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  • Without Me(Men of Inked #7)(15) by Chelle Bliss
  • As her hands trailed down my stomach, catching on the ridges of my abdominal muscles, my cock jerked. It silently begged to be touched, feeling ignored and angry as fuck.

    When her fingers fumbled with the zipper on my jeans, I said, “I have to warn you.”

    She glanced up with her eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “About what?”

    “Well I…” I blew out a breath and suddenly felt unsure of myself. “I…”

    “You don’t have an STD, do you?” she mumbled on my skin.

    I shook my head, wondering how the fuck to say it. I’d never given a woman a warning before, so why in that instant did I feel it was necessary?

    “I’m really well hung,” I said, feeling a sense of pride. I’d seen plenty of dicks in the locker room, and I’d seen my brothers’. Not one of them held a candle to the package I was carrying. They were mere child’s play, while I was all man.

    “Well, aren’t you cocky,” she whispered as she started to giggle.

    “Quite literally, I am.” I laughed and shrugged one shoulder. “You’ll see.” I looked down at her and winked. “I have a little something for your pleasure.”

    “Oh, like Trojan,” she teased, and rolled her eyes.

    “If you think you’re woman enough to handle it, go ahead,” I said as I rested my hands on my hips.

    I wouldn’t give her a heads-up about the hardware I was sporting. I’d let her explore it for herself. It was shocking the amount of women who didn’t have any experience with cock piercings, but it always gave them a thrill.

    As my pants slid down my thighs, she gasped and her hand flew to her mouth. “What the hell is all that?” she asked from behind her palm.

    “I warned you.”

    “What did you do to your beautiful cock?” Her glance shifted between my dick and my eyes as she gawked.

    “You don’t like it?” I asked as her fingernails raked across my shaft.

    “I do, but you have metal hanging off your junk.” She flicked the ampallang with her finger, sending a shot of pleasure down my shaft.

    My dick jumped, responding to her touch, as she slid it through her palm.

    “Jesus,” I moaned, needing the release before my balls exploded.

    When she lifted my dick, her hand froze. “Another one?” she asked.

    I smiled. “Trust me, Kitty Cat. You’re going to fuckin’ die when you feel it inside you.”

    She dropped to her knees, bringing my dick near her face as she inspected the hardware. I stood there with my pants down, fully exposed and loved every fucking minute of it.

    “It’s just so…much,” she whispered, inching closer.

    Her hot breath hit the tip of my cock, and I closed my eyes. I couldn’t keep them open. With her face so close to my dick, all I wanted to do was grab her by the hair and jam it down her throat. I needed to push down that urge to face-fuck her. Squeezing my hips, I focused on the bite of her nails sliding across my skin and tried to ignore the warmth of her hands and breath as she explored my body.

    She slid my shaft in her palm. “You are impressive, Anthony. You didn’t bullshit about your size.” She licked her lips as her eyes shot to my groin.

    “I don’t overestimate my size when I’m about to fuck a chick. It’s something you can’t hide, no matter how well you move,” I said through gritted teeth. My patience and ability to keep my focus off the feel of her was slipping. “If you don’t start sucking, I’m not going to be able to control myself, Max. Put it in. Let me feel that hot, wet mouth slide on my dick, baby.” My fingers snaked into her hair, coaxing her face closer to my shaft.

    She giggled, maybe loving the torture she had to know she was inflicting on me. I pressed the tip to her mouth, shaking my hips as I rubbed it into her soft lips.

    “Open up,” I commanded, pushing it into her mouth before she could protest.

    I blew out a breath, feeling a shock wave of pleasure pass through my system as my dick glided across her tongue. The softness mingled with the wet warmth made me weak at the knees. Even if she couldn’t suck a dick worth a damn, I could stay just like this and be satisfied.

    As she pulled the tip deeper into her mouth, the piercing touched the arch in the back of her mouth, catching on it. She adjusted and drew it in farther until it touched the back of her throat. My balls grew heavy as the clouds parted, and I swear to Christ I heard angels sing. She could deep-throat. Not even a gag as she took me as deep as she could. I always believed that, if you found a deep-throater, it wasn’t a number you wanted to lose.

    “Fuck me, Kitty,” I groaned as she withdrew my dick until just the tip remained.

    She licked the tip, paying special attention to the piercing.

    “Just like that,” I said as my hips twitched. If I weren’t careful, I wouldn’t last five minutes.

    She moaned with the tip of my cock on her lips, drawing it back into her mouth until it nudged her throat. The long strokes made it easier to hold out, but I felt my control slipping. The orgasm I needed was simmering below the surface and clawing at my insides to escape.

    The next time, she dragged her teeth across my shaft until the metal of my piercing clinked on her teeth. Her hand slid up my thigh and cradled my balls. Then I tipped my head back as it was my time to cry out in ecstasy.

    “Your mouth feels fuckin’ amazing. Oh, God. Don’t stop.” I gripped her hair harder, pushing my dick a little farther down the back of her throat. I felt her esophagus constrict, adding an extra level of sensation.

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