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  • Blade Bound(Chicagoland Vampires #13)(20) by Chloe Neill
  • The man had tan skin, dark hair, and dreamily wide brown eyes. He wore jeans and a cotton tunic of deep saffron on his tall and lean frame, and a cheeky grin on his face. “Isn’t it bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding?”

    The smile traveled through the crisp accent that edged his warm voice.

    He and Ethan walked toward each other, met in the middle, and shared a manly, back-slapping hug. “It’s good to see you, Amit.”

    Amit put a hand on Ethan’s shoulder, squeezed it. “And you as well, my friend.”

    The most powerful vampire in the world—and Ethan’s best man—glanced at me and held out his hands, a silver ring glinting on his right thumb. I walked to him, offered my hands. He raised them to his lips, pressed kisses as a frisson of magic passed between us.

    “Amit. It’s so good to see you!”

    He grinned. “Have you changed your mind about marrying this reprobate yet?”

    “I have not,” I said, glancing at Ethan. “And I don’t think I will.”

    Amit nodded gravely. “You’re a brave woman.”

    “She is,” Ethan agreed, eyes gleaming with pleasure. “That’s why I named her Sentinel.” He glanced back at Amit. “Did you just get in? Can we get you settled?”

    Amit held up his hands. “I’m fine. Helen has seen to my luggage and accommodations. And speaking of which, what’s happened?”

    Ethan and I exchanged a glance.

    “I’m Very Strong Psych,” Amit said, a reference to the vampire ranking system. “There is an unusual energy in the House, and not just because of the wedding.”

    “Merit was attacked here last night.”

    “I wasn’t attacked,” I said, putting a supportive hand on Ethan’s arm. “An unbalanced supplicant holed up in a closet, made his way in here. I was the unlucky vampire who found him, and he wasn’t happy about it.”

    Amit’s eyes widened with alarm, and he glanced at Ethan.

    “Isolated incident,” Ethan said, repeating the party line. “The Ombudsman’s office is investigating, and the individual was apprehended after Merit beaned him with my Greenwich Presidium service award.”

    Amit nodded approvingly. “That’s the way to do it.”

    “I’d have preferred not to bean him with an award or otherwise. But a Sentinel’s gotta Sentinel.”

    “Put that on a T-shirt,” Ethan said.

    There was a polite throat-clearing in the doorway. We looked back, found Lindsey in jeans and a pink BRIDE’S CREW T-shirt, my dress bag in hand.

    “Sire, Sentinel.” She smiled at Amit, nodded, held the bag a little higher. “It’s time to go.”

    The pre-wedding nerves hadn’t sparked yet, but seeing her standing there with the dress she hadn’t yet seen made everything suddenly real. We’d reached the point where there was no more time to guard the House, investigate threats, plan for security.

    I was getting married today.

    I was getting married today.

    I was getting married today.

    “Merit,” Amit said, laughter in his voice. “You’ve gone a bit pale.”

    I swallowed hard, looked back at him and then Ethan. “I feel like I’m about to give my ninth-grade history speech.”

    Ethan smiled. “You made it through ninth grade, or so I assume, since you’ve got a master’s degree and a half. I feel like U of C, among the others, would be particular about that kind of thing.”

    I blew out a breath through pursed lips. “Everything will be fine.” But I grabbed his lapels, pitched forward. “What if my mother got doves? What if the DJ only plays the chicken dance? What if Amit messes up the toast?”

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