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  • Without Me(Men of Inked #7)(62) by Chelle Bliss
  • “You’re an asshole,” she snarled as she glared at me over her shoulder.

    I kept my voice low as I said into her ear, “I know. Now, say it, baby.”

    “Okay. Okay. I’ll marry you,” she said.

    Not my shining moment, but I’d fucking take it.

    Just as I started to move again, I tweaked her clit, feeling her body tremble, and my phone began to ring.

    I ignored it, letting it ring until it went to voicemail. Nothing was going to stop me from fucking the shit out of her until we both collapsed into a sweaty pile. Seconds later, the phone began to ring again.

    “Oh, God,” she moaned as she fisted the sheets in her hands. Her ass began to sway as I continued to charge forward and chase the orgasm.

    “Ignore it,” I bit out, too deep to stop.

    As my movement became sporadic, the phone began to ring again. I didn’t stop. Hell, I couldn’t stop. Pinching her clit between my fingers, I brought her over the edge with me as we both screamed through the pleasure.

    By the time my body stopped shuddering from the aftershocks, the phone had rung at least ten more times. She lay beneath me, breathing heavily.

    “You better get that,” she said as she collapsed.

    I grabbed my phone off the nightstand and looked at the caller ID. “Damn it,” I blurted out when I saw that it was my mother. Total cock-block move. She’d never called me over and over again. It wasn’t her style.

    I hit the call back button and waited. She picked up on the second ring.

    “Anthony!” she shrieked.

    “What the hell, Ma?” I asked as I moved the phone away from my ear.

    “It’s Suzy. She’s in labor. Get to the hospital now.”

    I shook my head. “Ma, I understand you’re excited, but it’s going to be hours until she has the baby. I’ll be there when I can.”

    “Come now, and bring Max,” she said. Then she hung up.

    I looked at the phone, wondering where my mother had gone and who the hell was occupying her body now. She’d become a ball of stress as Suzy’s date had come closer.

    “You don’t even need to tell me.” Max chuckled, trying to push her body up, but her arms were still too unsteady. “I guess we better go.” She spread her arms out.

    My legs were burning and my entire body felt like jelly. I didn’t even know if I could move without falling down.

    “We have time.”

    “Oh, no. We are not making your mother wait.”

    “Jesus, Max. Come on. Lie here with me for a minute.”

    “No,” she said as she pushed me away.

    I fell on to my back, sprawling out as she climbed to her feet. “You just had to lie there and enjoy the fucking. I was the one doing all the work.” I smiled, knowing I’d get a shitstorm for that comment. Women had it easy. “Next time, you can hop on top and do the work.”

    “Puh-lease. It isn’t that difficult, Anthony. Get your ass up,” she demanded as she pulled at my foot.

    “Maybe I need to fuck you again. You’re way too mouthy.”

    She giggled, slapping the bottom of my foot. “Later. If you’re good, I’ll give you more pussy later.”

    “Shit, I’ll just take it. You said it’s mine, Max. I take possession very seriously.” I placed my palms on the mattress and lifted myself up. “Give me five minutes.”

    “You have five minutes while I go get ready. Then we’re leaving,” she called out over her shoulder as she disappeared into the bathroom.

    I stared at the ceiling and knew that the moment I brought up marriage again she’d deny ever saying it. Or she’d say that I’d blackmailed her to get the answer I wanted. We needed to announce it to the family. If Max cared that much about disappointing my mother, I’d find a way to make the wedding happen.

    * * *

    We strolled into the hospital forty-five minutes after my mother had demanded our presence. The maternity waiting room was filled with Gallos. We were the only ones missing.

    “Anthony!” Ma called out as soon as she saw us. She hustled toward us with a giant smile on her face. “It’s happening. I’m going to be a grandmother. Oh my God, I’m going to be Nona!”

    “Ma,” I whispered as I hugged her. “Breathe, woman.” I chuckled. I didn’t know the last time she had been so worked up.

    “I am. I am.” She rubbed my back, quiet giggles shaking her body. “She’s been in labor for hours. She’s already pushing. The baby will be here any time now.”

    “Hey, Pop,” I said as I watched him over my mother’s head.

    He was pacing an invisible path across the waiting room. “Son.” He nodded and continued on his endeavor to wear out the linoleum.

    “Don’t mind him. Births always make him nervous. This is such an exciting day. It couldn’t get any better.”

    I smiled at her and felt that the moment was right. “It can, Ma. Everyone, Max and I have an announcement.”

    I didn’t fucking dare to look at her. I could feel her stare boring a hole through my head.

    She tugged on my arm and whispered, “What the fuck are you doing?”

    I ignored her. “Today, Max agreed to be my wife,” I announced.

    Izzy clapped, Ma screamed, and my brothers and Pop smiled.

    “Asshole,” Max mumbled, loud enough for me to hear.

    “Another daughter.” Ma approached Max and pulled her into her arms.

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