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  • Blade Bound(Chicagoland Vampires #13)(34) by Chloe Neill
  • “I don’t want him to be right. I don’t want Mallory to be right. I want the world to spin like it has for these last few months, when my toughest decision was picking out a bridesmaid dress for Charlotte.”

    “And perhaps dealing with the ghost.”

    “And the ghost,” I said with a nod as our friendly neighborhood necromancer, Annabelle, swirled on the dance floor with her husband, looking radiant in her signature pale pink.

    Ethan put an arm around my waist, pressed his lips to my temple. “We take each night as it comes, just as we have before. That is all we can do, and the best we can do.”

    I nodded, let myself have a moment to lean against him, be still beside him, at least until my stomach grumbled.

    “Let’s also take in some food.”

    I would not argue with that.

    • • •

    By the time the early hours of the new day approached, just as Mallory had predicted, my face hurt from smiling, I’d ditched my shoes, and curls were slipping loose from the updo Lindsey had worked so carefully to achieve.

    Supernaturals, used to the late hour, still danced to the band, which had been playing for hours. A few hearty humans danced, but the rest sat droopy-eyed at tables, yawning as they waited for an opportunity to leave.

    “Ladies and gentlemen!” Lindsey said from the stage, microphone in hand. The crowd quieted. “We’ve reached the end of our evening—literally, because the sun will be up in a few hours, and we still have to get Ethan and Merit to their very special bridal suite.”

    The crowd hooted.

    “But before we go, it’s time for one last tradition. Merit, if you’ll join me onstage, it’s time for you to throw the bouquet!”

    Good luck, Sentinel.

    I glanced back at Ethan, who winked rakishly. This was the last moment of our wedding, and therefore the last moment before our wedding night began. Uncertain future or not, there was no mistaking the desire in his eyes.

    I stepped onto the stage, accepted the bouquet Lindsey offered me. And a good thing, too, as I’d lost track of it hours ago.

    A number of women and a handful of men gathered in front of the stage, laughing as they prepared for the ritual. “Everyone ready?”

    The screams were high-pitched and energetic. I glanced at Lindsey. “You want to get down there, too?”

    “Oh, hell no. My cowboy and I are not contract people.”

    “You do you,” I said, and turned around, took the bouquet in both hands, and launched it.

    There were shrieks as the bouquet went airborne and the sound of scrambling behind me as high heels and taffeta and manicures battled.

    And then a gasp . . . and silence.

    I turned around.

    A girl with the same tawny hair as Gabriel’s but who was dressed in edgy head-to-toe black stared down at the ribbon-wrapped flowers in her hands, her gaze wide and a little bit horrified.

    I’d thrown the bouquet a little too hard, pitching it over the crowd of writhing brides- and grooms-to-be, and landing it in the hands of a woman behind them.

    I bit my lip to keep from laughing at her expression. However much she loved Jeff Christopher, marriage did not look to be in Fallon Keene’s immediate plans.

    “Oh, now, that is ironic,” Lindsey said behind me. “Congratulations, Fallon!”

    The ladies who’d missed gave good-natured applause, but you could tell their hearts weren’t in it. For his part, Jeff walked to Fallon with a wide grin on his face. Suspicion in her eyes, he pulled the bouquet from her hands and kissed her hard. And whatever he whispered to her after that had a smile curving one corner of her mouth.

    Yes, there was something about weddings.

    • • •

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