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  • To stress his point he caught her head between his hands and held her steady for his kiss. He covered her mouth, his hunger raw and unaffected. He kissed her as if it was, indeed, the last moment he would ever spend with her. Kestra realized he'd always done so, or desired to do so. Now that he no longer feared her learning about his powerful feelings for her, his kiss was flooded with an intensity she hadn't felt before. It dragged heat and unsteady heartbeats up from the center of her body. His hand lowered to her waist, catching the warmth of the bared curve against his palm. He suddenly broke away from her.

    "Sweet Destiny, Kes, what the hell are you wearing?"

    She shrugged. It was her standard nightwear. The white stretchy shirt hugged the wealth of her breasts, but ended an inch or two farther down her ribs than a bra would, leaving her midriff bare. The men's boxers were rolled over a couple of times at the elastic waistband to help them fit, and they were settled low on her hips.

    "Pajamas," she said, as if he were a little dense. "It's daybreak, as you see."

    "Pajamas? You call these pajamas?"

    She settled her hands on her hips, just below the low line of the boxers.

    "Do you have a problem with my choice in nightwear? Er…daywear…uh…sleepwear. Whatever!"


    "No? Then why-"

    He snatched her up off her feet and into his body, clutching her by the bared curves of her waist.

    "I was admiring your wise choice," he growled with sexy intent just before he crushed her mouth beneath a hot kiss. He rapidly worshipped her wisdom by example, his hands skimming easily up under the shirt and cupping the bare weight of her breasts. He caught her nipples between his fingers, toying with the pressure he had learned she was responsive to. She bent backward, moaning into his mouth as she curved deeper into the hard press of his body. "I admire wisdom in a woman," he informed her heatedly, just as he abandoned her breasts and shot both hands down through the loose waist of the boxers so he could curve them over her hips and then her bare bottom. He used the grasp to drag her hips into connection with his, rubbing himself wickedly against her to show her the effect she had on him, the evidence jutting from beneath his clothes and into her soft flesh.

    "Noah," she groaned, wishing she could tell him a thousand ways how much she loved his aggression. How hot and how wild it made her to feel so desperately wanted, as she was so clearly wanted by him.

    "Yes, baby, I know," he panted softly against her lips. "Would you trade this moment away? Would you rather live in fear than feel this?"

    He hauled her off her feet, giving her no opportunity to answer and no choice but to wrap her long legs around his hips and put her arms around his shoulders. He was across the room in an instant, it seemed, and she found herself once again sitting on top of his desk. She was no longer in a dress, but that did not faze the Demon King in the least. He sought for, and easily found, the valley of hot, wet flesh her position opened up to him. She leaned away from the savagery of his mouth at the first sure stroke of his fingers. He had unerring knowledge of her and he used it shamelessly. Kestra gasped, her back arched, thrusting her breasts upward for the catch of his mouth.

    The combined sensation was maddening. She burned, laser bursts of pleasure zipping through her, traveling to a center point so near the sure slide of his fingers. Oh, how he touched her!

    "No!" she answered him at last, even though he was pushing her to climax with skilled speed and she could barely breathe.

    "I know," he breathed softly, clearly affected by her response. "Tell me what you want, Kes." She moaned with pleasure, her hips wriggling against his touch. "So many choices for living in the moment, baby love. Do you want my touch?" He stroked deep into her body with a slick finger. "Or can I taste you as you come? Or…" Noah dragged her close to the edge of the desk and removed his touch so she could feel the grind of his arousal against her heated sex.

    Kestra was nearly blinded by all the sensations, not to mention the eroticism of his words and taunting actions. In a heartbeat he had dragged her to the border of bliss. She hadn't expected it, but that didn't mean she wasn't crazy for it. This was definitely living in the moment, she realized, and that was exactly the point he was making.

    Her head jerked up, her vivid eyes faceted with desire and sexual fury. Her hands grasped his shirt and she dragged it open, heedless of the buttons ripping off and hitting the floor. She ran famished hands over his skin. He made a deep sound of pleasure when her nails scraped up his back and clung to his shoulders.

