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  • Blade Bound(Chicagoland Vampires #13)(100) by Chloe Neill
  • “You want to tell me why we’re doing this?” he asked, when he’d pressed buttons on the alarm and we’d moved into the elevator.

    “I want to look at the Danzig Manuscript foldouts.”

    His dark eyebrows lifted. “The Danzig Manuscript? Why? That’s just mumbo jumbo.”

    “It’s not mumbo jumbo. It’s real, and it’s encrypted. Magic rearranges the letters.”

    He blinked. “You’re serious?”

    I nodded. “I absolutely am. Long story short, we think Sorcha’s using the Danzig Manuscript as a kind of magical guidebook. And if you can help me get it, I can introduce you to the woman who figured it out.” I grinned at him. “And you two can write up her groundbreaking discovery.”

    The light in his eyes was very familiar—the excitement of academic discovery.

    “Merit, you have a deal,” he said, and swept out a regal hand when the elevator door opened again.

    Unfortunately, the deal had limits. He didn’t allow me into the space where the documents were kept. So I waited impatiently, pacing the center’s hallway while he found the pages.

    Finally, he came back with a large box of cream paperboard, which he carried to a table. He pulled cotton gloves from his pocket, slid them on, and lifted the box’s lid.

    Inside, nestled in undoubtedly archival tissue paper, were several folded sheaths of cream paper. “The Danzig Manuscript foldouts,” he said. “As you requested.”

    I smiled. He’d said those words—or words like them—many times during my tenure here, and probably many times since.

    “I don’t suppose you’ll let me copy these.”

    “Hell no,” he said. “Don’t want to expose them to that kind of light.” But he smiled and pointed to a small room. “But we can digitize and print them. They’re in line anyway, so I’m really doing the university a favor.”

    That was good enough for me.

    • • •

    Ethan was pacing the office when I walked in, the rest of the crew settled around the conference table, looking through manuscript pages. He turned toward the doorway at the sight of me, and relief flooded him.

    He strode toward me. You should have told me where you were going.

    I nodded. I know. But I was afraid I’d lose my nerve.

    He smiled, pushed hair behind my ear. And did you?

    I held up the folder, smiled cockily. I did not.

    “You got them?” Mallory asked, coming toward me.

    “All forty, just in case.” I handed her the folder. “I haven’t even looked at them yet—just rushed there and back. And when this is all said and done, you have a rendezvous with a research librarian.”

    She smiled. “Did you set me up on an academic date?”

    “I did. You’ll like Pax.”

    “Just don’t like him too much,” Catcher said from the conference table.

    She clutched the folder to her chest. “Never fear, Mr. Bell,” she said, squeezing my arm before heading back to the table. “Good job, vampire.”

    “Thank you, witch.” I looked back at Ethan. “I should probably go get dressed.” I was still in jeans, and I’d need something a lot more substantial for tonight’s events.

    Ethan checked his watch. “You’ve got twenty minutes.”

    Immortals with so little time. Wasn’t that ironic?

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