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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(70) by Chelle Bliss
  • Izzy had offered her a job at the tattoo shop as a receptionist, needing to give Mike a break from the paperwork. I thought it was a great idea, even though I wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on her. She assured me that she’d be fine, that she needed to be out amongst the people, and that Izzy would watch out for her.

    I knew Angel could take care of herself. I felt overprotective of her, and it wasn’t out of jealousy, but worry for her safety. I’d almost lost her once, and I wasn’t looking to go through that experience anytime soon.

    She was going to start working on Tuesday by learning the ropes, and then she’d slowly take over the day-to-day operations, including the books. I told Angel that, ultimately, I wanted her to work with James and me in our new business, but the choice would be hers.

    Izzy and the others at Inked were way more fun than James and I could ever be, but I wanted her near me as much as possible. I wanted to be able to take a break each day and steal a kiss or taste her at every opportunity. Hopefully, once we were ready to start the business and had an office, the luster of Inked would be gone.

    “Yo! You there?” James asked, drawing my attention away from Angel.

    “Sorry. I spaced out for a second.” I rubbed my face, pulling at the corner of my eyes.

    “As I was saying, we should be able to get everything off the ground in the next couple of weeks. We just need to find an office space in a central location.” James sipped his coffee, shaking his foot as he propped it on his knee. “Have any thoughts on where?”

    I shook my head, still thinking about Angel and the free time I’d have in the coming weeks. It had felt like forever since I’d had absolutely nothing to do. It was good that we were starting this venture now, giving me something to focus my attention on instead of the void that would have been there.

    “Closer to Tampa or a place near the beach. We could have the offices in Clearwater.”

    “That would be close to us both, but it needs to be easily accessible for our clients.” He placed his coffee cup on the table and rubbed his chin between his fingers. “I’ll tell the real estate broker to focus on Clearwater and see what she comes up with.”

    “We need to figure out a name so the accountant can get started on the incorporation paperwork as soon as possible,” I said, standing from the table and grabbing a cup from the cabinet.

    “Hey, guys. How’s it going in here?” Pop asked as he entered the kitchen.

    “Good, Pop. We’re trying to get shit ironed out for the business. We can’t figure out a good name.”

    “Let me think. A name is crucial in the success of any business.”

    “We know,” I replied, reaching for a second cup and filling them both.

    “I’m partial to Caldo Investigations,” James chimed in from the table.

    “I don’t want to use our names,” I said, glancing at my pop as he clutched the coffee in his hands and walked toward the table.

    “Are you using ‘PI’ or ‘investigations’?” Pop sat down across from James.

    “Either. We’re more concerned about the first half of the name.” I sat next to him. Sliding the cup against the table, I watched as the cream swirled, mixing into the dark coffee.

    “Hmm,” Pop said, tapping the ceramic mug with his wedding ring.

    “Torrid PI,” James blurted out, giving us both a huge smile.

    “Nah,” I said, shaking my head and sighing.

    “Confidentially Yours,” James said, his eyebrows moving toward his hairline as his smile grew wider.

    “That sounds like a male escort service.”

    “Yeah, not good,” Pop said, laughing. “But you’d probably get a lot of business.”

    “Undercover Liaisons,” James tried again, his smile not as big this time.

    “It’s a good play on words, but still seems like you’re male escorts.”

    “I like that it sounds kinky. You’re such a killjoy, Thomas,” James said with a laugh.

    “How about ICE PI?”

    “Ice?” James asked, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

    “Yeah. It stands for Investigate, Catch, and Enforce,” I replied, feeling proud of my name.

    “That’s shitty,” James barked, breaking out into laughter and slapping the table.

    “Yeah, ’cause Confidentially Yours was so fucking fantastic.” I glared at him, watching his laughter fade.

    “You two give me a headache,” Pop interrupted, shaking his head. “All the names are good. Just pick one.”

    “We should ask the girls,” James said, tipping his chin toward the sliding glass door and all the Gallo women.

    “Did you forget the night Angel and Izzy started coming up with names? Let’s just figure the shit out without their input.”

    “Let’s just use ICE, but I’m not sold on the investigate, catch, and enforce.” He stroked his chin, running his finger across his lip.

    “Give it some time and see if you two don’t come up with something better. It’s a solid name, though,” Pop said, standing from the table as he grabbed his mug.

    “What’s going on in here?” Joe asked as he walked in the room with his arm around Suzy.

    “We’re just talking business,” I said, giving Suzy a smile as she rubbed her stomach.

    “I’m so hungry. Oh my God.” She looked around the room, her eyes catching the pie on the counter. “Ooh, pie. I want a piece, baby.”

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