    "Inside me," she uttered hotly as she licked over the dark pebble of his nipple, relishing the jerk that shot through his frame, and the shudder that followed. "I want you inside me. Deep. Connected to me as if we can stay that way forever."

    Clearly he thought it was an excellent choice. The temperature of his body soared. Obvious pain flickered through his eyes, leading her into his thoughts where she came to understand it was because his clothing was lashing down the rampant need of an aroused body that had responded prettily to her words. They both moved their hands to rectify the situation. He rethought his assistance, closing his eyes as he reveled in the nimble swiftness of her hands and the loving way she surrounded him with her touch the instant she had freed him from his clothing. He had taken the opportunity to divert his hands to her flimsy boxers, shucking them off her just as easily.

    Preliminaries were over. Kestra stroked him with a firm, knowledgeable touch, even as she used her legs around his waist to draw him to her. Noah could hardly breathe to make the sounds of ecstatic delight he wanted to as she guided him into her ready body. He made a single thrust, sheating himself inside her in a movement that expressed his desperate need to do exactly as she had asked. Once he was seated deep within her, the heat and honey of her wrapped tightly around him like a fist, he drew her mouth to his.

    "I live to serve," he told her, teasing her lips with a nibbling kiss.

    "If only that were always the truth," she sighed.

    "Shut up," he said smartly, dragging a hand over her fresh mouth and pushing her back until she was sprawled over the desk, her laughter muffled by the seal of his palm. He used his free hand to grasp her hip so he could anchor her.

    The laughter strangled into an exclamation of enjoyment as he very slowly drew out of her, then just as slowly returned. Her entire spine squirmed and she shuddered.

    "Hmm," he said. "Liked that, did we?"

    She nodded vigorously under the press of his palm.

    "What about this?"

    Kestra couldn't understand why all her sophistication and control always got shot to hell by him, but she responded to the clever undulation of his hips with a squeal she couldn't contain. He had a way doing things to her body that she was sure she'd never comprehend. He toyed with her methodically for several minutes, until in his concentration and distraction his hand fell from her mouth to grasp her other hip. Then she was left vulnerable to the echoes of her own cries bouncing off the high ceilings of the Great Hall.

    He reached to press her thighs farther open, leaned over her, and used the hardwood of the desk as a counterpoint to add fantastic depth to his thrusts into her. He growled, seared by the sensation of achieving his goal, fulfilling her request to the best of his ability. He lost himself inside her, enveloped by her again and again, a paradise on earth, and a connection as purely elemental as he was. Here, he thought, is true fire. And she was its mistress.

    In all honesty, there was little finesse to the joining. It didn't take long before they were both just reaching for the crash of their pelvises. Noah's exclamations of rising enjoyment quickly joined hers, ricocheting off the arches of the hall. She helplessly clutched his biceps, shoulders, and the edge of the desk, each in their turn as he strove to shatter her.


    It was a warning, and she knew it. She felt the gathering storm within him, knew she robbed him of all control so easily. She smiled, so content with the idea that she let herself fall away from the moment. She felt and heard the crash of his fist on the desk near her head and she had no cause to flinch. She knew he was frustrated because he couldn't bear the idea of possibly leaving her behind, leaving her unfulfilled. She suspected he knew she didn't even care.


    This time the cry was more than a warning. It was an exultation. She was so settled inside, so quiet, that she felt every surge, every hot pulsation as he slammed their hips together one last time and jetted into her. The sensation was indescribable, unequivocal, and it was all she needed. Her body flew apart on a primal level, bursting into an ecstasy only his pleasure in her could have ever triggered.

    Noah was shocked by the force of her release, her back arching until he thought her spine would snap in two, her clutch on him violent, a powerful embrace that milked him to exhaustion. When they both fell over the desk, he found himself completely bemused. He could barely stand, for starters. But for a span of time there he had thought he had lost her, that he would end up being selfish in his release. Of course, he would have gladly resorted to one of the other methods he had described to her earlier, but he did not like the idea of not being able to bring her to orgasm first, if not simultaneously.

