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  • Adam(Nightwalkers #6)(34) by Jacquelyn Frank
  • “You know I do,” she said.

    Jasmine finally turned toward him, opening her body to his, opening herself to him in general. Not that she had much control over that. The pull of him was incredible. Her upper jaw actually ached with the craving to sink her teeth back into him. She wanted to taste that magnificent flavor again, to feel that extraordinary pleasure.

    Her entire body went hot with the thought of his blood on her tongue.

    “I will be happy to accommodate your cravings, little Vamp,” he said breathlessly as her thoughts and feelings swirled inside his brain. “But I was hoping we might discover more traditional pleasures.” Adam slid his fingers around the side of her neck, his thumb tipping her chin up so she was looking into his eyes. He paused a moment so he could casually trace his eyes over the beautiful curves and sweeps of her face, acknowledging just how quickly it had become familiar to him, essential to him. He watched how her lips curved in and out of a series of little smiles as she let him take his time studying her. “I like that,” he told her softly, his breath brushing the crest of her forehead a moment before he brushed a gentle kiss to it.

    “The way I smile?” she queried.

    “The way you smile because you know just how beautiful you are. You take pleasure in your power over my needs and senses. No doubt you are quite the accomplished flirt, enjoying the way you play men.”

    She made a noise. “Humans were too easy. I never even had to use my Vampire power to coax and capture their minds. Well, almost never. There were, I admit, one or two with surprising strength and clarity of mind. It was those who truly engaged me. I would never lower myself, of course.”

    “Of course,” he agreed seriously, although humor still flooded his mind.

    “However, the game was entertaining. Their minds were surprisingly complex. For humans. Of course, they were still men and, in the end, it would all dissolve into their demands for the sexual. Demands I would never give in to.”

    “And what of my demands, little Vamp?” Adam pushed back her hair near her neck on the right side and leaned in briefly to draw his lips and the warmth of his breath up along the length of it, from the crest of her shoulder to the point just below her ear. “What do you feel when I request things of you that you are not used to giving?”

    Jasmine shivered, her hands coming out to grip at his clothing. The silk of his shirt made a crisp, crackling sound and she opened her eyes, recalling he had been injured and had bled heavily into the fabric. Even now there were wet edges around the hole the nail had struck through. Wounds of iron did not knit and heal well on a Demon without outside assistance. Objects of iron tended to rust, flaking off into the wound, where it continually poisoned and burned the Demon.

    “You need a medic,” she noted.

    “You need to face my question, Jasmine. You need to realize your thoughts skip away and you try to fly off whenever you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable with intimacy of any kind. But you do not have any escapes available to you any longer. I am in your mind, sweet Jasmine. My blood is in your body. I do not wish for you to feel trapped by this knowledge. I want you to embrace it. To luxuriate in it, like a creature that craves seductive pleasures ought to embrace it.”

    “But it comes with so much ... baggage.” She made a frustrated noise even as she tilted her head and allowed him to travel the length of her neck in the opposite direction. The neck of a Vampire was a major erogenous zone. Clearly he had figured this out. Was it previous knowledge that allowed him to exploit her weakness, or was it the unprotected access he had into her brain?

    “No.” He made a hard sound with his tongue and grasped hold of her chin, forcing her to meet his gaze. “This is not like the mental rape Ruth put you through, and I will not have you equate the two. This is something with pure intentions, open emotions, and a reciprocation that will never cause harm to either of us.”

    “How can you say that? You will forever be a weakness to me now. I will always be distracted by you in a fight—”

    “And you will always be fortified by me in that same fight. You will worry about me, and I will worry about you, but that will trigger each of us to lend the other our best strengths and skills. Just as we did today. I was wrong when I assumed Jacob was weakened by his mate. When I thought he had failed his duty when it came to Ruth. She was an extraordinary enemy. Look how many of us it took to capture her at last.” He reached out and pushed at the ball.

    Jasmine stopped it just before it dropped off the edge of the vanity.

