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  • Blade Bound(Chicagoland Vampires #13)(126) by Chloe Neill
  • “It explains how to enhance a sword to increase its potency against the Egregore,” Jeff said, beaming with pleasure. “Long story short, each hit will do more damage than it ordinarily would.”

    “As we fight with swords,” Ethan said, “a very handy solution.”

    “Handy,” Catcher agreed, “but not infallible. Presuming the magic works the way Portnoy has laid it out, you’d still be facing a magic monster with increased, as Jeff said, resiliency. It won’t be easy to bring down even with a magic sword.”

    “I’ll wield the blade,” Ethan said.

    I gave him my most Masterly look. “You most certainly will not. I’m Sentinel of this House. I’ll wield it.”

    There was nothing especially pleasant in Ethan’s eyes. “I don’t doubt your prowess. I do have concerns about sending my wife into a battle with the only sword.”

    “So I’ll enchant more than one.”

    We looked back at Catcher, whose lips were curved with amusement.

    “You could do that?” Ethan asked.

    He shrugged. “I don’t see why not. We’ve got Portnoy’s instructions and plenty of steel.”

    I looked back at Ethan, brows lifted.

    For a moment, he breathed silently, looking not unlike a dragon himself with his fierce and angry eyes. But acceptance eventually filtered through.

    “You’ll be careful. And I’ll go with you.”

    It was my turn to frown, to deal, to accept, but we’d sworn we would be partners to each other. Of course, that didn’t mean we couldn’t use another partner.

    “How about four swords?” I asked Catcher.

    “Four?” Ethan asked.

    “One for me, one for you”—I looked at Jonah—“and two for him, because he’s very good with dual blades.”

    Jonah smiled. “I’m game, subject to Scott’s approval.”

    Scott nodded. “Permission granted.”

    “Then it sounds like we’ve decided on a sword battle with a dragon,” my grandfather said. “We need to minimize the damage to the city while it’s under way, preferably to zero. No injuries, minimal collateral damage.”

    Luc nodded. “We need a space big enough to contain a dragon, but contained.”

    “I don’t think there’s a dragon arena in Illinois,” Jeff said with a grin.

    “Actually, I’ve got an idea,” Jonah said, then looked at Scott, smiled. “A place that’s already big enough to contain Bears.”

    My grandfather snorted. “You’re either thinking the Lincoln Park Zoo or Soldier Field.”

    “Soldier Field,” Jonah confirmed. “Plenty of space on the inside—more than a hundred yards of it from end to end. But it’s contained, at least in two dimensions.”

    “And the parking lot and lake are buffers,” my grandfather said. “So that would help contain damage.”

    “I doubt the Chicago Park District would be stoked about letting us use Soldier Field for a dragon battle,” Mallory said.

    “It won’t be a problem.”

    We all looked at Scott.

    “We have certain contacts in the sports community,” he said. “We’ll make it work, ensure the lights are on.”

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