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  • Noah(Nightwalkers #5)(37) by Jacquelyn Frank
  • "While this energy is best absorbed as a Demon sleeps," he continued, using a significant pause to draw her nipple into his mouth, sucking on it hard and with obvious hunger before releasing it. He felt her response in her sound of pleasure and the flood of fresh wet heat seeping from her body. "For the male Fire Demon especially," he stressed, shooting her a look that made her throw her head back and release a throaty laugh. "It is not entirely impossible for the male"-he stressed the word male with another taunting slide of very male parts and a leisurely lick of his tongue-"Fire Demon to utilize the sun's radiation in order to maintain a wakeful state"-a slide for punctuation, a swift, ferocious sucking before he shifted weight on his arms so he was above the opposite breast-"during the daytime hours."

    "That," she gasped, "is fascinating." Kestra's hands had long since grasped his broad shoulders, and for the moment she was just helplessly taking her lecture and punishment as if she were a very good girl.

    "He can also maintain a state of power by using this same source," he said, his voice turning a little rougher before he attended her waiting breast. Kestra barely had a moment to feel him smile against her skin. "However." He thrust into her with a single, savage stroke, forcing her to inhale on a long, hitching gasp of surprise. He reached for her hip, tilting her pelvis so he went fully inside her. His lecture barely missed a beat. "Although this energy can be a satisfactory source of necessary supply…" Noah caught up her nipple as he stroked into her again, pleasing himself with her outcry. She was as hot as a forge as she surrounded him, and he could easily have lost himself in the ecstasy of it if he had not been so determined to make a specific point. He lifted his head and grinned down at her. "It is far better for the Demon's state of mind and state of health for him to recharge using the natural resource of sleep." He once more hovered against her lips, looking deeply into her eyes, which so blatantly radiated her bodily bliss. "Especially the day before Samhain night. Now, I just wanted to make sure I have made my point, Kes."

    Kestra nodded speechlessly as he chose an exceptionally deep rhythm into her slick heat.

    "Are you sure?" His words tumbled over a groan as his pitch inside her was met with a flexing of limber internal muscles. "Because I have learning aids." He chuckled, momentarily destroying her concentration as she broke into hysterics. Her body shook with every outrageous laugh, clenching around him in a way that made him want to be a much funnier man. "My Kes," he whispered softly before he caught her last giggles with his kisses.

    Her hands slid from his shoulders and into his hair.

    "I think, then," she said with a smile, "that this should be a quickie."

    "Which is what you wanted all along," he noted, his scolding look making her laugh again. He closed his eyes and savored the sensation rippling over him, pausing in his stroke again to do so.

    "I heard only a lecture, not a complaint," she pointed out.

    "The complaint comes next," he teased, showing her his hand back and front purposely before placing it on her breast and sliding it down her ribs and belly. He slid through wet curls in search of sensitive flesh to play with, in the process feeling himself sliding into her body, giving himself an erotic shiver up his spine. "There we are," he said silkily as he found the very spot he was looking for and began to stroke her with sure fingers, "the root of the problem."

    Kestra bucked beneath him as a soundless exclamation shuddered up through her along with the blinding ripple of sensation he created. In the end, all it sounded like was a sharp exhalation bursting out of her throat. She searched a little helplessly for his gaze, knowing it would be there because he loved to watch her face as he gave her pleasure.

    "Do you like that?" he asked knowingly, tossing back his sweat-dampened hair. She nodded furiously, then gasped as he hit her with a double sweep of magic, both inside and out. He groaned, almost as if he were in pain, but never broke his cadence into her building body. She was tightening around him with whips of tension and it was an incredible feeling. "Is this going to be quick enough for you, baby?" An important question considering how she was driving him crazy. She was using her astonishing legs to meet his every push into her body, reaching just as he was for the ever-deeper surge and connection. They were a whole, a completion, when they were joined like this on a journey to mutual bliss.