    “I did not feel weakened by you today,” Adam said softly to her. “I realized today that you multiplied all my strengths. I could feel it like a fire in my soul. The only thing that burns more fiercely is the way I burn with need for you.”

    He could be gentle with her, understanding and thoughtful, pussyfooting around her insecurities until the cows came home, but his nature and hers called for a more direct approach. Adam placed a hand on her back and jerked her up against himself. It was instantly like connecting two strong magnets. The sound that escaped him was low and primal, coming from a place in himself he was only familiar with during the height of battle. But here it was, jumping between them, raw and fierce. And Jasmine echoed the sound, the ferocity of need it implied just as strong on her part as it was on his. Her hand curled into a fist, and it hit against his shoulder without real physical strength, but full of emotional protest. She hated that she couldn’t control this thing inside her, that she was as weak to it as he was, as so many men in the past had been weak to her manipulations of their needs.

    “Look for the strength in it,” he said roughly to her. “See the strength in it.”

    He moved his mouth against hers, inhaling the breath she suddenly exhaled, taking immeasurable satisfaction that he had provoked her into breathing. He tightened his hold on her when he felt her bristle against his thoughts. She was the one who was supposed to be taking satisfaction in the things she provoked in others, not the other way around!

    “Then do what you do best,” he taunted her. “Make me weak to you. Show me your power.”

    It took a minute, but the rigidity of her body slowly eased, a softened curve in her spine causing her gorgeous body to cling to his in ways he hadn’t thought possible. He knew then that he was going to suffer beautifully for the challenge he had thrown at her feet.

    Jasmine tipped her head back, letting her hair slide down behind her shoulders, falling over the wrist and forearm that had caught her, letting the soft, smooth weight of it tickle the skin and hair on his arm. She exhaled that breath that so pleased him across the side of his face and beneath his hair, the sound of the most delicate pleasure teasing at his ear.

    The motions were so simple and yet so complex all at once. It was pure artistry, perhaps because he felt it was less about challenging him and more about giving him pleasure as the impulses skipped through her thoughts. She might want to fool herself into thinking it was a battle of wits and will, but he knew it went much deeper than that.

    She wanted this as much as he did. She had since the moment she had tasted his blood—since the moment she had met him, if she were clear and honest with herself. She had wanted to feel his embrace for four centuries, had felt its absence like she had never felt anything else. Jasmine had become an expert at repressing the need, at dismissing it from her daily world, drenching herself in the bitterness left behind and taking it out on every less-than-adequate male to cross her path since then.

    But there was no longer any need for any of that. Finally he was there and she was able to rewrite all that she had become. But Jasmine worried that it had been too long, too many years and too much pain and deprivation ever to make her right again. She feared she wouldn’t have it in her to be worthy of this connection fate had dropped onto them.

    In spite of all those doubts and fears, Jasmine let her hands move slowly up the massive strength of his arms, traveling onto his shoulders where they continued to his neck. Her fingers moved past his collar until the tips were toying with the prominent pulse in his throat. Touching that vital spot was like having someone lick her across her clit. It was stimulating beyond all reason, made her suddenly wet with craving and desire. There was no feeling like it in the world, and she had never experienced it before.

    She couldn’t resist pushing herself up onto her toes and touching her mouth to his pulse, her tongue coming out to lick flatly along its length. She could smell the heat of life and arousal on him all at once and it was a potent combination, the perfect Vampire aphrodisiac. She was a little dizzy with it, so she moved away briefly to bite his ear with the tips of her front teeth.

    Her mouth ached where her fangs had made a demanding appearance. They knew what they wanted, whether she was sure or not. Instinct and need pressed onto her, making her hungry on physical and spiritual levels. Levels she had never experienced before. There was such depth to it, such stunning dimension.

    But before she could move back to his throat, he brought his hand up to her mouth, covering it and pulling back so he could meet her eyes. The jade color had gone smoky with appetite, and he had never seen anything so erotic and compelling in his life. If he had not already been hard from the mere closeness of her body, he most certainly would have become so just looking into her eyes.

