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  • Beat of the Heart(Runaway Train #2)(17) by Katie Ashley
  • Just as I felt myself tense up to go over the edge, AJ suddenly pulled back. Throwing my hair out of my face, I peered over my shoulder in desperation. “No, don’t stop,” I pleaded, shoving my hips back against his face.

    He shot me a wicked grin. “Oh, I’m just getting started.”

    When I felt AJ’s fingers spreading me apart, my neck loosened, and I almost smacked my face onto the limo floor. But I could have cared less. I wanted and needed this orgasm so much I would have endured face-planting onto the carpet to ensure I was going to get it. As AJ’s tongue thrust inside me, the curtain of my hair pooled around me, thankfully muffling my scream. Down on my elbows, I rhythmically rocked my hips against his face as his tongue swirled around and around inside of me, darting deeper each time. When his thumb slid down from one of my lips to circle and then rub my clit, I went over the edge.

    Jerking my head up, I clenched my fingers into the carpeting so tight my knuckles turned white. “AJ! OH GOD! YES!” I knew from the high octave of my voice that there was no doubt that the driver heard me. Hell, anyone driving within a five mile radius probably did. I hadn’t come so hard in years. Bless AJ and his magic fingers and tongue, I thought silently as I continued thrusting my hips toward him as I rode the pulsing wave.

    A voice crackling over the intercom brought me out of my sex haze. “Uh, sir?”

    “Yeah?” AJ questioned, his deep voice vibrating against my still convulsing core.

    “Um, there’s not much traffic, so I, uh, I believe that we’re about ten minutes from the restaurant.”

    “Thanks, Benny,” AJ called, as he pulled himself back on his heels. When I started to move, he playfully swatted my backside. “Don’t move that fabulous ass one inch.” He dug his wallet from the back of his dress pants and ripped a condom out. In a dizzying flurry, he managed within seconds to undo his pants, shove them and his boxers down, and slide on the condom.

    I quirked my brows at him. “Wow, minute man. I’m impressed.”

    AJ grinned as he took his erection in his hand. Mesmerized, I couldn’t help but watch as he pumped his hand up and down his length. I was going to have the worst crick in my neck tomorrow, not to mention my knees probably would take a week to recover. But being taken from behind was my favorite position, and after my lengthy sex drought, I was thrilled to be using it to get back in the saddle.

    “Once again, this is only round one. I plan to properly fuck you when we get back to my place, but for now, this will have to do.”

    I laughed. “Okay then. I’ll try not to judge you too harshly then if it doesn’t live up to my expectations.”

    AJ winked. “I think I’ll blow that challenge out of the water.” And with one harsh thrust he drove himself all the way inside me, sending us both crying out. “Oh fuck me, you’re tight as hell.”

    I bit my lip in pleasure when he slowly withdrew every delicious inch before slamming back inside me. Once I could speak, I muttered, “Why thank you. I think.”

    AJ chuckled as he rotated his hips, causing me to whimper. “You don’t like my compliment?”

    “Sure, but I like what you’re doing at the moment, rather than what you’re saying,” I rasped. I wanted more than anything for him to keep doing that sexy move, his dick plunging even further within me.

    His hands came to grip my thighs, jerking me back against his thrusts. He drew in a ragged breath. “I would have thought you would have appreciated my sincere words about your hot, incredibly tight pussy.”

    My fingers tried to wrap even further into the tightly woven fibers of the limo carpet. I felt myself already careening towards the edge again. Even though I would never admit it to AJ, he really was a sex god. It usually took me a long time to come through penetration, and here he was barely five thrusts in, and I was starting to feel the tell-tale fluttering. Just as I prepared to let go and give into the intense orgasm that awaited me, AJ withdrew all the way. “W-wait, w-hat are—”

    “You didn’t answer my question.”

    “Seriously?” I huffed in a frustrated pant.

    “Umm, hmm,” he murmured, as one of his hands left my thigh to dip between my legs, grazing my clit. Wiggling my ass, I hoped to somehow slide him back inside me. I could feel his hot, wet tip only inches from my entrance. But AJ anticipated me and eased back, teasingly stalling my pleasure as he waited for my response.

    Panting, I fought to catch my breath. Glancing over my shoulder at him, I replied, “I thought it was the chick who was the cock-tease, not the dude?”

    He chuckled. “Maybe. And then maybe I’m trying to drive home the fact that I’m in control here—I’m the one who can make you come or make you beg for more.”

    When he continued to pause at my opening, I growled in sexual frustration. Oh, I was going to make him pay for this little machismo act later. “Thank you so very, very much, AJ, for your compliment about my…how did you say it? ‘Incredibly hot, tight pussy’?”

    “That’s right.” He rewarded me by sliding the tip of his cock inside me, and I shivered in anticipation.

    “Okay, now can we cease the talking and just screw, please? I mean, my knees are starting to go numb here.”

    AJ grinned. “I thought every woman loved a little dirty talk.”

    “Yeah, well, here’s the deal. I’ve never really had a guy take the time to compliment my alleged ‘hot and tight pussy’. I’ve sorta only read shit like that in romance novels.”

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