Angel through the sliding glass doors, I smiled, knowing that she felt at ease in my parents’ house. She had easily become a member of the family, been welcomed into the fold, and seemed relaxed around everyone. Izzy had taken her under her wing, whether I liked the idea of not, and talked with Angel every day. They shared secrets, told stories, and giggled like high school girls, gossiping about everyone and everything.

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