    “You can feed all you like—after you feed me.”

    With that he grabbed the bottom of her shirt and in a single sweep of motion stripped it up over her head. He let it fall carelessly to the floor, his eyes and attention better spent staring at the alabaster beauty of her shoulders, breasts, and midriff. She was like a statue come to life, only not so cold and far more essential. He encompassed her back in both of his hands, the masterful grip on her making him realize that she was actually quite small. Her vibrancy and cocky strength made her seem so much bigger than she was in actuality.

    Adam was not intimidated by the realization. He knew there was nothing delicate or fragile about her, and if he entertained the thought for even a second she’d probably take great pleasure in painfully proving to him otherwise.

    He was not in the mood for her enmity. He’d had more than enough. Now he was ready for the purity of her passion. An undaunted passion.

    “Sweet Destiny, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever beheld,” he breathed over her mouth as he pulled her lips to within an inch of his own. “Then I look again and you have grown even more beautiful. Then again, and you stun me, flood me with urges and craving I cannot control. No matter how I tried, no matter what I wanted my mind to do, it has had its own will where you are concerned, until I no longer know myself. And yes, it does frighten me, too,” he admitted to her. “Or it did. How easy it is for me to give in when it means I will have my mouth all over your skin.”

    Jasmine felt her entire body go liquid with need as his words sank into her brain, and deeper still into her soul. He was right. What did it matter anymore? All the struggling and the resistance. Why bother when giving in meant such sublime pleasure awaited her?

    Her lips parted just as he pulled her up to his mouth, kissing her more deeply than he ever had before. She realized then how much she had missed the complex pleasure of a kiss. But no others had satisfied her like this. They had only frustrated her to a point of fury, compelling her to edit them out of her life completely because they failed to live up to what they should be.

    This was what they should be.

    Hot and wet and sensual to the point that her thoughts completely hazed over and thinking became utterly impossible. There was no part of her body left untouched by his kiss as it shifted from wild to sensual to dynamic by turns.

    Before she realized it, she was unbuttoning her jeans and pushing them down her legs, kicking them away so she could touch her skin to his. But he was still dressed, so she immediately began to work on his clothes. She encountered his own impatient hands as he helped her in her task, but she was far more familiar with the way his clothes worked than he was, and he lost patience. He turned to water, splashing into her body and face, running down through the length of her hair, the temperature of him just as warm as his body was.

    Jasmine barely realized his empty clothes hung from her hands as she felt liquid eddy and cling to every inch of her body. She felt him moving up the insides of her thighs, her body trembling as the water wetness of him combined with the wet need her body had expelled in response to his kisses. The sensation was the same as if a soft mouth and tongue were swirling their way across her flesh, teasing at her clit even as the rest of her was being stroked until every nerve of her body was stimulated at once.

    Unable to bear her weight, her legs folded and she found herself on her knees with Adam continually moving over her skin and hair. He slid through her hair from roots to tips, then rained off the ends and onto the small of her back, dripping down onto her backside and slicking his way through every crevice he could find before shifting over her to do it all over again.

    Jasmine had only tasted a few instants of this four hundred years ago, but even then she had never comprehended just how overwhelmingly erotic and pleasurable such a thing could be. She found herself on the verge of an orgasm she could barely grasp. She felt him inside her body, felt him flowing into her in a liquid penetration that was deceptively simple, yet nothing of the kind.

    Adam drew back and solidified into the burning flesh of a man, his senses inundated with everything he had discovered about her, and his hard shaft buried deep inside her. The alteration from water to flesh was simple and shocking all at once. Adam’s hands were pulling her up onto his braced thighs, seating her astride him and pushing his erection much deeper inside her.

    Jasmine gasped in a hard breath, gripping his shoulders with all of her strength, unintentionally pulling at the wound he had suffered and making it bleed afresh. But for the first time in her life, Jasmine had found a call far more compelling than the scent of fresh blood. Even more compelling than the scent of the blood of her mate.

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