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  • Without Me(Men of Inked #7)(14) by Chelle Bliss
  • As I slipped her pants lower, I ran my nose down the front of her panties and inhaled. There was something about the smell of a woman. The hint of musk and sweetness had always brought me to my knees—just like I was in that moment. It gave me a high, making me lightheaded and dizzy. The only thing that could bring my mind back to any sense of normality would have been to taste and fuck the very thing that caused the weakness—Max.

    Leaving her pants at her ankles, I shimmied her panties down her legs. Then I roughly gripped her thighs, spreading her open as she slid down the door. My tongue darted out, finally tasting her pussy.

    Her arousal filled my taste buds and caused my mouth to water. It drifted across my tongue and drove me forward. One taste wasn’t enough. When I went home tonight, I wanted to still taste her and have her scent on my face. There wasn’t a part of my body, or hers for that matter, I didn’t want to have lingering for hours as a reminder.

    I used my tongue to part her as I ran it deeper into her pussy. She moaned and pulled on my hair to the point that it stung, sending a spark down my spine. My cock ached as it grew inside my jeans, which were now too tight to handle the package they contained.

    This wasn’t the time to think of myself and be a greedy bastard, though. I had to get her to the point of no return. The vehemence with which she’d denied her attraction toward me and the coldness she had displayed could slither into her mind and bring the evening to an end. I couldn’t let that happen. I wouldn’t.

    Even though I could feast on her for hours, I needed to bring her to the brink. As I captured her wetness, I circled her clit. When I sucked it into my mouth, her thighs trembled in my grip. While using my hands to steady her, I assaulted her clit, sucking and flicking with my tongue until she began chanting, “Yes!”

    A vocal woman is a pleasure to fuck. There’s never a time when you have to second-guess if what you’re doing is working for them. Each woman has a different way they like to be handled. Some want soft while others need rough. Experimenting was fun, but finding the perfect rhythm was key. With the way Max moaned, chanted, and screamed, I knew I was on target.

    Wanting to add something more to the face-fucking I was giving her, I released one hip, moving my hand between her legs. I ran my fingers through her drenched pussy, massaging her outsides. As her body shook, I tightened my grip on her right thigh and held her upright. Nothing would stop me now. I pushed one finger inside as I continued to play with her clit using my mouth. The heat of her pussy surrounded me as I thrust it in and out.

    “More,” she grunted, pushing herself down onto my hand.

    I lightened the pressure of my mouth on her clit. I’d give her what she wanted, but not without a little begging.

    “More,” she repeated. Her fingers pulled at my hair as I teased her.

    Not wanting to be a total asshole, I complied. Sliding a second digit inside, I slowly felt every inch of her insides. Her pussy molded to my fingers, taking their girth with ease.

    “Yes,” she began chanting again as I picked up the pace, stroking them inside of her repeatedly.

    I sucked harder, pummeled her with my rigid fingers, and held on to her body as I ate her pussy. God, it was spectacular. The only thing I regretted was not being able to see her face from this position. I wanted to watch her come apart from the orgasm I knew would rip through her body and break down her defense.

    Just as her pussy started to quiver and draw my fingers deeper inside, I stopped and pulled my fingers out. I had to see her face when she came. I wanted her to see me as badly as I wanted to see her. She needed to remember who was giving her the orgasm, the way I felt inside her as she came apart in my arms.

    “Don’t stop. What the fuck are you doing?” she said as she pushed my face into her mound.

    “I want to see you when you come,” I murmured on her clit, feeling the shock waves of need and lust that were so close to breaking free reverberate on my lips.

    “You can look at me afterward. You can’t leave me like this,” she whispered, glaring down at me as I peered up at her.

    “I won’t leave you like this. I plan to”—I licked her forcefully and felt her body jolt—“fuck you until you can’t breathe anymore and you beg me to stop.”

    She pulled me up by my hair and I rose to my feet. Her lack of shyness had my dick throbbing for release.

    “Let’s get to it, then,” she said as her hands dropped to my shirt.

    “You’re so romantic.” I laughed, letting her remove my shirt.

    “Fuck,” she hissed as I stood before her bare chested. “Do you have any body fat?”

    I shook my head, happy that my body had finally caused her to have a reaction. At the bar, she’d acted so unimpressed and indifferent. Alone, as I stood shirtless before her, she had an entirely different opinion.

    After she tossed my shirt, she settled her hands on my pecs. The warmth of her palms scorched my flesh, causing my heart to beat uncontrollably. What had she done to me? I’d never been like this. So fucking needy that I wasn’t acting like myself. Usually, I didn’t care if I saw them come, but for some reason, I wanted to see her explode from my touch. This wasn’t about getting my rocks off. No, this was something entirely different, and I wasn’t sure I liked it one damn bit.

    She drifted forward, running her tongue across my SOUL tattoo. I closed my eyes and reveled in the feel of her as she explored my body. It was my turn to sway as the dizziness of the need I felt increased.

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