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  • Without Me(Men of Inked #7)(45) by Chelle Bliss
  • “Why do you have to make so much sense?” she asked with a small smile on her face.

    “’Cause I’m a man. We’re more logical and less emotional.”

    She shook her head and her mouth grew slack. “You did not just say that,” she whispered.

    “I did, and I stand behind that statement.” I brought her hand to my mouth and brushed the delicate flesh with my lips.

    “Anthony, I still stand behind the statement I made the first night. You are an asshole.” She laughed, leaning forward and planting a kiss on my lips.

    “As long as I’m your asshole,” I murmured into her mouth.

    “Mm, you are.” Her hands slid up my arms as the kiss deepened.

    “Not throwing me out again?” I asked with our mouths still attached.

    “Nope. You owe me big for agreeing to have the test done. I expect payment tonight,” she replied, raking her fingernails across my scalp.

    I felt a tingle down my back as her fingernails tickled my neck. Tonight, I’d give her a performance worthy of a standing ovation. Something that would make her dream of more, want it so badly that she’d get the test done to keep me.

    I’d be lying if I said that what we had was all based on sex. It wasn’t. The sex was amazing—some of the best I’d ever had. The thing that brought me to her and kept me coming back for more was her attitude—which was sometimes shitty, but then so was mine—and the tiny sparks of electricity when we touched.

    No one in my life had caused my body to come alive from a single caress. The moment I’d kissed her in the bar with my cocky-ass “I know you want me” attitude, I had known I was doomed. When my lips had tingled, feeling her long after I’d left, I had known I’d be lost to her forever.

    I moved away and gripped the back of my shirt, pulling it off my body. She did the same and removed her tank top. As the cool air of the room glided over her nipples, they stiffened. Her body was amazing, soft, and begging to be touched.

    “Lie back,” I said as I stood up, unbuttoned my jeans, and wiggled them down my legs.

    “Just jumping right in, are ya?”

    “Nope. The jeans were killin’ my cock, babe. Shit this big can’t be contained when it’s hard for you.” I smiled. Then I tipped over, grabbed her shorts, and pulled them down her legs. “I plan to eat your pussy until I get lockjaw or you beg me to stop. I just wanted to get comfortable for the feast.”

    “I want to get lost in you tonight. Make me forget everything in the world except your touch.” She relaxed into the couch and closed her eyes as I nestled between her legs.

    I placed my hands on her thighs, caressing her skin with my palms as I glided them back and forth. Soft wisps of hairs rose underneath my touch as her skin became dotted with goose bumps. Her lips trembled as she pulled the bottom into her mouth and bit down on the tender flesh.

    “Anthony,” she whispered.

    When my hands drifted down her legs, I clutched them behind her knees. Unable to wait any longer to taste her, I pulled her legs apart and brought her body closer to my face. Leaning forward, I planted my lips on the soft skin above her knee. Skimming across her flesh, I peppered the surface of her body with kisses. I had become consumed by her scent and riveted by the feel of her.

    As I followed an invisible path up her legs to her inner thigh, her body shuddered in my hands. She sucked in a breath, causing her breasts to jut out as her back arched. I could smell her arousal—the sweet smell of want I’d missed when we had been apart. It intoxicated me more than any liquor I’d ever absorbed.

    Hovering over her pussy, I brushed the soft black tendrils of hair that dotted her flesh with my nose. Nothing else dominated my thoughts more than devouring her and lavishing in the taste of her. Then I captured her wetness on my tongue as I licked her pussy.

    I pulled her forward, using my hands behind her knees to gain better access. I wanted to bury my face in her pussy and make the world disappear. She yelped as I got carried away by the moment and drank of her taste.

    It wasn’t that I only wanted to bring her orgasm after orgasm, she needed to remember me long after I’d been with her, staking my claim. Even if she hadn’t said that I owned her, I knew I did, and so did she. The funny thing was she owned me too, but even scarier was that she held my future in her hands.

    As I lapped at her flesh, she held on to the cushion, trying to brace herself for the orgasm that was simmering underneath the surface. Using my favorite move, I increased the suction and brought her deeper into my mouth. Feeling her clit swell on my tongue drove me forward. Her breathing grew shallow and ragged as I used the tip of my tongue to play her body like a musical instrument.

    “Yes!” she yelled as I tapped her clit with more vigor.

    I hummed my approval, changing the sensation of my lips on her flesh.

    “Fuck,” she moaned, sliding her hands into my hair and holding my face to her pussy.

    She didn’t have to do that. I wasn’t going anywhere. I’d have lived between her legs if I could. There was no place in the world I’d rather spend my time. No longer was my favorite thing in the world being on stage. It was now worshipping the softness and sweetness of Max’s beautiful cunt.

    Just as her legs started to quiver, I removed my lips from her body. She gasped, pushing her body into my face.

    “Promise me, Max.” I gripped her legs roughly. Even though she had said that she would take the test, I didn’t trust her to follow through. Promises weren’t something either of us had a lot of experience with keeping.

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