    "You worry too much," she sighed softly, ruffling her fingers through his hair until the light caught the reddish highlights. She smiled when he turned his head and kissed her between her breasts. Then he braced his hands and pulled himself to his feet.

    "What you do to me," he said with a grave shake of his head. He carefully pulled her shirt back to its proper place, making her giggle because she thought it a silly gesture of modesty considering they were still coupled together.

    "You just had to get me back on this desk," she teased him. She took the hand he offered her, sitting up and wrapping her arms around his ribs. She pressed her cheek to his heart as she hugged him.

    "Actually, I thought I was making a point." He paused a purposeful beat. "But now that you mention it…I am going to have a hard time studying at this desk from now on."

    Kestra's response was to wriggle free of him and leap to her feet. She retrieved her boxers and shimmied into them with easy speed.

    "I have no sympathy for you. Frankly, I like the idea of you sitting down here thinking about me, helpless to resist the memory of my delectable body." She gave her hair an impressive toss and added an equally impressive flirtatious look at him from over a shoulder. It was enough to still him from the action of straightening his own clothing. She laughed when she caught the telltale darkening of his eyes. "You can't possibly want me again already," she said with a careless flip of her hand as she walked away from him toward the stairs, her hips swinging in a fetching movement.

    "I would not place any bets on that," he muttered darkly as he straightened his shirt.

    She stopped to give him an exaggerated yawn, her humor over teasing him radiating into him like a tide. "But it's full daylight, baby…" She glanced at him from under her eyelashes when she whipped him with the nickname that she well knew squeezed the breath from his body. "Time to go to bed."

    "Kestra…" Her name was a rumbling growl of warning.

    She stretched, giving him a fine view of the line of her back and backside, then began to climb the stairs.

    "What are you going to do?" she countered the unspoken threat carelessly. "Spank me?"

    "Now, there is an excellent idea."

    Kestra didn't even need to see him move. She knew his intention the minute it leapt into his thoughts. With a squeak of humor and excitement, she took off up the stairs at lightning speed while he was still gathering momentum with his dash across the Hall.

    Chapter 22

    Kestra glanced over the rim of her fluted glass, letting the champagne bubbles burst beneath her nose for a minute as she took the opportunity to run her eyes over the sight of Noah in formalwear. It wasn't the only dramatic change she had marveled over these past two weeks. As Samhain faded into the past, she began to see more and more what he had meant when he'd tried to explain the difference in his personality. In essentials, he was as he ever was: honorable, honest, sensitive, and intelligent. His sense of humor had surfaced with a vengeance, though, as well as the patience and diplomacy everyone else had come to know him for. To be honest, she almost missed the more hotheaded side of him. His well-paced and thought-out communication skills could get on her nerves sometimes, especially when she was itching for an argument. However, she'd also learned that it wasn't that his temper had decreased, so much as he had better tools and control over submerging it. That meant that if she tried hard enough, she could still ruffle him.

    Kes smiled against her glass as she took a sip of the sweet, dry champagne. She'd seen the telltale straightening of his shoulders, a sign that he'd sensed her attention was on him. She could easily touch his mind now, and the reverse was also true, but they'd managed the skill in such a way that they tuned out one another's thoughts until they found a reason to pay specific attention. It turned out that this was actually a necessity. When Noah was working throughout the night, his mind worked at lightning speed. It gave her a massive migraine trying to keep up with him without having context for more than half of the issues he was dealing with. She would learn, of course, just as she was learning her new powers. For the time being there was far too much to handle. Besides, he had just as hard a time concentrating on all of his business if he allowed her rather militaristic thoughts about her training to disrupt his focus.

    She had been training with Gideon when not with Noah, one reason being that in astral form Gideon could avoid blast damage, just as she could with her anticipated immunity to her own power. The catch was that she was immune to the energy blast, not the fallout. Debris and projectiles could harm her just as they would anyone else. So she had to either stand at ground zero, or get the heck out of Dodge, a skill that her speed and agility lent her great aid in.

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