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  • Without Me(Men of Inked #7)(4) by Chelle Bliss
  • “In your dreams.”

    “I think you’re the one who’s gay, Kitty Cat. Maybe you prefer the purr over a good prick any day.”

    “You couldn’t be more wrong. I love a beautiful cock more than most women, but I don’t like the ones that are attached to an asshole.”

    “You wound me,” I said, laying my hand across my chest. “You don’t even know me.”

    “I’ve known many guys like you. You think you’re entitled to everything. You get what you want. Girls fall at your feet. You’ve spent your life drowning in pussy and throwing women away like trash.”

    I took a heavy gulp of my Grand Marnier and thought about her response. In all honesty, she wasn’t wrong. Would I admit that to her? Fuck no!

    “I’ve never thrown a woman away like a piece of trash.”

    “Uh huh,” she snorted as she crossed her legs.

    Out of nowhere, I heard a voice call my name. Fuck. Now wasn’t the time for Candy to have found me. Candy wasn’t the best example of how I treated women. She had never been my girlfriend, but I had fucked her a couple of times over the last year. I’d say that it was a lack of judgment or maybe too much alcohol, but the girl sucked a mean dick.

    “Anthony,” she sang as she sauntered up to us.

    I closed my eyes, praying that I had imagined her. When I felt her fingers tangle in my hair, I froze.

    “Anthony, I’ve been looking for you. Where ya been?” Her finger traced my ear.

    As I opened my eyes, I saw the cocky “I was so fucking right about you” look on Kitty’s face.

    I pulled Candy’s hand away from my face and pushed her backward. “Candy, I’m busy right now.”

    “But baby,” she whined, as she zeroed in on Kitty, “I thought we were going to spend the night together.”

    I shook my head and let go of my grip on her. “No, Candy. We’re not. I told you that last time. You need to move on.”

    “But,” she repeated as her mouth gaped open.

    “Move along, Candy. I’m sure one of the other guys would love to spend some time with you,” I said, trying to get her to leave me the fuck alone and find a new victim.

    “I don’t want them, though. They’re not as much fun as you.” She pouted, clutching her hands in front of her as she stared at the ground.

    “Candy, I said no. I’m busy here with Kitty. Can you please excuse us?” Hey, I had tried to be nice, but I thought I’d just gotten a check mark for being a total dick.

    When I glanced at Kitty, she was grinning and giving me the “I told ya so” look. For fuck’s sake, Candy had ruined any headway I’d made.

    “You’re a total asshole, Anthony Gallo. Your voice sounded like shit tonight. I’m going to find someone with a dick bigger than a hot dog. You suck,” she hissed before she stormed off.

    At that point, Kitty broke into hysterics. She covered her face with her hands and laughed and laughed.

    “Hardy, har, har, Kitty,” I said, joining in on the laughter.

    It was my curse in life that shit happened at the most inopportune time. Candy was the perfect case in point.

    “She proved my point perfectly. You are an asshole.” She chuckled harder, enjoying herself and my misery.

    “You’re wrong about me. I’ve been a jerk, but if I were a true asshole, I would’ve gone with Candy and left you here at the bar.”

    Her laughter faltered at my response. In the old days, or maybe yesterday, I would’ve walked off with Candy. I would’ve taken her backstage, let her suck me off, and walked away a happy man.

    “Well, you should’ve gone with her. She seems like a sure thing. I’m just trying to get through the next ten minutes and then I’m out. Forever.” She smiled, wiping the tears that had formed in her eyes.

    “You’ll change your mind, Kitty Cat.” I smiled, moving the stool closer to her and sitting. “So, tell me why you’re so cold?”

    “I’m not cold,” she said as she squared her shoulders in a defensive posture.

    “Yes, you are. Why do you hate me so much?”

    “I told you already. I’ve known too many men like you.”

    “Maybe I’m different. Maybe I want to know you. You may be the one who changes my view on women.”

    “That’s never going to happen. I’m not the one.” She shook her head and let her body relax.

    “Kitty, throw me a bone here, woman. I’ve never had to try so hard before. Really, why do you hate me?”

    “I don’t hate you. I just don’t have time for you, Tony.”

    “What’s that supposed to mean? You’re too busy with your career to fit me in?”

    “I don’t have time in my life in general to fit you in. I don’t need the complication in my life. I have enough shit to deal with to listen to your bullshit for more than ten minutes. Life is too short to waste on relationships and men.”

    “Whoa. Wait a minute. I never said anything about a relationship. Maybe we can be friends?”

    “Not going to happen.”

    “Why not?” I asked. I mean, what the fuck? Why couldn’t we be friends? In my version of friendship, I’d have her out of her panties, which I was sure were lace, in less than thirty minutes.

    “I have enough friends. I don’t need more.”

    “Everybody could use more friends.”

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