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  • Uncover Me(Men of Inked #6)(74) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Like a dog?” Mia asked, rubbing her forehead. “I’m shocked.”

    Izzy rolled her eyes, blowing out a hard breath. “It’s not like a dog, Mia. Jesus. Get out more, woman.”

    “Then ’splain it to me, sister.” Mia lifted her drink, tipping it toward Izzy and taking a sip while waiting for her response.

    We stared at Izzy, watching her turn ten shades of pink, before she cleared her throat. She straightened her shoulders, slammed back her drink, and then began to speak.

    “James is into the lifestyle.”

    “I fuckin’ knew it. I knew I loved that kinky bastard,” Suzy said, her body shaking as she giggled.

    “Does Joe know you’re into this shit, Suzy?” Izzy asked, still avoiding the topic.

    “He does.” She nodded, a giant smile spreading across her face. “He reaps all the benefits of my reading. We may not live in the ‘lifestyle’”—she used air quotes—“but we do like to role-play.”

    “Oh, Jesus. Way too much information,” Izzy said, blanching and making a gagging gesture.

    “You asked.” Suzy smiled, taking a sip from her daiquiri.

    “I’m waiting,” Mia said, tapping the table with her fingernails.

    “The necklace,” Izzy said, rubbing it again with her fingers, “just means that I’m his. We’re committed to each other. No one else can touch me.”

    “Usually, if there’s a collar, then there’s a leash somewhere in there too, no?” Mia asked, cocking an eyebrow at Izzy.

    “God, this isn’t what I wanted to talk about tonight,” Izzy groaned.

    “There’s nothing better to talk about. I don’t want to talk about shitty diapers. Spill the goods, Izzy. We want the dirt,” Mia demanded, leaning forward and waiting for the details.

    I laughed, throwing my head back as they spoke. This was the sisterhood I’d always wanted as a child. I would’ve been happy with just one, but now, I had three. They were kickass, obnoxious, funny as hell, and loyal to the core. The girls helped make me feel like I was meant to be a part of the family.

    There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t thank my lucky stars that I’d caught the eye of Thomas, that I hadn’t gone insane during my time with him while he was working in the MC. I’d almost ended things with him, my feelings too much to bear at times as he’d kept me at a distance.

    My life wouldn’t be the same if I’d let my head lead instead of following my heart. Thomas was the most amazing thing to have happened to me in my life. For once, I felt like I had a home. I had a purpose. I had a reason to live. Life no longer was just about surviving—it was about enjoying the little things. The kisses, the laughs, the family dinners, and the love of a good man were all I needed to make it through each day.

    I was thankful for the future and grateful for my past, knowing that, without it, I wouldn’t have been sitting there in that moment, enjoying an evening with my girls and then going back home to my man.

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