    "Yes," she said breathlessly, the word punctuating a half dozen sounds of lost joy. "Hurry…please…"

    This was definitely not a problem for him. He felt how ready she was, and he was burning with his impending release. He thickened inside her until the feel of it overwhelmed him with mindless instinct. He came first, a crashing wave spewing forth, only it was so hot he thought he would burn her. She felt him go off like dynamite inside her, heard his heedless cries and felt the helpless thrusts of his hips as he lost himself. The culmination of her little manipulation of him hit her like a ton of bricks. She couldn't breathe, couldn't move, and could barely see. She arched up, meeting his final strokes, and then truly screamed as tidal swells of release washed over her with the violence of a riptide, tearing her first one way, then another.

    Noah held himself above her as long as he could while the squeeze of her body took him for everything he had. Finally he fell against her, into her waiting arms, matching her gasp for gasp as their hearts crashed together at the juncture of their chests. He wasn't capable of the casualness it would have taken to roll off her and say good night as if they'd just been talking about the weather, finishing the joke between them. He was incapable of leaving her at all, not even to give reprieve from his weight. But she didn't complain. She held him, her hands alternately in his hair or sweeping his back. Her legs were curled around his. Buried inside her still, it was as full-bodied a hug as was mutually possible.

    The Demon King came to understand then the true power of a mate for his soul, and why the everlasting nature of an Imprinting was so necessary. He lifted himself up onto his elbows, an easing of his weight on her and a way to look down into her eyes as his hands stroked through her hair. There was no such thing as complete fulfillment and contentment without someone to share it with. All the most valuable things in life were so wonderful that he wanted to share them, and felt empty when he could not. Weddings. Births. Deaths. Accomplishments. Knowledge. Family. Frustrations. Even the most painful tribulations were in essence things of wonder, deserving of respect and the most honorable of things to be shared.

    I want to share my life with you.

    The thought was between them before he could censor it. He caught his breath, blanking his thoughts of expectations or regrets or any baggage that would have come with such a deeply felt confession. He feared putting pressure on her that would shut her down or send her away from him in panic.

    "Noah, I've been reading your thoughts for the past five minutes," she chided him softly. "It's the most beautiful thought anyone has ever shared with me." She blinked, a single tear dropping out of her shining eyes. "You have such an incredible soul. You can't frighten me with such honesty and purity of feeling."

    Noah felt his heart clenching tightly with emotion, and he bent to catch her tear on his lips, treasuring with all of his soul the acceptance that had created it. Finally, he rolled with her, taking her weight and warmth onto his body so he could hug her now. He wanted her to sleep like this, blanketing his body, her beautiful hair a soft sheet like white linen across his chest and arm. She lifted her head to look at him, quietly searching his eyes for a minute.

    "So I guess this means you are…tired." She sighed on the word regretfully, her eyes sliding over him a little too suggestively.

    "If you dare do what I know you are thinking, I am going to have to-"

    "Lecture me again?" she asked hopefully.

    "Kes!" He laughed at her impudence, feeling her lips on his chest as she tried to unobtrusively slide lower against him. "Kestra, you have to think of the long run," he complained, though clearly halfheartedly. She arched that damnably naughty brow at him and he realized he was lecturing her again. "Kes, I am going to be dead by dusk if you keep this up!"

    "Keep this up?" She asked the question while stroking fingertips against him that had somehow wriggled between their bodies.

    He groaned softly, closing his eyes and covering them with both hands for a moment.

    "Human females reach their sexual prime around the ages of thirty to thirty-five," he began, making her laugh victoriously.

    Chapter 15

    Kestra woke several hours later, realizing that darkness had fallen and she was alone in Noah's bed. The presence of a couple of new towels, most likely damp ones, draped over the foot of the bed on his side attested that he had already showered and had begun to make his way through his evening.

    Well, he was a King, after all. He probably had a great deal to do. Kes didn't understand why he wouldn't wake her, though. Or for that matter, why he wasn't still sleeping beside her after giving her so much guff about how important his sleep was. Still, it was well after dusk by the look and feel of it. He was probably being considerate, letting her rest up from their heavy-duty lovemaking of the morning.

    And early afternoon.

    His pained remark floating into her awareness was incredibly welcome and she laughed as expected. Her entire mood lightened and she bounced out of bed.

