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  • Without Me(Men of Inked #7)(12) by Chelle Bliss
  • “That looked a little intense.” I reached out, grabbing her hand in a tight grip as she tried to lurch away. “I’m just walking you to the dance floor. Don’t make a big deal out of everything, Max.”

    “I don’t like it,” she replied, trying to jerk her hand from mine.

    “What’s with you and the bullshit?”

    Her mouth dropped open as the words left my lips. “I don’t—”

    “We’re done talking,” I said as I gripped her waist and pulled her toward me. She felt so fucking amazing.

    Her mouth formed an O as my hands slid down her back and gripped her ass. Her body tensed in my arms as she stared up at me.


    “No,” I said with firmness. I wasn’t going to let her ruin this moment.

    She needed to stop thinking and just feel. The electricity from earlier had returned. It hadn’t been lost entirely, still crackling between us throughout the night. Touching her brought it to the front, reminding me of the reason I had been drawn to her in the first place. Pussy always had my attention, at least for a short time. Max had that unknown quality, the mystery drawing me in and consuming my thoughts.

    I thought that, if I had her at least once, the feeling would wane. I just needed a taste to discharge the electric current that passed between us and then I’d be cured. She was a phase, just like the other women in my life.

    As my body rubbed against her, the skin of our arms touching, the spark ignited. Our bodies moved together, finding the rhythm of the music, and slowly, her body wilted in my arms. She snaked her arms behind my neck as I drew her closer to my body. Without an inch between us, I brought my lips to hers.

    “Tell me you don’t want me, Max,” I said, knowing she couldn’t deny whatever this was between us.

    Her lips parted as she stared into my eyes.

    “Tell me you don’t feel that.” I brushed my lips across hers before pulling away.

    “What?” she asked with an airy voice.

    “Your body betrays you,” I said on her mouth. “I can feel your heart pounding in your chest.”

    “You don’t,” she said as she dug her fingers into the back of my hair.

    I drew her bottom lip into my mouth. She tasted better than I remembered. There wasn’t an inch of her body I didn’t want to sample. As I backed away, I released her lip.

    “I do,” I growled.

    She stopped arguing and let her body move with mine. I nuzzled my face into her neck; I breathed her in, memorizing the scent.

    Nothing else mattered in this moment.

    The world melted away as I held her in my arms.

    We swayed and stared into each other’s eyes. Her face softened, giving me a glimmer of hope. I finally felt like I had a chance with her. All I wanted was for her to give me a shot, and in that moment, I knew it could happen.

    “Max,” I whispered as I pressed my lips to her ear.

    My hands wandered from her ass to her back. With one hand on the small of her back and the other cradling her spine, I dipped her. With her neck fully exposed, I dragged my lips down her skin. The softness of her flesh and the hint of perfume drove me mad as I pressed my mouth to her skin to feel her pulse. It thundered beneath my lips, keeping time with the music. Her heart beat in perfect cadence with the rhythm, matching the flutter of mine.

    I’d like to say that my dick ached to be inside her, but it was more than that. As I started to fall down the slippery slope of evaluating what in the fuck was happening to my mind, she grabbed my shoulders and pulled herself up. When her lips connected with mine, the thoughts that had started to creep in vanished.

    As I held her to me, I returned her kiss with greater ferocity than I had before. Maybe I’d had too many drinks, and quite possibly, so had she, but the sizzle we’d had weeks ago now felt like a volcano ready to erupt.

    “Max,” I moaned into her mouth, overcome by the need I felt for her. It wasn’t like I’d never felt need before, but not to the extent I did with her.

    Our first kiss had consumed me. Never had I chased anyone before. Ybor City wasn’t my usual stomping ground except for when I played gigs, yet I’d found myself there numerous times over the last few weeks.

    I hadn’t dared tell anyone. I spent years making fun of my siblings for being pussy-whipped. The one thing they had achieved that I hadn’t was sampling the goods before having their thoughts dominated by another human being.

    I’d only had a taste. One simple kiss had sent me into a tizzy.

    As I devoured her mouth, tangling my tongue with hers, I had two options. I could excuse myself and fuck the first piece of ass I could find tonight. There was a possibility that it could cure me. It would be the coward’s way of dealing with the feelings that lurked in my subconscious. Or I could do what I had come here for—conquer Max and put her out of my system forever.

    When the music stopped, our bodies slowly came to a stop. As we stilled, the kiss grew deeper. My mind had been made. I’d dive right in and fuck her brains out. Based on what her friends had said, she needed me as badly as I needed her.

    “Let me take you home,” I murmured as I lingered over her lips.

    Her harsh breathing skidded across my face as she contemplated my words. She blinked twice before she replied. “Okay,” she whispered as her body swayed in my arms.

    I wouldn’t give her the chance to change her mind. I released her from my hold, touching her on the small of her back, and headed toward Nita and Malia. As we approached, I could see the giant grins on their faces. They beamed with excitement as I winked at them.

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