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  • Blade Bound(Chicagoland Vampires #13)(25) by Chloe Neill
  • “You look beautiful, Merit,” Jeff said as Shay moved silently around us, capturing the moment. “Like a Final Fantasy character come to life.”

    “Thank you, I think.”

    “A moment, ladies,” Lindsey said, sticking her clutch under her arm while she gave me a final look. She scanned hair, makeup, dress, bouquet, and hem, before nodding with approval. “This House is clean,” she said.

    “That bit doesn’t really work here,” I said. “Which means you’ve been spending too much time with Luc.”

    “Can’t help it,” she said, squinting as she leaned forward to tuck in an errant lock of my hair. “I’m crazy about the guy.” She glanced back at Jeff and Catcher. “It’s time for me to take my seat. Which one of you handsome lads would like to escort me?”

    “It’s my turn,” Jeff said, offering Lindsey his arm as Catcher opened the door so they could slip through.

    When they had, I gestured toward the door. “Can I peek in there?” It was time to face the music—and the possibility of doves.

    Catcher pointed a warning finger at me. “Don’t let them see you, and don’t make a scene. We just got everyone into their seats.”

    “Not a problem,” I said as he pulled open the door a skinny inch.

    “Oh,” I said, eyes widening as I took it in.

    It looked like a fairy tale. The garden was swathed in pale, gauzy fabric as delicate as clouds, illuminated by what must have been a thousand candles that reflected off stone floors, glass walls, and rows of lacquered white chairs.

    The air was cool and crisp with the scent of flowers—more densely ruffled peonies and pale green hydrangeas bundled together with Lindsey’s “branches” in tall crystal stems and swags gathered at the corners of the rooms, and covered an arch at the end of the aisle.

    And in front of that glorious arbor stood the man I’d marry. He wore a black two-button tuxedo with a black bow tie that fit his long, lean body perfectly. His shoulder-length hair was brushed back, a smile hinting at the corners of his lips. His hands were crossed in front of him, but his shoulders were straight and proud. He looked powerful, happy, and very content with his lot.

    My favorite human, my grandfather, stood behind him in a very smart suit, his hair slicked and combed back, his hands clasped around a small leather book. The mayor had given him authority to conduct the wedding as a thank-you for Towerline and an apology for letting Sorcha slip through her fingers when it was over.

    Just to the side, Cadogan vampire Katherine sat behind a cello in a black gown, and her brother, Thomas, held a violin. They played soft classical music as people settled into their seats.

    It was beautiful and happy and seemed like a fairy tale. And I made myself forget that most fairy tales had dark endings.

    I stood up again as Catcher closed the door, and glanced back at Mallory. Joy bubbled up into a nervous laugh. “Holy shit, Mallory. I’m about to get married.”

    She straightened her skirt, checked her earrings, gave me a sidelong smile. “You’re about to get married to Darth Sullivan. It’s a good thing I made you face him down that night, oh so long ago.”

    “I think I was perfectly willing to do the facing down. But yeah, you definitely egged me on.”

    “I’m an agitator,” she agreed. “You two have been through a lot. But there’s no one else I’d trust you with, Merit.”

    “If you make me cry and mess up Lindsey’s makeup, she will probably stab you. Or at least give you a good Cadogan beat-down.”

    We turned at the sound of footsteps. Malik, Amit, and my father walked toward us. All three wore dark tuxedos similar in styling to Ethan’s, crisp white shirts, and pale green pocket squares. My father carried Olivia, who looked adorable in her sleeveless dress, with a pale green bow at the waist and tulle skirt. There was a small bow in her blond curls, and a white basket clenched in her tiny fist.

    My father put her down, and she ran to her mother. My father immediately pulled his phone from his pocket, began checking his messages. I guess he couldn’t be bothered.

    “You will knock his proverbial socks off,” Amit said, pressing a kiss to my cheek.

    “Good,” I said with a smile. “He needs to be kept on his toes.”

    Charlotte crouched in front of Olivia, adjusted her bow, pointed at me. “Livvie, did you see Aunt Merit? Did you see how pretty she looks?”

    Olivia turned to me, held out her basket. “I toss flowers!”

    “And you’re going to do a wonderful job of it,” I said.

    She reached in, pulled out a chubby handful of white petals, and threw them into the air, eyes closing as they caressed her face.

    “Baby, remember you’re going to wait until you get inside?”

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