    Thought I had abandoned you, Kikilia?

    Momentarily, I confess. She quickly crossed the room to the bathroom and gasped when the lights flared to flaming life though she had done nothing to initiate it. She realized that Noah had anticipated her and set them to flame for her. Feeling inexplicably pleased, she began to run the shower.

    My apologies. I had an urgent matter to attend to. Samhain festivities start soon and I wanted to get all business out of the way. Otherwise, there is nothing I would have wanted more than to wake next to you as I did the evening before this.

    Kestra recalled that gentle wakening, lying together talking, his hand softly touching her back, nothing on his mind but comfort and caring. She suddenly felt his laughter ringing richly in her head.

    Believe that if you like, but I was not entirely innocent.

    Now, that I do believe.

    She made sure the thought was in her haughtiest tone. She felt the surge of his amusement even though he didn't laugh. This connection was so remarkable, she thought with hasty appreciation. She unexpectedly felt fortunate. How many women had this advantage? The opportunity to see directly into a man's mind? To actually know what he was thinking, feeling…telling the truth or lying about? Any other situation, she might have been left to feel uncomfortable and a little neglected for waking alone. This way, he instantly put her mind to ease. What was more, Noah had sought her out. He'd kept a part of his thoughts dedicated to her, seeking her needs as she'd wakened. She hadn't even thought to search for the answers within his mind when she'd felt her doubts, but the potential was there.

    Baby, Imprinted mates cannot lie to one another. They do not even feel compelled to do so. The joining of our minds is one of those precious blessings that help us to communicate more smoothly, with love and less misunderstanding. For instance, I must tell you to shower and join me in the Great Hall when you feel up to it. That I must focus on my task here for the moment.

    Of course. Thank you for thinking of me.

    I am always thinking of you.

    The thought was so incredibly pleasing that it warmed her entire time in the shower. She was surprised to find her toiletries settled comfortably next to his in the shower and along the vanity. Perhaps surprised was an inadequate word. It was just like everything else he did. Thoughtful, subtle things to make her comfort a priority to him. It was strange to have someone who was always considering her and her needs, even before she might consider them for herself. She wasn't used to being taken care of. She wasn't used to being cared for.

    It was becoming very clear that Noah cared for her a great deal.

    The idea left her a little breathless with a combination of exhilarating emotions. It was rather a lot like base-jumping off a "no access" building, hitting the ground running before the authorities caught up with her. Then again, she had done that twice and had never felt quite so alive as she was feeling at the moment. She was sitting at the vanity drying her hair with a towel when she realized there was no hair dryer. There were no electrical outlets, for that matter. Then again, it was a castle. It even had gas lighting systems. But the water was always hot. It had to get that way somehow. And didn't water work on electric pumps?

    Without realizing it, she had sifted into Noah's brain and extracted the answers to her questions. She leapt to her feet, knocking over the vanity seat.

    No electricity…ever?

    There was silence for several beats and she began to tap her foot in expectation, her hands going impatiently to her hips, still clutching a towel in one of them as she glared at her own reflection as if she were glaring at him.

    Kes, I need you to put something on and come down here. Now, please.

    The request was a command and nothing less, no matter that it was couched in softened words. Normally, that would have pissed her off in a snap, but there was something in his tone that sought out that spot in the back of her brain telling her to pay very close attention to the details of a situation, versus her emotional reaction to it. She forgot her gripes about the missing modern technology and hurried to throw on one of her simpler dresses, a china blue and white gingham cotton minidress that made her look about fifteen years old, but it was the most casual, low-maintenance outfit she owned. She dashed from the room barefoot, flinging back her long, wet hair in an effort to order it, feeling it soak through her dress instantly. Her feet flew over the beautiful Persian runner that graced the third-story hall and continued on down the stairs. She took curving stone steps two and three at a time, a rushing descent that turned several times before the stairs emptied into the main room on the first floor. Without a railing to stay her, she would have shot clear off the last step and run to a stop. But just as she touched the marble floor, a powerful arm reached out and caught her, halting her flight instantly with a speed-absorbing swing into a hard body.

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