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  • Blade Bound(Chicagoland Vampires #13)(132) by Chloe Neill
  • Pierce and Wilcox walked toward us. For a moment, I was afraid the mayor had reneged on her promise, and we’d have to arrange our battle within their rules and parameters. That fear dissolved quickly enough.

    “Everything should be ready,” Wilcox said, offering Ethan a hand. “The ops plan looks good.”

    “I have a very capable team,” Ethan said, returning the greeting.

    The rest of us exchanged the appropriate hellos.

    “The helicopter’s waiting in case anyone needs an evac,” my grandfather said.

    “Good,” Wilcox said. “We’re on standby out here, with guns ready in case the dragon needs to be pushed back toward the stadium.” He looked at my grandfather and Jeff. “You’ll be coordinating that from the van?”

    “We will,” my grandfather confirmed.

    Wilcox nodded and looked at our swords, brow lifted. “You sure that’s enough firepower?”

    Ethan’s smile was thin. “We’re sure. You let us do what we do best, and we’ll end this tonight.”

    “Understood,” Wilcox said.

    “And if this doesn’t end tonight,” Pierce began, “what’s the backup plan?”

    “There is no backup plan,” Ethan said. “We fight the dragon until it’s dead, or we are. It’s that simple.”

    Her eyes widened, but she nodded. “Then I’ll leave it to you.”

    “Good,” he said. If only they’d done that in the first place . . .

    I put a hand at his back. They’ve done it now. So we’ll do what we can.

    • • •

    The law-enforcement types stayed outside the stadium. We walked through the dark tunnel toward the playing field, and I bet our sense of anticipation wasn’t much different from what the professional athletes felt on their way to a game. Excitement, nerves, adrenaline, and a killer instinct.

    “You ready?” Mallory asked me.

    “I absolutely am.” I felt calmer than I had in days. I knew how to use my sword, my sword had been charmed for extra power, and I had two very good fighters at my side. This was, literally and figuratively, what I’d trained for.

    “Get it,” Mallory said, and we bumped knuckles.

    We walked onto the field, the lights glowing above us, the seats stretched in an oval around us.

    “Lions in the coliseum,” Catcher murmured.

    “Better than gladiators facing lions,” Ethan said. But he held back when Catcher, Mallory, and Jonah walked into the middle of the field, turned to me.

    “This is my last opportunity to request that you don’t fight tonight.”

    I lifted my brows at him, irritated that he was going to start an argument before a battle.

    “But I won’t make that request,” he continued with a smile before I could object. “Because I know you. And because I cherish who you are.” He put a hand against my cheek, rubbed his thumb along my jaw. “You will fight for the city, for the people who cannot fight for themselves. There is no better reason to fight fiercely.”

    I smiled at him. “You’re a pretty good reason.”

    He smiled, touched his forehead to mine. “I love you beyond reason.”

    “Same goes for me. Otherwise, I’d have locked you away in the House a long time ago.” I leaned up, kissed him on the lips. “Go make me proud, Sullivan.”

    “Same for you, Sentinel. Stay safe.”

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